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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

Not as dumb-looking as Happiny, but still unappealing, and I greatly prefer Blissey.
Shedinja is my second-favorite non-legendary Pokemon (behind Audino) thanks to how its ability has saved my favorite Pokemon Showdown format(s) virtually by itself. I appreciate how its concept of having 1 HP and being a frail shell was used to justify giving it Wonder Guard. Since then I've been trying to give it a lot more appreciation by shoving it in my ingame teams and setting up challenges for those games. It appears Shedinja's whole gimmick made the challenges a lot more feasible in the first place as I tend to pit myself up against incredibly busted Pokemon.

I like both shape-shifting characters and goofy amorphous blob characters, and Ditto is no exception. Its design and concept is simple, but that's what makes it appealing. Plus the whole "Ditto face" meme is iconic (and I love the Ditto face plushies. they are all such silly goobers :enzap:).

Dwebble is really outshined by its evolution these days, and by itself it might not really be anything special, but I have a sentimental attachment to it regardless — because back when Gen 5 first came out, me and my best friend at the time were absolutely obsessed with it for some reason lol. We just could not get enough of Dwebble. It's still pretty cute! And the Bug/Rock typing really isn't nearly as bad as it sounds.

Drampa... is alright. I never felt too strongly for it, but I do think it is memorably designed for what it is. It's a peaceful-looking pastel beast that clearly looks like it lives atop mountains reaching the heavens. It's a bit peculiar how it serves as a version-exclusive foil for Turtonator, since nothing really kinda makes them contrast other than I guess the colors and nature of their expected environments.

Definitely one of my favorite Pokémon of this most recent generation, probably one of my new favorites in general too. I really do like pretty much every aspect of this thing, from concept to design to execution — it's honestly about time we had a Poison-type representing a toxic mineral, and it really nailed it in a unique and unexpected way. (And how can you say no to that funny little cone face?)

i'm just underwhelmed

It's my least favorite of the Titans, personally; but its by no means something I... dislike per se. The subversion of the 'delivery stork' trope is kinda amusing and its communicated decently by its subtly smug-looking face and that unique ability in particular.

I like its form gimmick and the method of obtaining in in the Sinnoh games.
This is one of those mon that I almost never think about lol. With that said, I think it's sort of cool; there's nothing super outstanding about it, but the fact that it's apparently a "perfect life-form" that has just chilled and vibed for the past hundred million years is neat.

Sandy Shocks
Super cool!! I love most all of the ancient paradox mons but Sandy Shocks is really up there for me - the way it moves is a bit goofy but I think that's part of the fun with it for sure

I'm still shocked that its official pronunciation is "Meen-shao" instead of "Me-in-shao". Every time I look at Mienfoo's angry expression I now just think "Mean-foo" and find that a little funny.

It's a regrettably common opinion that this Pokemon and its brethren are saddled with so I'm not exactly breaking new ground when I say this, but I just never liked the genies/Kami group. Even putting aside how identical the original three wind spirits were, even the base genie design alone is honestly kinda uninteresting and ugly. The Therian forms introduced later... don't even really help even despite the physiological changes and each of them representing a different animal. They all just feel like the same guy but shaped into an animal, which normally wouldn't even really be a problem for me as I think the "normal human head on an otherwise animal body" would be enticingly creepy, but it basically has the same facial personality and overall palette as its original genie form, and it altogether just blends in so much rather than that I just basically see the same guy over and over and over until I just don't want to see it anymore.

rare paldean pokemon i like

It's cute, I think its concept and design is very neat, I like it. Now if only it was possible to actually use the thing to its full potential without the use of some silly Skill Swap doubles shenanigans. :( Maybe someday it'll get a shiny new Hidden Ability and finally break free from the shackles of Slow Start... right?

i think it's cute, but ultimately forgettable. i don't really know why it got a baby prevo out of all the pokemon that could've gotten one (like lapras..)

A cool mon for sure. Neat look and strangely iconic. Not much to say here, just a super solid one

I guess I like this thing the most out of its entire evolutionary line, but honestly that isn't saying much since I generally have apathetic-to-negative things to say about the entire Gen 8 starter roster, and I won't say I outright like it on its own, really. The hoodie-like appearance of its body is certainly peculiar and something that's just unceremoniously dropped once it becomes one of my most hated starters, but I'd say that's a moot point since in general there's plenty of middle-stage starters that sort of lose a unique vibe exclusive to themselves once they become their final evo (E.g. Quilava, Drizzile, Bayleef, Grovyle, Wartortle etc.). That's the most I can say about it.

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