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The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

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Desperately trying to gain more posts.

Lol, actually caring about post-count...

At any rate, working on filling my wall with pokémon drawings. Done quite a bit now. Also, everyone is complaining about it's too cold. I hardly think so, I do fine with less clothing than they...

Hey, post count is the most important thing in the universe.
@TheMysteryno. 666th post. These letters are red with the blood of the innocent.

@Neodark So, I would imagine, are a lot of your mentions and quotes.

And three year head starts definitely count for something.
It might count for something, but I still don't see how it's relevant.
I packed a lunch today for work, but then I went to Subway anyway. I guess I should eat my lunch now x_x
I hate how the Arcade has either really tough games that I suck at or games that have a limit
Death the Kid approves of this symmetry.

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