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SV Exchange - Flawless Shinies And Where To Find Them

Nov 23, 2016
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What is a TSV?
A TSV, short for Trainer Shiny Value, is your secret ID given to you when you create a new save file; similar to your TID.

What is a ESV?

An ESV, short for Egg Shiny Value is a secret value given to each and every egg ever bred!

Why is this important?

Simple! We all love shinies! When the ESV of an egg matches that of its hatcher's TSV, the pokemon will ALWAYS be shiny! So if I breed a Cyndaquil with an ESV of 3450 and hatch it on my game, it will be shiny!

Using a Shiny Value checker, we can tell you a multitude of information about your eggs and your TSV

Information that can be gathered from your eggs are:
-The Pokemon
-The Gender
-The Nature
-The Ability
-The IV spread

So when we put your eggs through the checker, we get something that looks like this:
B1 - 1,2 - Bulbasaur (M) - Bold - Chlorophyll - [0546]

So with this we know that: the egg in box 1 row 1 slot 2 is a Male Bulbasaur with a Bold nature, the ability Chlorophyll, the following IVs of 31/16/31/31/31/31 and its ESV is 0546! If I was to match this egg with a trainer with a TSV of 0546, we will have ourselves a cute little shiny Bulbasaur!


♠ Bulbagarden rules apply
♠ Don't post asking for a specific TSV or ESV - The database is here for a reason. If you find the TSV you're looking for, take it to a PM/VM with the user you're looking for
♠ Please use the forms below when requesting for a check
♠ No spamming
♠ Not exactly a rule but if you have any questions/doubts, don't be afraid to ask them

Suggestions when getting your egg hatched

♠ PM/VM the user you're looking for
♠ Don't spare the details, including the Time Zone you're in.
♠ Be patient and respect people's schedules
♠ Make sure both yourself and the hatcher are online while the egg is being hatched
♠ For the sake of saving time, make sure the egg is about to hatch (the message on the summary should look something like "Sounds can be heard from inside! It is close to hatching!"). This is even more useful in cases where the hatcher has just started their game recently and doesn't have access to any tools to speed the hatching process up.


Interested in learning how to check SVs? Reddit has a guide to checking methods and how to perform them​
Lvl 16. Beat that, #635
Dec 30, 2011
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Ah, a repository. A nice idea, too.

My TSV on Pokémon Y is 4079 (it was checked a long time ago). I need to see for my Moon game too, but later on when I actually finish the game.