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Tell us what you think about the animal above...

I LAUGHED when I saw its face


Huh don't know if I've really heard of this animal before. Looking into it more, yeah It's quite neat and cute. It's kinda like a weasel/cat hybrid and I vibe with it

Virginia Opossum

Virginia Opossums are also adorable omg like look at this.. I'm in love w/ them now-


Holland Lop
I really love dogs, and huskies are one of my favorite breeds! I wanna just chill with a bunch of them!

Not really my favorite kind of dog, but their vocalizations are funny at least.
You got ninja'd

I really like those goofy little mollusks, I've been wanting to draw them but I suck at drawing shells

i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE jellyfish. theyre so blobby and pretty and fun to look at.

chinese mitten crabs
i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE jellyfish. theyre so blobby and pretty and fun to look at.

chinese mitten crabs
I legit ate jellyfish a few days ago that I got at a korean place and it was good but really difficult to chew lol

and chinese mitten crabs seem funny but kinda cute? idk like it looks like it could do a funny dance

Blue jay
i think they're fine birds, nothing really special

Those birds look like runway models and I am living for it. How can one not like those birbos? (unless your a snake)

I did ponder upon owning a parakeet; owing to their expressive nature. Nowadays, I'd probably look to the other branches of diapsids, but I'd be lying if I said I don't have a soft spot for these little dinosaurs.

wooooow! neat!! i just had to google them and wow. i can't believe they get up to six feet long, that feels like quite a lot?! it seems that fossils were found in scotland but also possibly in west virginia in america?? all in all they seem really interesting, i guess i should look into prehistoric amphibians more lol...?

sea pineapples?
Yo I thought those were urchins for a sec. Goofy little things, they look tasty.

Speaking of, actual Sea Urchins
As far as I'm concerned their appeal is the fact that I find them rather 'alien'. They also make for good 'decoration' in coral reefs.

Powdered glass tree frog.
Love them! Mountain zebras are especially very cute.

Honey possum?
I'm not very versed on marsupials, but this li'l thing is truly remarkable among them. Apparently a keystone species integral to the survival of the Proteaceae and currently the only known non-chiropteran nectarivorous mammal; this superficially rat-like critter's snoot clearly ain't just for show.

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