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The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

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Yeah, sounds like what he would do, considering my blog posts were only at 64. Oops.
He wouldn't be able to live knowing that the rest wasn't symmetrical and would hack the account to make it symmetrical by changing the avatar and posting some blogs.
Kid will take any measures to make something symmetrical. It's his fatal flaw.
Yes, but what I'm saying is he could just hack the whole server so we could only use symmetrical avatars, etc etc.
I like how we all just accept he can hack one profile but not the entire server.

When we're speaking about fictional 2D characters doing actions in the real world you gotta have boundaries
Congratulations for getting a sexy girlfriend that that's pure awesome.

On topic of gfs/bfs, I decided to make muffins for my bf. He loved em xD
I made him cappucino and walnuts muffin with chocolate icing (frosting). Tasted awesome lol. Mainly made it for him since he bought me Heaven (Rebecca Ferguson's album) and it's soooo adorable, full of like lovey dovey songs. So like my way of saying thanks, might also buy him something tomorrow when I go out shopping with the girls tomorrow - but I do that anyway with a lot of my bfs xD
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