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Sylvie's Gallery :3


mechanical girl enthusiast
Oct 29, 2023
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hii! pretty much what it says on the tin. i'll mostly be posting sketches and concept drawings, i may come back at later dates and update rough pieces with more finished versions down the line.

i think i'll begin this thread with some older pokeart i've made!

this first image is me attempting to draw out two "new ultrabeasts" that i saw in a dream once. the first is a strange orb with shadowy "wings", that were completely 2D, like sprites. the second was made out of a sort of oil or paint substance, able to flatten and move across surfaces like a shadow.

next is a starter line concept for an abandoned fakemon region concept revolving around microorganisms (micro-pokemon?). it's based on diatoms, a taxa of photosynthetic algae that have silicon-based shells. i planned for the fire starter to be based around chemotrophic bacteria and thermal vents; and the water starter was going to be based on rotifers (a microscopic arthropod that feeds by creating a vortex) and wormholes.

i will post more recent fakemon in subsequent posts at later times!
today I'll share some rough fakemon sketches that i've worked on over the past couple days!

i was inspired after learning about the AlteRed ROMhack, as well as remembering previous fanmade "alternate universe" versions of official pokemon, so i've decided to have come fun making my own alternate universe 'mon!

this first one is a parasitic line based on Bulbasaur, parasitoids, radio antennae, and UFOs.
in the universe it inhabits, the equivalent to Bulbasaur is a small normal-type with armor plating that curls into a ball, akin to an armadillo. while this "Ballbasaur" has not evolved a symbiotic relationship with plants like its cross-universal kin, they are unfortunately the most common target of a parasitoid plant pokemon. when Ballbasaur are sleeping, the pokemon Vadasoar may hover above and with a single sting, deposit a seed between the plates of an individual's armor. as the seed grows, it becomes a large bulb on the host's back. while it is very visually conspicuous, the bulb emits a psychic "cloaking aura" that prevents individuals close to the now-Bulbasore from realizing anything is out of the ordinary. as the plant develops becomes a Tennasore, it will gain stronger psychic abilities, using them to continue to stay inconspicuous despite its increasing size and strange appearance. when the plant is mature, it will finally break off from its host and become an adult Vadasore. These enigmatic pokemon use their psychic abilities to float above forests, using their many eyes to observe the world below and search for hosts for their seeds. they are capable of using powerful psychic and telepathic attacks, able to directly take control of opponents' minds. tamed Vadasaur are extremely curious, and brilliant strategists; able to telepathically coordinate communication between humans and pokemon alike.

next up is the Torchmander line! obviously based on the Charmander line, as well as destructive fires and overexertion.
Torchmander has destructive, near limitless amounts of energy compared to its counterpart. its body constantly generates excessive amounts of flammable compounds which are constantly under pressure within the pokemon, and must be used periodically to prevent a harmful buildup. Torchmander is a fierce combatant with a strong fighting spirit, able to create twin jets of superheated flames from its mouth and tail. this pokemon only evolves through moments of great exertion and determination, becoming a pillar of blinding flame. when the fire clears, a Cindermander stands in its place. Cindermanders are just as fierce and determined as before, but lack the explosive energy of a torchmander; their body scorched and energy depleted during the intense evolution process. smoke constantly pours from their mouth and crest, while their tail flames waver. Cindermanders have a great tendency to overexert themselves, just as often taking themselves down as their opponents. when a Cindermander finally pushes itself to the brink, and extends its last bit of energy, it undergoes the transformation into a Smouldergheist. Smouldergheists, being composed entirely of scorched bone, smoke, and ash, are kept alive entirely by determination; fighting on even in death. They often seek out fire, igniting any sources of fuel with its body's hot coals and fading embers in order to gain energy from a blaze. if unable to find any fire to consume, they will become sedentary, being easily mistaken for just a pile of bones. a properly cared for Smouldergheist is actually quite gentle and laid back, content to cuddle with any companions.... just make sure to have a shower nearby to wash the soot off.
rebranding this thread to just be general art instead of just pokeart, cause i have other stuff to share!!

have some doodles and also the art where my pfp comes from :3.

the red dress is actually a real dress i have that my girlfriend gave me :3 !

i think i deserve to be able to get awesome stupid weapon arms


hi i drew myself as a magical girl :3

tbh i would have liked to do better but i've been working on it for a while and kind of just wanted to get it done, i still think it turned out ok though. trying to give the ribbons the classic sailor moon rainbow iridescent look was really difficult.

my magical girl weapon is the ribbons that partially comprise my body, able to use them to cut things, as well as normal ribbon stuff. my magic power would be to heal/repair using the ribbons like magic bandages.

this is part of a personal little project of drawing me + my partners as magical girls, i don't think i'll end up posting the other portraits for the sake of their comfort though.
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