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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

My favorite evolution of my favorite Pokémon... so yeah I guess I like it. It's got a flawless design that I always thought looked cool and tough, as it should. I've been using it on teams for years and it's carried a lot of battles for me! (I'm also one of the few people who thinks that its lurid green shiny is awesome, nobody can change my mind)

First dolphin Pokemon so bonus points there. I like its Zero Form more than its Hero personally. I just like how cute the lil guy is~ (Plus, really nice shiny)

Alolan Meowth
Shaymin is an adorable hedgie and I love her with all my heart. Prefer the land over sky imo, I just think the tiny lad is supreme. Not saying Sky's bad though, its also pretty neat.

I believe I've mentioned this before, but its my least favorite of the line, but that's not really a bad thing imo, since the line as a whole is pretty dope. I just feel like its pre- and final stage are cuter/cooler, while it comes off a little goofy in comparison. I do have a slight attachment to it because of the anime with Misty's

(2.6k messages wow, keep it up!)

Personally, I'm more of a U!Lilligant kind of guy, but H! is a close second. I like its slimmer design in this once, and of course, its dance moves. I don't care what you say, they can break it down and I won't be accepting criticisms at this time.

I totally love Umbreon and consider it the coolest Eeveelution of all. If Gary has one... that guy knows taste! It's speed could be better and should be on the same level as Espeon from what I've tried on PS. Overall, looks top abilities with how I look at pkmn ^~^

Ash's Oshawott (when its in love xD)
I don't care for it too much, but the heart shaped pattern on its chest is cute. Also, the scene where Ash's Scraggy headbutts his Pidove and she takes a moment to respond and flee does make me laugh from time to time.

Jumpluff is endearing on its own rights. However, I don't approve of how Jumpluff loses the catty nature Hoppip had. Not many cat Pokemon I admittedly like, but as a feline enjoyer I can basically approve an airborne cat head dandelion with whole-hearted acceptance and whoever decided that the beta Jumpluff was insufferably felid is a damnable heretic. "Wataneko" did nothing wrong and it's a shame they somehow decided its presence was arbitrary. Then again, I can say that with a lot of choices they put on the chopping block regarding the SpaceWorld build: most particularly "Grotess/Gurotesu".


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