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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

No real opinions, to be honest. Though, I do find it funny that a few Pokémon like Gabite and Sableye tend to hunt them down.

One of my first-ever favorite Pokémon. Because just look at it, it's so cute :bulbaLove: I remember I loved Skitty so much when I was a kid that I willingly spent hours on end looking for one in Emerald (perhaps not realizing beforehand that its encounter rate is a ridiculously low 2% in that game lol). Worth it.

goodra was one of the first lines i fell in love with when XY came out and it still holds a special spot in my heart, but its not my fav dragon type. ive also always had to remind myself that it isnt poison type :hmm: i think its hisuian form is great ^_^

Not bad at all! It can be pretty good for the early game, and it’s movepool is also quite good. I… think I had a run where I took it far but can’t remember which that was.

You can really tell that it was designed after Swinub and Piloswine. However, I kind of dig it. Its facial markings do make it look like it wears face paint.
A much cooler design than Gligar, and Poison Heal is a great Ability.
i kind of like it? i like bergmite more and its never really impressed me...one of those evolve-for-the-dex-and-then-box-forever mons. i hope they take another shot at an iceberg pokemon. maybe a regional ice-type tentacool line thats a cross between icebergs and the magnapinna squid, letting its tentacles drift unseen underneath. or something :oops:

Cool bug!! Love its design. Speed stat is a joke, but since when have stats been lore-accurate?
Cool-ish bug. It's cute, but I don't feel strongly about it either way.

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