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Tell us what you think of the character above!

I really like Adaman's design so of course I'm weak for Perrin's too :,)
Her quest was really fun and I can relate very well to her artistic shenanigans (like not being able to find your passion for the craft anymore... I've also been there Perrin...)

i honestly don't hate her as much as i think most people do, she just seemed... worn out. i kinda appreciate how in the postgame she's seen doing voluntary labor, helping in the mines not because she's required to but because she actually wanted to try and help make up for what she was partially responsible for. still not like, the biggest oleana fan or anything

oh man thisll be fun. whitney
Not a huge fan of how 2/3 of the Johto female gym leaders are sore losers, but other than that... Whitney is pretty okay in my book? She has one of the nicer designs and her Miltank is badass (although I never had much trouble dealing with it, personally). She's also one of the few Johto gym leaders who actually uses Gen 2 Pokémon, which is cool.

god, their story and arven's just... makes me sad.

Monster (coach) who is very disgusted with the trashy man. Don't stare him always.
One of the better-written rivals imo, I like that he's got depth to his character instead of just being a one-dimensional jerk for no reason. It's good to see a rival who has motivations beyond just being stronger than you specifically. Also his jacket has a really cool design and I want it.

(the first mankind all over the world)
i'm totally fine with him, he's decent in his own right, but bianca stood out way more to me tbh

Absolutely love her design! I just wish she stood out more as a character herself rather than her title as champion and career as an actress. Haven't played XY in a while but she wasn't as significant as I'd feel I'd recall.

Back when I originally played HeartGold many years ago, my immediate first impression of Falkner was something along the lines of "woah, this guy looks COOL!!!".
But now I know the truth... he's actually kind of a nerd. And it's great, and we love him for it. :bulbaLol:

She's cool. Not really amongst my favorite of the player characters, but I respect her. Definitely prefer Brendan out of the Hoenn duo though.

I definitely think she has pretty cool naming with her being named after a moon goddess. Her design doesn’t really feel distinct. She can definitely be an interesting character in a fanfic.

i don't know much about him but i do think his design is really good, and his hair looks really fluffy

oh my god i love him. he's a brat but in such a likeable way imo. he's very funny and i love his interactions with giacomo.

My second (third? Tate and Liza are two, I guess) favorite Hoenn Gym Leader! She's got a fun design, I love the spiky hair. Her "overconfident" act before battle is pretty funny and relatable too.

i would die for him. hes so funny and pure and i quite adore his mannerisms of speech and "chuunibyou" nature. i'm very fond of all of the team star members, to be frank.

A good contender for one of my favorite professors. Dude has a great design and has personality aplenty. Very iconic.

Oh god Sada is a conflicting character. How does someone so cold and even cruel, someone who dismissed the mass destruction she would cause as "just a part of life", die in an act of compassion? It's so fascinating.

I had never heard of her before. Quite the tragic story to be honest, makes me want to rewatch that whole Mewtwo arc, but in full now that I know it exists. I like her blue hair :yay:

Very edgy and harcore that I wonder why they designed him like that. Not that I am complaining, his design is memorable. AND Pokémon Colosseum is one the most unique Pokémon experiences. It's just a shame that we don't get too much of his background since he is a silent protagonist.

A nice character. I liked her in Sun and Moon, especially in the animé.

Dawn (animé)
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