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take a move change the type

crust shield: the user brings up the earth's crust to act as a barrier from attacks.

u-turn, ghost
Back to the Dead: The user returns to the user by calling the dead and almost returning to the dead.

Electroweb as a poison type move
Venomweb, poisons and damages (damages the two opposing pokemon in a double battle)

Hyper Beam as a Fire type move
Scorching Pillar- The user gathers up all the energy is has in it's body, turning it into a pillar that pierces and burns the opponent

Bitter Blade as a Rock Type move
Sharpest Stones- does damage equal to of half the other Pokemon’s HP

Dive as a ice type move
Ice breaker: The user dives into a frozen body of water, being unable to be hit for the first turn, and then hits the opponent in the second turn.

Rain Dance as a Fairy Type move
Starfall: stars rain down and damage everyone in the battle except the user

Psychic as a water move
water push: they move objects around with water. if you couldn't see water, it would look like it's flying.

transform as a fire type move
Flames of Rebirth: This causes the user to be ingulfed in flames, making it's body change into that of the opponent's

Make it Rain as a Grass Type move?
jump in leaf pile: they throw leaves in the air and they fall from the sky

thunderbolt as a steel-type move
Shine Jolt - It's basically Flash Cannon, but more zappy. Has the same paralysis chance as Thunderbolt.

Make Dragon Rage into a Psychic-move.
psychic rage. the user shoots out powerful psychic waves fueled by their rage.

light screen as a fighting type
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