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Swirly eyes

Good job, boy !
Do an other character now !
ok Misty:

021.jpg 022.jpg



That's all for those characters ?
I have two more from May:

But for Iris, Dawn and Misty I have no more
Other characters:
Todd Snap:

Appreciate the Sakura love, but please don't hotlink to images on my website next time (I don't mind much, but no bandwidth leeching is always a great thing). ^^
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Great, guys, if you found more pictures, post it !
Great, nice work !! but please, search more about May and Dawn, my favorite characters !! :))
Please, give your pictures from other anime by private message, because that's not Pokemon :))
Thanks !!


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Nothing else ?
Hi, I have some of swirly eyes pics :


Team Rocket

This is not a character but...
Groudon with Swirly Eyes *_*

And, I have some of Totally Spies, Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto swirly eyes pics, send me a PM if you want this pics ;)
If you have any pic of swirly eyes characters, of any anime, send me a message please =D

PS : I have some Fairy Tail, Yu-Gi-Oh, Keshin and Inuyasha pictures too !
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