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The BCL auction discussion thread

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In all honesty, Team Unown doesn't need a BW OU Sim player. All 3 of us are highly proficient in it
Yes but I'm pretty sure there are 4 tiers that will be played... But I wont speak to much into this since I'm not apart of your team.

Finally bought, part of Team Mischeivious Heart, should be a fun time :D
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@Terrandom Yeah I remember that, but I don't know who's teams it was XD

But tbh it ain't a big deal if a team doesn't have 4 players, 1 person could easily do 2 tiers :F

Anyways it looks like the auction might be coming to a close soon :cool:
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Honestly i'm surprised I wsn't one of the last ones picked since i'm new and don't really know what is going on.
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Thanks @GameCode Trainer.

I guess I just didn't realise. There's also the fact the player and team spreadsheet wasn't updated so maybe someone can get onto that. As the others have finished bidding I assume I just get the last remaining player?
What the deuce?
I need all captains to send me their teams now. I cannot begin the tournament if the players (captains) aren't interested. So players, urge your captains to send me the squads, now.