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Takoyaki's Random Weekly Poll #4: Cute VS Cool!!


↑avatar by Blanc♡
Sep 10, 2019
Reaction score
Hello again everyone!! Welcome to the fourth(!!) installment of my weekly poll series!!

I'm currently vaguely scrambling on what to pick, so I think it'll just be Cute VS Cool! Sorry for being late with making this, my Switch broke 0_o

This can be really anything, but I think that it'll be best for Pokémon, right!?

Of course, I think you'll know what I'll pick, your girl LOVES cute things~!!

That being said, the winner gets...as always, nothing but bragging rights!!
Feel free to debate in-thread but please keep it civil--forum rules ALWAYS apply :)

So vote away!! The poll will end next Sunday!!

This is the hub for announcements!!


remarkably unremarkable
Jun 8, 2019
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Don't make me choose, I live my whole life trying to be an equal balance of both. ;_;

When it comes to small and cute Pokémon, I do like quite a few of them of course; but in general, they're not usually my favorites. The ones that are stereotypically "cool" or tough-looking are usually the ones that I find more endearing (like Blastoise, yes it's got big sharp claws and metal cannons attached to it, but aww, it's a turtle-kitty... or Spiritomb, isn't its weird face adorable?... yes Stakataka is just a bunch of bricks, so what?!). So I guess, to me, cool is cute.

It also applies to things like fashion for me — I like ribbons and frills and pastels as much as the next guy, but I much prefer dark colors and flame patterns and chains and stuff.

Coolness has my vote!

Neo Blaze

At least let me dream a little
Jan 12, 2008
Reaction score
He / Him
When it comes to Pokémon, my vote definitely goes to cool. My favorite Pokémon are mostly all big, tough, and cool-looking (I have nothing against cute Pokémon though).


I Exist
Feb 26, 2021
Reaction score
Definitely cute when it comes to Pokemon Designs, the large majority of my favorite Pokemon fall somewhere on the more cutesy side of things.

Clothing wise... Neither I prefer to master the art of generic clothing. Plain colored shirts all the way!