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The best performance round (excluding XY)

Psycho Tsutarja fans
Mar 27, 2011
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First I would like to say this is not a thread for complaining if you doesn't like performance rounds.

After watching Serena's performance, I think this performance was good, but nowhere near the best from previous series.

So my question is: Which do you think is the best performance round from AG and DP? Excluding XY is because it has not ended yet and there is actually less than five performance that we saw fully right now.

For me, the best is by Ursula in Last Call — First Round! The Japanese theme song of DP is about unleashing hidden powers. I never thought Ursula will be the one actually using that as a theme. Both Eevees using Hidden Power and have a Water Stone and Fire Stone thrown at them is the best ever one can come up with. It fully emphasizes the concept of unleashing hidden power hidden within in a Pokemon. The graphics is quite lack luster in DP but if they used the Light of Evolution in BW and XY and the Hidden Power in BW (haven't sen in XY), that performance will be one hell of a feast for the eyes.