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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

It’s definitely the worst one in the Applin Line for me, Grass dragon is a fun typing but I just can’t get behind it‘s design when appleton is right there.

An interesting and fun concept for a Pokémon. I'm not a big tea drinker, but a possessed tea pot is pretty neat. Though honestly, Ghost types always have the advantage of being based on unique ideas.

My sister absolutely adores litwick, I’m much less attached to it but I think it’s pretty cute

All the memes and cute art of it made me love it a lot more than when it was first revealed (then again, I thought it was pretty neat even then) it's just a lil' cutie

i used to be pretty neutral toward it but some of my friends really really like it, so now i do too!
it's a lil gremlin, i dig its gem eyes and prankster is always fun to play around with
i do kinda wish it had a different typing though... i enjoy it nonetheless. (its spiky lil teeth!!)

I hate em so much. Ugly, unfunny, a weird ass concept and design, they miss all the marks. Probably my second least favorite Pokemon of gen 9
Jokes aside, I really do hate it-

uhhh, How about Camerupt?
A Gen 3 mon that I am so-so about. The concept of a magma-spewing camel is amusing, but that's about it. I do like Mega Camerupt a little more, even if it is a little more cartoony looking.

i have... mixed feelings about sharpedo. not because any part of me thinks it's bad, it's actually the opposite! i think it's great conceptually, and design-wise is cool as hell, but i've never gotten the opportunity or drive to put one on any team of mine in any game it's in. i look at it and go "wow i like this pokemon", but i don't really think it's.. quite to my tastes? dunno if that make sense or not. @__@ its mega is in a similar boat, tbh.

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