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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

my murderous little bug baby. it has some of my fav mega evo dex entries because they don't mention anything about it being in pain, so i think pinsir just forgot its body is supposed to be basically falling apart and is instead focusing on how it can use its glorious new wings to make other mons' bodies fall apart!
it was like... my third or fourth ever full-odds shiny. i named him guzma <3

speakin of guzma. golisopod!
golisopod and wimpod were easily the biggest winners of alola for me, out of all the really incredible alolan bugs, and that was before i even knew guzma was a bug trainer (i went into SM completely blind). man that dude has good taste d: i also really love its gimmick of emergency exit+first impression. seriously top tier :bulbaLove: even one of my buddies clocked me and predicted that it'd be my favorite (she is truly never wrong)

now for the alternative bug/water type, araquanid :)
I actually find Volcarona a little frightening, I'm kinda scared of moths lol. (plus it's so big o_o) It does look very majestic and powerful, though.

Not a bad bug! I never used it on my team when I played Sword, but I think it's got a cute design and an interesting shiny (I kind of like how the legs, mandible, and "carapace" are the only parts that change color). It gets a thumbs-up from me.

How about my personal favorite bug... Escavalier?
I like the switching between its special focused Aria form and physical focused Pirouette form. But besides being difficult to prepare in combat, I don't have many strong feelings about it.

Skorupi is adorable, I don't know why I ever disregarded it for so long. :bulbaLove: I tend to forget all the time that it's a Bug though, since it loses that type altogether upon evolution (not that that's a bad thing, necessarily... we have a lot of Poison/Bug species already). Still, what a pleasant and likeable little guy.

Speaking of which, Drapion?
it's so cute. i love scorpion 'mon. (funny to me how it's aaron's ace though... although i guess its prevo was a bug-type and sinnoh is kinda famous for giving its type specialists team members not really of their type. although kanto and johto had a few problems with that too...)

You don't know how much I love this line they're just so cute ahhh, especially hattrem, but hattena is equally adorable in its own right, and its a perfect first stage for hatterene imo

Galarian Slowpoke
Compared to the more unique designs we got for Galarian Slowbro and Slowking, I kind of think Galarian Slowpoke is a little boring. Though, I do think the gimmick of the Slowpoke running off with Avery/Klara's uniform is rather funny of the Isle of Amor DLC.

Personally, I'm an Appletun kind of guy, even though Sword is my game version for the Galar Region, but I still like Flapple. He's a goofy lil guy, and I like his apple wings and hat. His face too, looks like he's staring into space, or my soul, however you see it I guess lmao

I like gargoyles, and I (aesthetically, at least) like scorpions, so I like that line a lot. The line's got a bunch of sentimental attachment for me, too (one of the first Pokémon ever traded to me was a Gligar from my cousin). But I used to like Gligar's design much more than Gliscor's. I wasn't sure why. Then I had a Gliscor in my party in LA and saw it from the back. "Wait, THAT'S how its wings attach? That makes so much more sense now!" ...And apparently that's all that was bothering me, because I like their designs about evenly now, haha.

Gonna be honest, not the biggest fan. It's kinda boring. Reminds me of an Unown evolution for some reason. Not much to say on it lmao

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