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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

My favorite Eeveelution. I have always been partial to Electric types, Jolteon's Red/Blue sprite was pretty badass of a first impression and the later-generation sprites (and transition to 3D) only improved its aesthetic.

And we may as well cap off the original trio with: Flareon
Flareon really does deserve so much better. It has that massive 130 Attack stat just sitting there, and still no good options within its shallow movepool to utilize it. :(
Design-wise, it's a tough little ball of fluff, and therefore I love it just as much as any other Eeveelution — but I can't help wishing it was as powerful and versatile as Vaporeon and Jolteon are, so I could finally have a reason to use it on a team for once.

How about regular old Eevee?
Just an iconic mon, and I totally see why. It's cute, it's cool and it's and it's extensive branched evolution gimmick is really neat and makes for a good mascot for the concept of Pokemon evolution. Also, it's basically a fox-cat hybrid, you cannot go wrong with that. Just a really lovable mon.

Screw it, let's keep the train moving with Espeon
It is simple yet refined design-wise, and Magic Bounce is a great Ability.
I'm a fan of Skarmory, it's one of my favorite Flying-types. Something about its metal-bird design is just really appealing to me.

Sleek and has a cool Shiny form, shame its attacking stats are so underwhelming.
I always thought it was at least kinda cool before, but recently I've ended up liking it a lot more after having used it on a singleplayer team. The Water/Steel combo is two of my favorite types in one, and they work so ridiculously well together that I'm almost disappointed there hasn't been another Pokémon with that same type combination yet. Very strong competition for Torterra when it comes to my favorite Sinnoh starter.

Definitely not my favorite bug type Pokémon. I think it’s just okay but as with other Pokémon, I’d be interested to learn a bit more from like a Lockstin&Knoggin video.

I've always liked Vespiquen. It's honestly one of the few Gen 4 Pokemon that I still enjoy to this day. It's an elegant monarch of a bee whose dress-like abdomen happens to be both where it stores its larva servants and it literally shoots them out as a combat tactic. It's a killer bee queen.

Cool design, really nice color scheme, wish it and Qwilfish went with other type combos instead of matching up with other Sinnoh mons.

I feel very neutral towards pretty much anything Hisuian, and that does include Ursaluna. Really good and well-distributed stats (which I feel like Ursaring should've had to begin with!), and the design on its forehead resembling a full moon with dark clouds around it is cute. Other than that, I personally just don't hold a strong opinion on it either way.

I've always liked Veluza ever since it was leaked, and when I got to learn about it more, it pretty much became one of my favorites of Paldea; which I already have a lot of fond mons from. This thing literally eviscerates itself to the bone to speed up; it's edgy both physically and in a metaphorical sense, and it isn't even a Dark type. Skeletal things and fish are a vibe for me, and thus a piscine that's willing to sacrifice its flesh to the point it is nearly skin and bones for an advantage in combat and feeding just speaks to me. My only problem is that its skeleton maybe looks a bit too less like an actual fish skeleton, which is a little off-putting considering how eye-catching fish skeletons are, but that's not really a major criticism. I don't care if people are irritated by it; Paras and Zubat are Pokemon that I love despite their unsavory reputations. So therefore, Veluza is great.

9/10, wish i had an oppurtunity to use one in emerald but i got way too attached to my team, i always found it strange how there's such a lack of ghost type pokemon with skeleton and skull motifs

I haven't really thought much about Anorith, but I'm generally positive toward it. It's a cute little thing.

Neutral on it, don't think about it too much. It does seem like it should have an evolution. Solid 5/10 is all I can really say for it!

Very cute and creative evolution for a Pokémon that absolutely needed one. It's not exactly my kind of 'mon but I have nothing bad to say about it! I particularly love how it looks when the "hoodie" tail-mouth is closed over its head. I will say though that between its dex entries, lowered Speed, and its signature ability Armor Tail, I think it could've been cool if it gained the Steel type to replace Normal.

I love Blissey. It made some of the most memorable moments I've ever had playing Pokemon. I'll copy/paste paragraphs about it I've previously posted elsewhere.

Back when I was new to Pokémon (when I was 10-11), I would often check out the Battle Factory to see what kinds of Pokémon were there and how their stats were like. I liked the Battle Factory because Emerald had a very limited pool of obtainable Pokémon and I wanted to know more about what Pokémon existed. I remember one specific occasion where I noticed Blissey for the first time. I saw its HP and was absolutely shocked. This had me wanting a Blissey for my own to see how high of HP I could get mine. I found out I could catch Chansey in HeartGold and evolve it. I made Blissey one of the first Pokémon I ever trained to level 100 and one of the first I used to defeat Red.

I've played through Legends Arceus and there was one scenario in the game that really stuck out to me more than anything else did in that game. I don't think I'll be forgetting it anytime soon if at all.

I had an Alpha Infernape, level 65, and used it against Alpha Blissey, level 62. Of course because Blissey was a wild Alpha, its stats were boosted. Infernape used Close Combat on Blissey and to my surprise just barely missed out on the OHKO. Infernape then proceeds to get OHKOed back by Blissey's Double-Edge...

This is when I truly started to learn that stats were coded differently in PLA. Your offense stat does not really matter much. It's been confirmed that Blissey's Double-Edge does about the same amount of damage as a Rampardos's Double-Edge, meaning Blissey only has 25% weaker physical attack than Rampardos, despite the base attack difference. Bulky Pokémon are your best options in this game by far unless you have insanely broken moves (Victory Dance) or are abusing the Agile Style mechanic to have indefinite turns in a row (fast priority attack users.)

Aside from this, Blissey's HP made it a notable top tier candidate of the Imposter ability in certain Pokemon Showdown formats, allowing it to serve as a large reflection of said formats as a whole, even even a reflection of the section that format is under. This is one of my favorite non-legendary Pokemon.

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