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Tell us what you think about the animal above...

The poor birds! They weren’t dumb, they just lived on an island where they didn’t have natural predators and humans f*caked them over :’o

while we’re talking prehistoric animals, ankylosaurus
I really like hummingbirds, they're incredibly fascinating to watch (and take pictures of). I've seen about seven or so different species at one the feeders at my house, and we have one hummingbird with a nest in our front yard.

Humboldt squid?

They can be cute, but dangerous.
How are skunks dangerous, outside of things like rabies? Their spray may smell awful, but I don't think it has any harmful side effects unless you're allergic.
Ninja'd, oops!

Lobsters are so cool!!! A quick read on them is full of neat information, and the whole situation regarding their life-spans? Wow!!! I think animals that have such a monumentally long lifespan like that are really interesting, plus... They're just neat little fellas!

They look like the scrappy, old-man equivalent of a cross between a cat and a racoon.

Sea urchin?
Any wild animal can be dangerous. Also, I wouldn't want to be sprayed.
I mean, yes, but I find it funny that you singled out skunks as being dangerous when they're usually not a threat unlike, say, a rattlesnake or mountain lion.
Shoebill shoebill shoebill!!!!! They're a whole five feet tall and have an absolutely fascinating method of raising chicks! Also, I kinda admit they fall into the "giant birds that look very intimidating" category, but I think they deserve lots more love!

Bat eared fox?
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