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The Adoption Center

Fizzy Bubbles ZA
Sep 18, 2005
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The following Pokemon have been located near the Adoption Center's premises and have been taken in for treatment:

($200) Lv. 01 (F) Meditite
($200) Lv. 01 (F) Spheal
($200) Lv. 01 (F) Skitty
Fizzy Bubbles ZA
Sep 18, 2005
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A smol dragonling has found its way into general adoption:

($200) Lv. 01 (F) Axew
Fizzy Bubbles ZA
Sep 18, 2005
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SlashKub: Adoption Confirmed

DannyDrawsaLot: Adoption Confirmed
Poison-type Trainer
May 26, 2008
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Pokémon available for adoption!
($320) Lv. 11 (M) Darumaka w/ Sucker Punch
"...and I'm not even sure what's wrong, either."

"It's OK, Reassure. We'll help you figure it out," Terri was saying to her Blue Flower Floette.

"Thanks, Terri," the Fairy-type responded with a small smile. In recent days, Reassure had been feeling pretty out of it. Naturally, Terri's first response was to take her to the Pokémon Center, but physically, the Floette was fine. Her Trainer and her girlfriend both were determined to help Reassure out, and so today the three of them were taking a walk through a grassy meadow on a sunny day, in the hopes that the beautiful weather might help at least somewhat, or at least give them answers somehow. Alas, nothing was coming to them. Even Help's soothing aroma wasn't doing anything, the Comfey quite worried about her girlfriend.

Presently, they came upon a strange sight in the middle of the meadow- a roundish red being, seemingly with no arms or legs, gently rocking back and forth, eyes shut. Initially the trio mistook it for an inanimate object, until its eyes opened. "Hello," the creature greeted them serenely.

"Um... hi," said Help, sounding rather bewildered. Terri, meanwhile, dug out her Pokédex and pointed it at this newcomer.

"Darumaka- Normal Form- the Zen Charm Pokémon. A Fire-type. Darumaka cannot be calmed down when its inner fire burns brightly, causing it to run around. When it cools down, it pulls in its arms and legs and goes to sleep."

"Hello, Darumaka," Terri greeted the Fire-type. "I'm Terri. This is Help, and this is Reassure."

"Nice to meet you," Help nodded.

"Yeah..." added Reassure.

The downcast tone of the Floette was not lost on Darumaka. "Something troubles you," he murmured. "And you're not certain what."

"Y... yeah, you're right," admitted Reassure. "I... I don't know what this is about, either. I'm apparently in good health, I just..."

"Hmm..." the Darumaka murmured. "No... You do know. You just don't know what it is you know. You know?"

"...No," said the Floette.

"I feel as though seeing your battling skills might help us all gain a better understanding," said Darumaka. "Why don't you and Help have a battle?"

"A-a battle?!" repeated Reassure. "Against Help? I... I dunno, I don't want to hurt her..."

"No, Reassure," interrupted the Comfey. "If this will help us figure out what's bothering you, then I'm all for it."

"...All right, then," conceded Reassure. She took a deep breath to steel herself, and then let loose a brilliant Dazzling Gleam! Help, however, was quick to act, deftly maneuvering out of harm's way with amazing Acrobatics, before striking the Floette at an unexpected angle. Undeterred, Reassure sprouted a pair of vines from behind her back, and attempted to strike the Comfey with the Vine Whip, but Help retaliated by throwing a Pollen Puff at the vines, the Grass move blocked by the Bug move. Help then let fly a Leech Seed, which entangled Reassure in its energy-sapping roots, flower and all. The Floette struggled against the attack, sounding increasingly frustrated by the second even as she started floating lower and lower to the ground. By the time she landed, the frustrated grunting had given way to pitiful sobs. "I knew it!" the Floette sniveled. "I'm weak! I'm still so weak..."

"Reassure..." Help murmured, floating down to her girlfriend.

"I... I knew it, I knew that Morpeko thing was just a fluke, I knew I only managed it because we had, like, seven other Pokémon hammering away at it..." sniveled Reassure. "I was going all-out just now and you weren't even trying-"

"Yes I was," Help said gently. "I was trying so hard."

Darumaka approached them. "So the source of your unrest is feelings of inadequacy," he said to Reassure. "You cannot bring yourself to believe that you are strong. Would it be correct of me to assume you have only recently evolved?"

"...Yeah, just a few weeks ago," admitted Reassure.

"Hm..." mused Darumaka. "Perhaps the time is right for you to evolve once again. The transformation from Flabébé to Floette is not a drastic one, after all."

"I... I don't know," Reassure sighed. "I... I've only been a Floette for a few weeks, I couldn't ask Terri to rush this... And Help, too, I... I mean, I've considered, but..."

"So is that what this is about?" Terri murmured, having sat down beside her Floette. "You want to evolve again, but are worried that it might be too soon?"

"I... I think it might be that," admitted Reassure, looking down at the ground. "I... Just..."

Help moved in and gently kissed Reassure. "I know what it's like to feel weak," she said softly. "Some time ago, I was attempting to fight off a Beedrill, but was thoroughly overpowered. It was Terri who helped me understand that I was not useless, that I have my own strengths to play to, and so do you. You tend to flowers, you help our teammates settle disputes peacefully, you're excellent at all of that, and I really admire that about you. And despite what you think about yourself, you really are strong. Winning against Morpeko was not a fluke, and I had to try really hard against you just now."

Reassure knew not what to say in response to this, and so said nothing at all. Instead, she pulled the Comfey into a tearful embrace, wordlessly conveying how thankful she was to have her. And once Terri felt like it was her time to do so, she hugged the pair of Fairy-types.

"If you want to evolve," Terri said to Reassure, "I am fine with it. Even if it's only been a few weeks- what matters to me is what would make you happy."

"And I would have no problem, either," promised Help.

For the first time in weeks, Reassure now had a genuine smile on her face. "...then yes, I would like to evolve," she confirmed.

Terri's smile widened. Saying no more, she produced a Shiny Stone from her bag, and placed it on the ground before the Floette. The effect was immediate; the Shiny Stone started glowing, and the glow spread to Reassure, flower and all. The Floette grew taller, her spade-shaped tail transforming into tiny feet and sprouting large leaf-like protrusions. Her arms grew longer, no longer clutching the flower, for it had now fused with her body, shrunken down, and multiplied, creating an entire bouquet around her head. And finally, the glow died down, revealing a gorgeous
! Terri, Pokédex still out, pointed it at Reassure's new form.

"Florges- Blue Flower- the Garden Pokémon. A Fairy-type, and the evolved form of Floette," droned the device. "Florges devotes its life to protecting flower gardens, and draws power from flowering plants. It is renowned for its flower tending abilities."

Reassure looked around, looked at her hands, seemingly trying to get used to no longer having to perpetually hold onto a flower. She then looked around, first at Terri, then at Help. "...What do you think?" she asked.

"I think you look great," smiled Terri.

"So beautiful..." Help murmured lovingly, unable to take her eyes off her girlfriend. She floated up and kissed Reassure once more.

Once this was over, Reassure turned to Darumaka. "Thank you," she said politely. "I... I feel so much better now. You were so much help to us."

"I am happy to have helped," smiled the Darumaka. "Though now I ask a favor of you in return."

"What would it be?" asked Terri. "After you helped us out like that, anything we can do."

"I find you all to be wonderfully fascinating," Darumaka stated. "Especially you, Terri- you can understand our speech. It is clear there is much more to you than meets the eye. I should like to accompany you, if you'll have me. But regardless of your answer, I will first want to request a battle against Reassure."

"Against me?" the Florges repeated in surprise. Then, however, she grinned. "I accept," she stated boldly.

"This would be a great opportunity to show what you can do now," Terri smiled as she stood back up. Everyone moved back, allowing adequate space for a battle to unfold.

Darumaka made the first move. Pulling in his arms and legs, he rolled swiftly forward, attempting to overwhelm Reassure with a powerful Rollout.

Terri was ready for this. Having checked her Pokédex, she could now see all the new moves her Florges could now use, though right now she didn't opt for that. "Reassure, use Vine Whip and make it spin out!" she ordered. And the Florges was quick to comply, producing a pair of vines and slapping at Darumaka with them, sending the Rollout off-course. Darumaka hastened to stop the attack, and instead sent a scorching Ember flying the Florges's way. It wasn't a super effective hit, but Reassure winced nonetheless.

"Ah... I'm burned," Reassure murmured, looking herself over.

"No matter, Reassure!" Terri called. "Use Aromatherapy and heal yourself!"

The Florges nodded, a soothing aroma wafting from her flowers as the scorch marks vanished from her body, along with the corresponding pain. Darumaka grinned- he seemed to be enjoying this. He lunged forward, mouth open, teeth ablaze as he went for a forceful Fire Fang.

Terri was ready for this. "Psychic, now!" she commanded. The Florges responded immediately, eyes glowing blue as she sent a telekinetic blast Darumaka's way. The Fire-type was forced to stop, knocked on his back by the move. However, he pulled in his arms and legs and slowly moved into an upright position.

"Clever," remarked Reassure.

"Let's keep going, Reassure!" Terri called. "Moonblast, let's go!"

Reassure held her arms out before her, and a silvery orb formed between her hands. She then forcefully threw the orb, and despite the bad type matchup, it seemed to do pretty decent damage to Darumaka. The Zen Charm Pokémon seemed to be having trouble standing by now.

This was Terri's chance. Darumaka's offer had not gone forgotten, and she intended to make her answer known here and now. "I got it from here!" she called to her Florges, already having produced a red and white sphere from her bag. "Poké Ball! Get it!" Terri cried out, throwing the sphere at Darumaka. The ball struck, splitting open and sucking the Fire-type inside. It landed in the grass and started shaking, rocking back and forth, but not very vigorously- it appeared Darumaka wasn't putting up much of a fight, if any at all, a point of view further bolstered as the sphere fell still, giving a low-pitched ping to signify a successful catch.

Gracefully, Reassure made her way over to the ball, picked it up, and carried it back to Terri, who accepted it gratefully. "Welcome to the family, Darumaka," she smiled, holding the ball. "You were willing to tell us all you could to help us, and so I think Tell should be your name." The ball twitched in Terri's hand, seemingly in response to this. Terri giggled, and put Tell's Poké Ball away. "Reassure, how do you feel now?" she asked.

"Immeasurably better," smiled the Florges. "I had no idea how much this issue, of evolution, and my own self worth, was weighing on me until it ceased to do so. I... as a Flabébé I was small and weak, never able to do much to defend myself in the wild. Evolution did not change my size very much, and so I was still inclined to think myself weak. But thanks to you, to Darumaka, and to you especially," she added, smiling at Help, "now I know I'm not weak anymore. And that's assuming I ever was," she smiled.

Terri smiled, saying nothing, for at that moment the pair of Fairy-types had deemed it appropriate to embrace and kiss once more, and therefore Terri declined to interrupt the moment right away. She'd allow them a few minutes before suggesting they get moving.

OOC: Adopting back that level 11 male Normal Form Darumaka with Sucker Punch, paying 320. Naming him Tell, placing him in Poké Ball #2 of 5, and declaring his Ability to be Inner Focus. And also using this Shiny Stone on my Blue Flower Floette while I'm here.

What? Floette is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Floette evolved into Florges!

*Reassure learned Disarming Voice!*

*Reassure learned Wish!*

*Reassure learned Magical Leaf!*

*Reassure learned Flower Shield!*

*Reassure learned Grass Knot!*

*Reassure learned Grassy Terrain!*

*Reassure learned Petal Blizzard!*

*Reassure learned Moonblast!*

*Reassure learned Petal Dance!*

*Reassure learned Aromatherapy!*
Fizzy Bubbles ZA
Sep 18, 2005
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Missingno. Master: Adoption Confirmed
Fizzy Bubbles ZA
Sep 18, 2005
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Enigmatic Professor: Adoption Confirmed

ChrisClark13: Adoption Confirmed