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The Box Legendaries Discussion/Speculation

Guiding for the khu theories,(He said that legendaries are rideable) and the Scarlet shield had a Wheel form maybe a ancient Chariot creature for Scarlet Dragon/Fighting and a modern creature like a car/Robot for violet ( because the typography are more modern) Electric/Steel.
If that is the case, then its easy to guess what they are:

The Scarlet Legendary is a Autobot, and the Violet Legendary is a Decepticon!

And the third hidden Legendary is obviously....Unicron!

After looking at Koridon and Miraidon a bit more, I think I'm changing my guesses on their types. I think Koridon is pure dragon. I'm just not seeing any other type for it, though I suppose it is possible. Miraidon on the other hand, I'm actually taking away my dragon guess. Being that he's so robot-like, I'm thinking maybe he could be steel, electric, or psychic type. Possibly a combination of two. I do wonder if we'll find out their types before the release or if they'll hold off like with Zamazenta and Zacian.
Koraidon continues to steal my heart as such an adorable little cutie pie. :bulbaLove: The transportation modes they showed off today were so cool and I like how Koraidon runs around so cutely in the sprinting build. The gliding build also looks awesome with the tendrills becoming wings.

I realized they still didn't mention their types. They might hold off until release. But it is interesting to see that the main character will be meeting the legendaries at the beginning of their journey rather than them being some secret mysterious force we don't really interact with until later.
After the trailer, that showed that the legendaries will initially be motorcycles, instead of Pokemons, I have completely lost interest in Korreidon. Its version that's a motorcycle, but not, with a double chin and a giant scrotum shaped like tires, just to appear as such, made me nauseous. Miriadon, at least, seems to make some sense. However, now, they seem to me to be two of the worst legendaries in the franchise.
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