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The Blank Canvas (A User Debut RP) - Sign Up

RP Sign-Up
  • Hubworld's Mascot Fusionmon
    Aug 1, 2020
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    Welcome one and all to the beginning of a new Fusionmon's legacy! A pink puffball approaches you from a patch of tall grass, with a just-as-cotton-candy-pink Smeargle's beret and paintbrush tail 8½ feet long. Her huge, glimmering aquamarine eyes gaze up at you as she settles on the grasses awaiting your expected response to her foreignly exotic appearance.
    This is a RP made to introduce me to some of the users on Bulbagarden, so I ask that you go easy on me. I'm not familiar at all with the ins and outs of the Bulbagarden servers, and this is meant to help me test the waters and see if I like this place.

    To sign up and help make first impressions for this site, here's a list of the info needed:
    1. Your RP Name
    2. The details of your character's appearance
    3. Miscellaneous details you wish to add
    I'll only accept 8 members, since I'm only one Fusionmon doing all this on my own!
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