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The Art Style thread

Aug 7, 2023
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I've been thinking about making a thread dedicated to art styles for a little while, but I couldn't decide on the purpose. I eventually thought to make this a conversation thread, where we can talk about our art styles, ask for advice and feedback, experiment...
I hope you like the idea! ^^

I'll start by saying that recently I've realised how inconsistent I am with my proportions... I don't think that my art style is inconsistent by itself but sometimes I tend to draw with semi-realistic proportions and the next day I'm drawing chibi-like critters. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, I call it a quirk of mine haha.
My brother has told me that my non-realism artstyle in general (and a couple of my designs in particular) look like a combination of Mega Man and Pokémon. Which is quite the compliment, since I really like the artstyles of both those series!

In terms of deliberate choices, I'm actually not really a fan of most female character designs in anime-adjacent and comic book-like art, in large part due to the tendency to make them..."extra-extra feminine in body type," to use PG-rated terms. So I try to find other ways to design and draw female characters. Mega Man Zero was an inspiration there...the male and female characters tend to have similar "builds", so femininity is shown through other means.
I think my art style is a sort of simplified anime style (I started by copying off of Pokémon official arts from the anime, then it turned into my own anime style, then I sort of simplified it and made it more doodley or sketchy, so I could make good looking art without putting so much effort) I also just like how it looks and the overall body And height seem realistic enough for me? (Except maybe the head) tell me what you think!

edit: honestly, I agree with what viridian beedrill said about female body types, and I generally don’t feel comfortable giving characters these “extra“ feminine traits, even if they are present in their canon design (and I mostly draw the Pokémon kids anyways, so that makes it even more uncomfortabl)
I'd kinda describe mine as opacity render abuse. Opacity brush on everything to make it look like I put more effort into it than I actually do. Otherwise it looks pretty damn unremarkable without it if I don't put enough detail to make up for the lack of shading if I decide not to.
My art style is very often decribed to be very reminiscient of 80s-90s anime (but with more body/face diversity) and it's kinda funny because I don't actually find the time to watch that much older anime, I just scroll thru Tumblrs that post gifs of them if I'm bored. But definitely not complaining, older anime had expressive characters plus these much more pleasant warm color palettes. So my brain just decided to "save" that look inside my subconscious bc that's what it decided looks best. Whenever I draw Kantrio it's like a look into an alternate universe where they starred in an old anime so that's definitely one thing I like about my stuff.

If I just wanna draw funny little chibis or creatures, a blog called quirky-vg posts a lot of art from much more obscure games that have the kind of goofy vibe I'm inspired by.
Here’s some examples of my art, can someone help me figure out what you’d call my art style?

my art style is super cartoony, and it's kind of an evolution from the things i did when i first started digital art (super round heads, trapezoid bodies and rectangle fingers never left me). i'd say a lot of it is inspired by stuff like bee and puppycat and adventure time. i kinda got the way i draw hair from omori, the noise filter from ENA, and a bunch of it is just picked out from artists i like
I sat on replying to this thread for a while... I think categorizing art styles is always interesting, because I believe our art styles are kinda amalgamations of our studies and interpretations, so its always cool to see!

As for my own... "generic anime" feels like an apt descriptor but not at the same time, but calling it 'stylized' is far too general too. LOL. :chansey: Aesthetically and compositionally, I am often heavily inspired by CLAMP and early gothic shoujo works such as Pandora Hearts and Rozen Maiden. As for the 'style' itself...When I first started drawing many years ago now, I heavily took from Ken Sugimori's style since Pokemon is what got me into drawing, as you can tell, no reminiscence of that exists in my current works. I wanna say I take influence from Kunihiko Ikuhara's aesthetics as well, but I wouldn't dare say I deserve such honor (I can dream, though).

I don't wanna believe my art is 'moeblob' but I think in some cases it can definitely classify as such... LOL... Will ponder more and get back to you on this later.
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