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EVERYONE: The Adventures of Michael and Charizard


Anyone Else Here Miss Gen. I?
Oct 6, 2018
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Michael the Bulbasaur wakes up, randomly right next to a huge chasm.

"I can't... I can't lose to you any longer..." his rival Totodile says as he shoves Michael off the edge.

"Noooo!" Dylan the Mudkip (Michael's friend) says as he watches Michael fall into the abyss.

Chapter One

THUD! Michael hits the bottom, alive, but can barely move. He attempts to stand up, but he couldn't. He falls back to sleep.

"Is that... a Pokemon? Alive?? What would he be doing down here??" a ghastly voice says. "I must see what happened."

When Michael wakes up, the first thing he sees is a Charizard. But this Charizard wasn't just any Charizard.

He was a ghost.

"WAAAHHH!!" Michael screams as he back away quickly.

"Greetings. I am Charizard," the ghost says. "There is no need to be afraid."

"How did you get here? Or end up like this?" Michael asks.

"Well, that's a long story..." Charizard says. "Oh yes! I remember now!"

"A long time ago, I was given to a trainer named Red. I was a Charmander. Red

trained me, loved me, and evolved me into a Charizard.

Red had just established what I heard what was called "a link to the Hoenn

region". Red was planning to recieve a baby Mudkip. So he met up with another

trainer from the Hoenn region.

His name was Brendan. Red was going to trade a Rattata for a Mudkip. Red had

his Rattata, Brendan had his Mudkip. Brendan was interested in Red's Rattata,

but, a mysterious force caused Brendan to ask for me. [sniffle] The same force

caused Red to say yes. Brendan... thought I was an egg that would never hatch.

So, I was turned into an egg that would never hatch.

A Bad Egg. Red couldn't believe it, so he made Brendan give it back.

[voice breaking] Red... also saw me as a bad egg. He couldn't believe it either.

He tried sending me into battle...

but I couldn't. I was... an egg. Truly. Red was crushed. I was his best Pokemon.

Red was so upset, he threw my egg form down this chasm and left me. Over

time, I became a ghost. All I want is to rest and have a proper burial in the

Pokemon Tower...!"

Chapter Two

[Charizard's Ghost falls on Michael and starts crying]

"Wow, Charizard. I'm- I'm just so sorry..." Michael says. "If we can ever get out of here, I can get you to the Pokemon Tower."

"Th-Th-Th-thank you." Charizard stutters.

"You can fly, right?" Michael asks.

"Nope, " Charizard replies. "I'm a ghost. I can levitate a bit, but that's not enough."

"OK. What do we have?" Michael asks Charizard.

"We have... umm... a... rock," Charizard says.

"That's not very helpful, though."

Wild Pidgey Appeared!

"I've got it!" Michael exclaims.

Michael threw the rock toward the Pidgey!

"Stop... No more... I can't stand rocks..." Pidgey groaned.

"Me neither," agreed Charizard.

"Can you fly us out of here?" Michael asked.

"NO! Why would I help--"

Pow! A bigger rock hit Pidgey.

"OK, OK! I'll help you out. But I can't fly you out."

"Come out, Pidgeot!" Pidgey yelled.

"Is there a problem, Pidgey-- ah!" Pidgeot says as he looks at the ghost of Charizard.

"It's OK, these guys are nice. They want to get out of the cave." Pidgey says.

"Well, I can get the Bulbasaur out, " Pidgeot notes, "but the ghost will be a

problem. I've got it! I will use my wings to create a powerful wind and get the
ghost out!"

Pidgeot flies Michael out of the chasm, then flies back down. Both Pidgey and

Pidgeot use their wings to get Charizard out.

Chapter Three

"Thank you!" Michael said. "No problem! " the Pidgeot replies.

Dylan jumps out at Michael and says "Michael! Michael! I'm so glad you're...
uhhhhh... who's the gh-gh-ghost right by you?"

Michael explains everything to Dylan.

"Oh," Dylan says, sadly. "I think I know where the Pokemon Tower is...? Yeah. It's
right over there, next to the ocean. You can't miss it. I better come with you in
case you get lost."

"Wha? The little twerp survived that fall? And came back out? With a ghost? I

heard them talk about the Pokemon Tower... that's where I'll go!"
To be continued...
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Anyone Else Here Miss Gen. I?
Oct 6, 2018
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Last time...
Michael and Charizard make it out of the chasm and begin their journey to the Pokemon Tower.

"Wha? The little twerp survived that fall? And came back out? With a ghost? I heard them talk about the Pokemon Tower... that's where I'll go!"

Chapter Four
"There's a big cave coming up. You're all ready for a fight, right?" Michael notices.

"Yeah, " Dylan replies.

"Uhh... no?" Charizard says. "I may be a ghost, but in the end, I'm still a Bad Egg. I can't battle."

"Well, hopefully, the Pokemon in the cave won't be too powerful," Michael says as the trio enters the cave.

Wild Rattata Appeared!

GHOST: Aww, c'mon! I just wanna get out of here-- I mean, GET OUT... GET OUT...

Michael used Razor Leaf!

Rattata fainted!

Surprisingly, the rest of the walk through the cave was easy, and that was the only fight. (Charizard scared all the Pokemon away.) The team gets out of the cave unscathed.

Chapter Five
The team finds the Pokemon Tower. "GAH! I forgot Charizard's Bad Egg!" Michael notes.

"You mean... this egg?" Pidgeot says as he gives the egg to Michael.

"Thank you!" Michael says.
"Here it is, the Pokemon Tower," Dylan says. "And there's the entrance."

There are a bunch of trainers in the tower mourning, and none of them even notice Michael and the gang.

Red is kneeling next to a grave that says "R.I.P. Charizard" and crying.

"Is that... my trainer? Red?" Charizard says.

"No, it's my trainer!" Michael also says. "Does this mean..."
"We were trained together?!!" The pair says in unison.

The two look at each other and start running toward Red.

Totodile appears out of nowhere. "NOT SO FAST!!"

"You're not gettin' past me, you little twerp!"

Bulbasaur used Vine Whip and Dylan used Water Gun!

"Beaten again," Totodile says as he faints.

The pair of Michael and Charizard look at Red.

"Bulbasaur, " Michael says as he hands Red the Bad Egg.

"Michael! I thought I'd lost you forever!" Red hugs Michael and Michael hugs back.

A Channeler appears and says, "I think the spirit of your Charizard wants to rest, and this is his remains."

Chapter Six

After a big, long ceremony, Charizard is finally being buried.

Dylan is sniffling. "I hate times like these."

Charizard's Ghost is going to the afterlife.

Michael and Dylan watch as he ascends into the sky.

"Thank you."


"So, Michael, how'd you end up with Red?" Dylan asks.

"I was on the side of a road, dying. A Cubone and a Mudkip by the names of Michael and Alex found me. They took me home and healed my wounds. One day, I left to go exploring, and a trainer found me and caught me. I haven't seen my parents since." Michael replies.

"So... there's a Cubone and a Mudkip sitting next to each other right there!" Dylan notes.

"No way!" Michael says.

Michael the Cubone and Alex the Mudkip are sitting next to each other, crying. They turn their heads and look at Michael running toward them.

"Ohhh, Michael," Alex says. "We were so lonely with you gone."

"Well, I was lonely to begin with..." Michael the Cubone says.

Dylan is crying. "I still don't have a home..."

"Hey!" Michael says. "Dylan, come over here!"

Dylan leaps into Alex's arms.

"And I'll train all of you!" Red says as he scoops all the Pokemon up into his arms.
"I just love happy endings." Charizard says.

"Who says it's the ending?" MissingNo. replies.

"Yeah. As long as they keep making more stories, it's never the ending."

Marowak notes.
The End
...or is it?

This is actually based on a true story that I had while emulating Pokemon Fire Red and Ruby.

I was trading a Rattata for a Mudkip (you know how much I liek mudkipz!), and

Ruby saw my Charizard as a Bad Egg. (I traded Charizard in disbelief) I traded it

back, and now Fire Red saw it as a bad egg too.

Fortunately, I had save-states from before I traded Charizard. To this day,

Charizard is still OK.

But I went to Lavender Town (Hehehe...) and talked to the Name Rater. I changed

Charizard's name to... Ghost.

Because I don't want to forget the pain Charizard experienced.
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Beth Pavell

Thesaurus rex
Jan 2, 2010
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Hullo! You're a new face, so here's a first review to get you going.

The text could do with some tidying up. Double spacing out your dialogue would be a good start, to avoid the dreaded wall of text. I'd also highly recommend putting each new line of dialogue on its own line - as in, if Michael speaks after Charizard, Michael's dialogue goes on a new line.

I'm not sure why you put Charizard's backstory in a spoiler in Chapter One, since Charizard seems to be telling it to Michael.

You seem to have two Prologues - was the last one meant to be an Epilogue?


Anyone Else Here Miss Gen. I?
Oct 6, 2018
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Chapter 7

Red and all his Pokemon exit the spooky Pokemon Tower, and Red decides to teach Dylan to Surf.

However, Dylan doesn't want to learn Surf.

"I'm not gonna be your HM slave!" Dylan says.

"Dylan..." Charizard's voice says. "You must let Red tech you to Surf..."

"Charizard... is that you?" Dylan says. "But I thought--"

"I can still speak to you. You just can't see me. And I can only speak occasionally. I usually speak when the team is in danger." Charizard replies.

"What? The team is... in danger? " Dylan says.

"Yes, " Charizard answers. "Red cannot defeat the Elite Four if you do not learn Surf."

"...alright. Red, teach me to Surf." Dylan says.

Red teaches Dylan how to Surf.

"Now, let's clear up one thing. Michael the Bulbasaur's name is Michael, and Michael the Cubone--me--my name is Mike." Mike the Cubone says.

"So... where are we going next?" Alex asks Red.

"We're going to go to the Seafoam Islands, " Red replies. "Where Articuno is. I didn't get a chance to catch him the last time I was there."


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Oct 6, 2018
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Chapter 8

"So... is this the ocean?" Mike asks.

"Well, according to the Town Map I got from Daisy, this is the ocean. Cool!" Red replies.

"Well, I guess I should use Surf, " Dylan says as he jumps into the water... and immediately leaps back out of the water.

"WOAH!" Dylan yells. "It's freezing! You expect me to swim in that?!"

A great blast of fire (it looks like it came from a Charizard) ascends from the sky and lands on the water.

"No way. Not gonna happen. " Dylan says.

As quickly as the blast came, it disappeared. Dylan steps his toe in the water.

"...it's exquisitely warm!" Dylan says as he slides into the water.

(It's just like that hot spring in Hoenn...) Dylan thinks.


Anyone Else Here Miss Gen. I?
Oct 6, 2018
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Chapter 9

"So, Mike, how did you end up like this?" Dylan asks as Red floats on his back.

"Well, I was found lying in the forest," Mike says.

"By whom?" Dylan says in response.

"None other than Alex." Mike replies.

"No way!" Dylan says. "Tell me more!"

"OK. I'll tell you the whole story." Mike says.

Chapter 10

"Once again, I was found in the forest by Alex. We played together, laughed together, and trained together. We were inseparable.

Many natural disasters occurred, so we helped Pokemon. But one day, I was accused of a crime. I was accused of being cursed and causing all

the natural disasters just so we could help Pokemon, get their rewards, and get famous. Everyone attacked me, so Alex and I packed up and

left the village we were staying in. We defeated many strong Pokemon, and eventually cleared my name. I was not guilty; the Pokemon that

accused me was! Natural disasters were still occurring, and a wise elder told us that the world would soon be annihilated in one massive

blow because Groudon was awakened by a the same foolish Pokemon that accused me. Alex said we were strong enough to defeat Groudon

and save the world.

Therefore, we were sent to defeat Groudon. We found Groudon, defeated him, and told us our plans and why we were there. Groudon told us

that he could feel Mike came to this planet to save the world from it's own bad choices. Groudon also told us that he could heal the world

before our very eyes, but we would be badly hurt. We asked him to heal the world. I don't remember anything after that. When I woke up,

Alex and I were in a Pokemon hospital. We were delighted. We had saved the world. We couldn't celebrate because it hurt just to move, but

the feeling we got... [sniffle] I will never forget that. Over time Alex and I healed, and we were released into the wild. We still stayed together,

until we found, and lost, Michael. The rest is his story."

"Who was the Pokemon that accused you, Mike?" Dylan asked.

"I believe he was a Totodile." Mike replied. "Is that bad?"


Anyone Else Here Miss Gen. I?
Oct 6, 2018
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((I lost a bit of this installment. This is what I can scrounge up from my memory.))
Chapter 11

The team arrives at the Seafoam Islands, where they instantly find a Lapras.

"A Lapras? I thought they were all extinct," Red says.

"They were," Mike confirms. "Catching this one might make you famous."

"You're right!" Red says as he grabs a Poke Ball from the bag.

"Wait a minute... doesn't Lapras learn Perish Song?" Red asks.

"He does, " Alex says. "and this one is using it!"

Lapras used Perish Song!

All affected Pokemon will faint soon!

"Oh, no," Michael says.

Red and the team all suddenly black out.

Chapter 12

Later that night, Red wakes up in a Pokemon Center. He sees that all his Pokemon are sleeping comfortably in beds.

(I've had a long day,) Red thinks to himself. (I don't remember the last time I got any sleep.)

(Well, I had better... get... back to...) Red thinks as he falls to sleep.

In the morning, the whole team wakes up at the exact same time. That is, except for Alex, who is still fast asleep.

"Alex! Wake up! It's time to go!" Dylan says.

"Aww, come on, just 5 more minutes?" Alex says, sleepily.

A white beam shines through Alex's body.

"That tickles..." Alex notes.

"Alex, you're evolving!" Dylan exclaims.

Alex is changing shape... changing color, and...

Alex has evolved into Marshtomp!

"Yaaawn... evolving is hard work..." Alex says. "Wait a minute. I just evolved. I feel energized!"

Alex is jumping on the bed.

"We gotta go catch that Lapras," Red says.

"Oh yeah." Alex replies.

The team walks out of the Pokemon center.

Chapter 13

Red and the rest of the Pokemon manage to get to the Seafoam Islands, where they are greeted by a Totodile!

"Oh my goodness! It's him!" Mike says. "The Pokemon that accused me of being cursed!"

"Mike... I never thought you would come back to the Pokemon world..." Totodile says. "At least not after what happened to you. Anyways, I caught a Lapras."

"How? You're a Pokemon." Red adds.

"It was easy. I snuck into a Pokemon Mart when they were closing and everyone was tired and groggy. I swiped a Poke Ball and ran. That's it." Totodile explains.

"You... shoplifted the Pokemon Mart?" Michael adds.

"Now that you put it that way..." Totodile considers. "I guess what I did wasn't too smart."

"You bet it wasn't! Stealing a Poke Ball! You've sunk lower than Team Rocket!" Alex yells.

"I could get busted, and then become a..." Totodile says softly to himself. "Right! That was a horrible thing to do! Can you hold this, Red?"

"Sure," Red replies.

"LOOK, EVERYONE!! RED STOLE A POKE BALL!!!" Totodile screams.

People are opening a new Pokemon Mart on the Seafoam Islands, so an attendant sees him.

"May I see your Poke Ball, son?" the store owner asks Red.

"Sure," Red says.

The owner looks at the Poke Ball and scans it with a strange device.

"Yep, it's not paid for," he says.

The entirety of Red's team glares at Totodile in disgust.

Officer Jenny was at Cinnabar Island, and she heard Totodile scream, so she came quickly.

"Is there a problem?" Officer Jenny asks.

"This young man was possessing an unpaid Poke Ball," the attendant says.

"Red? How could you do something like this--I mean, you're coming with me!" Officer Jenny says as she puts Red in handcuffs. "Your Pokemon too." Jenny puts all Red's Pokemon in muzzles and on leashes.

"Cubone, cubone!" Mike says. He tried to say "But that's not how it happened!" but the muzzles prevented him from doing so.

"Bulba, bulbasaur!" Michael says. (Totodile did it!)

"Mudkip, mud!" Dylan says angrily. (We're innocent!)

"Marshtomp..." Alex says. (What a horrible way to start a new evolution...)

"Quiet, you!" Jenny says. "Or I'll put you in cages alone!"

"CUBONE!" Mike exclaims. (Nooo!)

"I'm going to put you in cages! When we get to Cinnabar Island, of course." Jenny says.

All of the team sighs.

"See ya, suckers! Have fun with whatever comes next!" Totodile teases as he waves.


Anyone Else Here Miss Gen. I?
Oct 6, 2018
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Chapter 14

"November Fourth, 2018. Red versus Game Freak. Red is accused of shoplifting a Pokemon Center. What is the plea?" The judge says.

"Not guilty," Red's lawyer replies.

"What is the evidence?" the judge says.

"Right here!" Blue says as he holds up the pilfered Poke Ball.

"Blue... you're a lawyer?" Red asks.

"That's right, loser. I couldn't win at Pokemon, so I decided to make my living on this." Blue replies. "I'm here to prove you guilty so I can get big bucks, and send you to Pokemon Prison! Then, with you out of the way, I can become Pokemon Master again!"

"This Pokeball was stolen by Red himself! The shop owner scanned it and it was unpaid," Blue says.

"Well, shoplifting is a serious crime here in Kanto..." the judge considers.

"OBJECTION! Red didn't steal it," Red's lawyer yells.

"Where is the evidence that Red did not steal it?" The judge asks.

"Search the ball for DNA," Red's lawyer says. "It will have DNA of a Totodile."

After the search, it is revealed: Totodile did touch that ball, but Red did too.

"Totodile touched the ball," Red's lawyer point out. "so how could Red have stolen it? Clearly it was a Totodile."

Totodile is looking in through a window. He breaks out a sweat.

"Objection! The ball also has Red's fingerprints on it." Blue says.

"What do we do now?" Red whispers into his lawyer's ear.

"I don't know. It's not looking good for us, and that was my only piece of evidence." Red's lawyer replies.

Both Blue and Totodile smirk evilly.