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Terapagos's Adventure - Pokémon Horizons Episode 26 Review - The Start of the Second Chapter

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A collage of screeenshots, showing Terapagos; Diana on Arcanine rescuing Liko and Terapagos; DIana showing Liko Lucius's journal; and Liko with Sprigatito and Terapagos
As one chapter closes, another one begins. Episode 26 starts the second chapter of Pokémon Horizons as more of a buildup for future events. Before I start the episode review, can I mention how AMAZING the new opening looks? My eyes feel so cleansed watching it. Alright, now onto the review!

This week's episode is mainly a relaxing affair, with Liko learning more about Terapagos. Because Terapagos has been asleep for a very long time, it’s not familiar with the modern changes of the world. It doesn’t know that Pokémon food is delicious, which is why it opted to hunt for Oran Berries. The turtle isn’t too familiar with what an airship is, which is why it’s walking around all over the place in order to get used to it; it has no sense of danger because of it, because how does it know these things are dangerous? However, the most prominent thing about it is that it’s rather lonely and misses Lucius. Having Liko study about Terapagos feels like a call back to the first episode of this show, where she was trying to get used to Sprigatito by observing it. I think being Terapagos’s caretaker is also helping Liko develop more, as she was the one who decided to try and rescue Terapagos from climbing up the altar of the ship by herself; notice that she was thinking of calling out to Friede, but decided against it and instead tried to do it herself, before needing to be rescued by Diana. I think this shows how Liko is growing as a character; she doesn’t have to rely on Friede all the time for problems.

The second half of the episode is just Diana and Liko bonding. I really like seeing Liko interact with her family. While she has yet to have a present day interaction with her mother Lucca, seeing her interact with Alex and now Diana makes me smile because it’s historically been relatively rare to see a Pokémon main character interact with their family members. Diana in general is a cool woman. She’s not ashamed of having a healthy appetite for more, and she’s not afraid to pass down Lucius’s memoirs and mementos down to her granddaughter. I do love how Diana was a part of the reason why Liko started her journey, and the reason why she and the Rising Volt Tacklers keep going on their adventure—this time, they’re seeking out the Six Heroes. While Diana is there for future plot buildup, I do love how she brings up a lot of information but doesn’t answer a lot too. The mysteries are also for the readers to find out, after all.

Liko's Sprigatito, looking clearly unimpressed
Also, poor Sprigatito. It spends the entire episode jealous of the attention Terapagos is getting from Liko. I mean, the cat has always been jealous, but I just hope it won’t be cast aside for the turtle in the future. I’m glad that Liko finally consoled it by saying that she needs it by her side. I also love the call back to episode one where it pawed her face.

The Rising Volt Tacklers wonder where the other hero Pokémon could be; the Hisui region gets a brief mention because of Kleavor, though only to note how difficult it might be to find. It was a little strange they didn't clarify Hisui was the modern day Sinnoh region however. Without any real leads on most of the Pokémon, they all decide to search for Rayquaza first after Dot notifies them of Black Rayquaza sightings across Galar. Here's hoping they're accurate this time.

People might think that Roy is being snubbed from having a real goal here, but I don't think that's the case. Liko’s journey is Roy’s journey too. Roy’s ultimate goal is battling and befriending Rayquaza—he’s also the one who holds onto its Pokéball while Liko has Arboliva and Galarian Moltres’s. The Rayquaza is Roy’s “treasure” after all. I do hope that Roy will get more development in the future though; he's still yet to win an official battle!

Personally, I can’t wait to see what future Horizons episodes have in store with the beginning of this new chapter. Time and time again, I think Horizons has shown it has potential to be an amazing Pokémon anime, and I’m quite excited for what’s to come with the buildup of the hero Pokémon, Rakua and Terapagos. I’m also excited to see what the Explorers will do to hinder the Rising Volt Tacklers! What about you? Are you as hyped as I am? What are your thoughts about this episode?


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