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Taipei's Pikachu Pokémon TCG Promotional Card to be distributed to commemorate the opening of Pokémon Center TAIPEI on December 8th

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Taipei's Pikachu promotional card
The official Pokémon Taiwanese website has announced that a special Taipei's Pikachu promotional card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game will be distributed this month, to commemorate the opening of Pokémon Center TAIPEI on December 8th.

Fans will be able to receive this card in two separate ways:

Pokémon Center Taipei logo
At Pokémon Center TAIPEI

While stocks last, customers who purchase any merchandise from Pokémon Center TAIPEI will receive one copy of the promo card. Fans will receive these cards regardless of the value of the merchandise purchased, with no minimum spend required. Thankfully, the grand opening will be a ticketed event requiring customers to queue up from 8am before an 11am opening, so it's likely that these cards will run out well before any scalpers would be able to get a second entry ticket and abuse this system.

At Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place
On select dates and while supplies last, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi customers with app membership, as well as customers who purchase anything in the department store during the specified time periods, can receive one copy of the promo card. These stores will be distributing cards at these stores from 11am to 9pm on the specified days below:
  • A9 9F Redemption Counter (December 8th to December 12th)
  • A8 B1 Secret Base (December 8th to December 15th)
  • A11 6F Redemption Counter (December 8th to supplies last)
  • A4 3F VIP Center (December 8th to supplies last)
  • A9 8F Redemption Counter (December 13th to supplies last)
  • A8 7F Redemption Counter (December 16th to supplies last)
Chinese language infographic on the methods of receiving the Taipei's Pikachu promotional card


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