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EVERYONE: Super Pikachu Bros! ~A Mario and Pokemon crossover~

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Jul 29, 2011
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It was a windy night in the Shroomish Kingdom. So windy in fact, that all the leaves on the Sentrent Tree was blown off and scattered around the Kingdom. Little did anyone know, something terrible happened that night. Through the howling wind, you can barely hear evil laughter.


Pikachu bounded through the trail leading to Princess Purrloin's castle with his Foongus friends to check on the Sentrent tree. Just before they got there, Pikachu stopped suddanly causing the Foongus to bump into each other. There a Starly circled in the air holding an envolope. They watched the Starly circle for a second until Pikachu jumped up grunting and gabbed on the envolope. The Staly struggled to hang on to the envolope then it let go and flew away. Pikachu opened it curiously, then he yelled out in terror. Inside the envolope was a picture. A picture showed Nidoking, Pikachu's arch nemesis, in his castle laughing while holding onto Princess Purrloin, Pikachu's love, while the shiny pokemon yelled out: "PIKACHUUU!" All four pokemon freaked and jumped in the air. So they set off, running to save
Princess Purrloin!
Okay as you have notice i am starting a story strait form Super Mario 3D Land! but all characters and other mario land thingies are pokemon/pokemon based. I do not intend to ignore the copy right on Super Mario 3D Land! but just make a similer story with pokemon as all the charaters. from the protaginess to the preventers. so to not confuse:

Princess Purrloin=Princess Peach
Sentrent Tree=Tanooki Tree
Shroomish Kingdom= Mushroom Kingdom
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