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The BCL auction discussion thread

All hail me!
Since we commoners are not allowed to post in the auction thread, this is the thread where we can discuss the auction, whether it is rigged or not, etc.

Woah, S.G goes all out to buy Lizardman. A straight jump from ~1000 credits to 8,500!:eek:

Edit: You can also use this as a "lounge" or the BCL chat thread.

Edit2: And i also get the feeling that this shouldn't be on the fight forum but I am not sure, so can a mod move it please. Thank you.
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All hail me!
Well, I have to say that 8500 for lizard man was very clever. S.G already has 2 members, so he can easily splurge on the last 2 spots. Since no other team has any player still, they won't shell out 8600(and maybe even more) with 2 spots to fill. I think it is very likely to go unchallenged.
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Nick (SG) Splurged on Lizzy because he already has one gem. Its a shame everyone let me get away for under 500. Guess know one remembers me putting The Crew on my back last year

People are bidding higher for me than heathcliff..maybe because i signed for wifi?
And Heathie is going lower now because his main draw (VGC 12) is no longer a tier we fight with
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Hey I'm NOT letting GCT have Lizardman. I know how experianced this forum is with Gen IV OU, LM is amasing at that tier.
Plus I'm crazy. *Laughs Maniacally*

In retrospect, maybe betting 8,000 instead of 8,500 would have been a better choice.

BTW Dylan(terra) It looks like HH is going to cost alot after all
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This auctioning is interesting to watch.. I keep rising and dropping in price.. gonna be interesting to see where i end up.
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The auctions are indeed interesting B]
So far GengarEatBanana & Synthesis have been outbidding each other left and right.
It's a possibility that Johto Trainer will end up on the Drake's Dragons.... That is if Trainer-c doesn't bid for her (he hasn't made a bid since yesterday :S).

I find it a bit odd Synthesis didn't bid higher, I guess he didn't want to spend 6500 or more just for that player.

So far 2 teams are almost done, mine and S.G.'s.
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In all honesty, Team Unown doesn't need a BW OU Sim player. All 3 of us are highly proficient in it