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Cabinet The Arcade Cabinet #6: If you had the opportunity to ask the devs of any game one question, what would it be?


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Dec 30, 2008
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Hello everyone, and welcome to our sixth Arcade Cabinet! Aren't these things supposed to be monthly oops

This edition, we're asking what question you'd like to ask any game dev of your choosing. Will you ask Rockstar about their plans for GTA 6? Or maybe PlatinumGames about Bayonetta 3's development? Of course it doesn't have to be about whether certain games are in development - a question for Kojima about Death Stranding lore for example. Any game dev, one question. Please keep things civil.

Link to Previous Arcade Cabinets:
To Shigesato Itoi: Can you tell me all the things you cut from Mother 3 in detail?
To Nogami:
Can you let Octarians in general live with the Inklings peacefully? It's great that you let Octolings do that, but why not the rest?
To Game Freak:
Are you ever planning to include choices and multiple endings in a game of Pokémon? (This would be the game that I'm still waiting for from Game Freak.)
I'd ask Motorsport Games what happened to NASCAR '21 Ignition for the Switch!!!
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