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Tell us what you think of the character above!

Has a funny top hat. Other than that no strong feelings, probably cuz I havent played swsh dlc

Mitsumi (DP Adventure!)
I haven’t read that manga in a looong time, but I remember her being a very unique and interesting take on a player character adaptation, both because of her backstory and because of her taking on a sort of older wise mentor role to the manga’s protagonist Hareta.

Platinum (Pokémon Adventures/PokéSpe)
Genuinely neat that we got our first main female antagonist in Sun/Moon. She did kind of go off the deep end with her obsession with the Ultra Beasts, but she was trying to locate her husband who had disappeared in an Ultra Wormhole. It is a shame that Ultra Sun/Moon changed her motivations and made her a bit less interesting as an antagonist.

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From what I've seen of SM he's not all that different from his game incarnation, so my opinion of anime!Hau is pretty much the same as my opinion of game!Hau (that being that he's the best and I love him). Just kind of a shame they introduced him too late into the series to have much of an impact; I remember I didn't really like how he had been reduced to just another side rival character.

I’m not sure who my favorite of the main rocket duo is, but Jesse is great. She does seem like the more reasonable of the two, which I appreciate.

Hmmm… how’s about a rival whose name starts with b…. Like Bede!
it was kinda funny watching him get humbled in the games lmaoo

since Okido mentioned Jessie, how about James?
Nothin' that I can say about him that hasn't been said before. A regular, unremarkable, overworked businessman living in a magical fantasy world where everything and everyone else is over-the-top extraordinary is somehow the most hilarious and inspired choice of Gym Leader/E4 member in a good couple of generations. He's not my personal favorite but I gotta respect it.

i haven't seen him much in the games, but back when i used to see parts of the BW anime i thought he was silly and i liked him! i like the color of his hair and i think the connoisseur thing was fun.

kris (from pokémon crystal)?
Great design for the first female trainer option. Her blue color scheme provides a solid counter to Gold and fits with Suicune as the box legendary.

The one thing I’m not a fan of is her side sprites in Crystal. What was meant to be bangs(?) looks like she has angry eyes when zoomed out.

(Credit to Spriter’s Resource)

Lillie (games)
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