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Tell us what you think about the animal above...

They're so pretty! I don't know what more I could say; I just really enjoy when sea creatures have transparent skin like that. It's very visually striking.

Mississippi map turtle
Purportedly the name is referring to its shell, and while I can kinda see it... I feel like the mesmerizing skin is a more distinct focal point, personally

Oh wow, this one's really cool! Apparently the Scipionyx specimen was discovered with some internal organs preserved, which is absolutely mind-blowing to think about. Reading about it has honestly brought me back to my dinosaur days - sometimes I forget just how much I love learning about these guys!
also, hooray for theropods.. their relationship to birds is so fascinating!

Rusty spotted cat?
they look pretty funny, and i appreciate a good funny looking animal

ghost octopus
Cute but I much prefer octopi with long flowy tentacles.

This hadrosaurid's certainly got a history. I think one of the more peculiar interpretations of Parasaurolophus are the ones with a hypothetical frill draping from it's iconic crest; with an example being the ones briefly seen in the Rite of Spring segment of Disney's Fantasia. The theoretical frill is more-or-less a relic of a time when hadrosaurs were interpreted as water-dwelling herbivores (which is inaccurate now), but it nonetheless made the herbivore look unrecognizable to me. It's tangential, but the idea of it having a frill at all reminds me of the speculative interpretation of sauropods having wattles, dewlaps, or other distinct structures adorning their thick necks; and it's already known that sauropod necks contain air sacks like birds (the modern-day dinosaurs.)

Frilled shark
oh theure very interesting

red panda
They're so cool! I'm not immune to how cute they are, but red pandas are also just incredibly interesting. In fact, despite being officially classified as carnivores, their diet is 95% bamboo!

Crab-eating fox
It certainly carries subtle morphic similarities to "true dogs" and "true foxes" in a way that makes it somewhat resemble neither group despite it belonging to the former tribe; if that makes any sense. There's only one genus known remaining of its kind, which at least kinda explains it. And of course, the titular aspect of it is also pretty distinct; crustaceans aren't usually what comes to mind when you think of a diet of a canine.

Crocodile Icefish (Notable for being the only vertebrate to have clear blood; AKA a complete lack of hemoglobin in its blood)
That's actually a very fun fact. Honestly looking at them they're pretty cute; you can definitely figure out from a glance how they got their name.

Little auk (also known as a dovekie)
Very cute and unique too in my perpsective....like a more interesting version of a penguin.

Yellowjacket wasp
i absolutely hate anything that's a wasp, a bee, a hornet, whatever. all are evil.

One of the absolute worst creatures on this planet. Absolute parasites. Screw em.

Probably my favorite rodent, I think it's so cool how it's a rodent-yet it can weigh up to about 200 pounds at its max! (They're actually close relatives of the guinea pig.) Plus, I've heard they're the one of the most friendly, chill animals ever and get along with just about anything! :D

Great Horned Owl
On one hand it's very charismatic but on the other hand it's also creepy....even compared to other owl species....in terms of both things!

Yellow footed rock wallaby
It must put its macropod physique to good use if its meant to thrive in mountainous badlands that are hard to traverse for ol' homo sapiens. Pretty regrettable that it regardless was left on an endangered state thanks to hunters.

Eh, not too big into dinosaurs really. But it's cool looking I guess, and looks like a goofy ahh bird I would feed bread to.

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