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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

One of my favorite Ultra Beasts. I like its electric-wiring design (and how it doesn't have a face), and it's got a cool-sounding name too.

Not a UB that I tend to think about as often as the rest, but still just as cool; it has a great type combo and I appreciate it a lot. Fun fact that I love about Kartana's design — its X-shaped face/"mouth" is based on the origami shape pakupaku (well-known in English as a "chatterbox" or "paper fortune teller").

("pakupaku" is also onomatopoeia for eating!)

Celesteela is one of my favorite Ultra Beasts. When it was released, I pretty much figured out near-immediately it was a nod to the "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter/The Tale of Princess Kaguya" fairy tale of Japan, and I gotta say, they managed to deliver on that theme with splendor, from those imposing bamboo rocketry, to the main body giving the visage of a towering alien regent without looking that much humanoid/"waifumon"-ish despite both the presence of 'hair' and a 'dress/cloak'. I also got to appreciate that, like Xurkitree, it's another creature evocative of plants without outright bluntly being a plant by virtue of the bamboo thematics, right down to actually being one of the few non-Grass Pokemon to learn Leech Seed!

Eh... It's funny, but nothing I really think about that much

it's.. fine? i think out of all the ultra beasts its the weakest design. I think it looks interesting, I'm not sure why it's fighting type but more power to it i guess

Big!!! I've never gotten a chance to use them in game but they seem fun enough - though some more recent games have trouble actually scaling it in battle which is a shame. That's like it's main thing

i find the whole gimmick with accelgor pretty neat, and i like its design

Yeah, this one's the creature I prefer out of this unique trade gimmick. I've always liked this mollusk that embodies race-car drivers, ninjutsu, and Sentai superheroes; which is probably an utterly incoherent mess in any other context, but Pokemon is generally a franchise where seemingly random tropes are intricately knitted to make a cohesive yet unique character; this graceful gastropod being no exception. Out of every Pokemon that's meant to be invocative of ninja, this one's my favorite.

It looks great! Cool color scheme and now we have like six (or seven) Regis now!

it's fine, i'm not sure why the god of pokemon is native to sinnoh out of all places, and i do think its design is kind of a mess (but then again most of the sinnoh legendaries have messy designs)

One of the best pseudo Legendaries ever (I don’t have one but now I need one) especially since it can mega evolve

To be honest, the fact that this thing had such backlash back when it was first revealed/leaked is audacious, and the fact that the similarly mammalian Popplio a few generations later also became the target of a virulent hatedom just gives me a bit of a suspicion that this fandom has an oddly specific vendetta towards marine mammals for whatever reason.

This Pokémon is okay I guess

I respect it. I don't necessarily adore it like some do, but I 100% get why it's such a fan favorite.

I like it (I call it the evolved form of Kingler)

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