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The 5 Minute Drawing Game

5 Minute Drawing Game moves back to Fun & Games
Jul 12, 2011
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Hey everyone :)

We've decided to move the 5 minute drawing game back to the Fun & Games section where it originally began as we were concerned people might have been afraid of participating in the game when it was in the Art Gallery due to believing the game was a serious game that was just for people who are into art or drawing. In light of this we felt the game may be better located in Fun & Games although we're sad to see it leave the Art Gallery.

Found Yveltal pretty difficult :D

Can the next poster draw Gastly please?
Brutally Honest
Nov 6, 2018
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Came out a bit fat, but I was limited by my page size (though I suppose I could've done the whole thing smaller)
This is pretty fun :3
EDIT 2: Here's Cutiefly with a bit more time to finish the shading:
EDIT: Derp, forgot to say what the next picture should be xD
Would the next person please draw a Magikarp
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