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The Captured King Villain Event returns to Pokémon Masters EX until November 2nd, alongside Triple Feature Poké Fair Scout

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Villain Event: The Captured King
After first launching on Halloween in 2022, The Captured King Villain Event which originally ran as part of the Unova Chapter of the Villain Arc, is making a return to Pokémon Masters EX until November 2nd, at 9:59pm (PST). This is the first time the event has been re-run. Three fair-exclusive Sygna Suit wearing sync pairs featured in this Villain Event will also be making their return in a special Triple Feature Poké Fair Scout until November 11th.

Villain Event: The Captured King
Focused on Team Plasma, The Captured King has players face off against Team Plasma's grunts as they work to further their leader Ghetsis's plans. Players will receive Event Voucher O for completing battles in this event, which can be redeemed in the Exchange Items menu for a variety of items including 5★-Guaranteed Scout Tickets, 5★-Guaranteed Unova Scout Tickets, and Custom Ghetsis & Kyurem Legendary Spirit that can be used to boost Ghetsis & Kyurem to 6★ EX. Players will be able to obtain all of these rewards even if they have previously completed the Villain Event during its original run in 2022.

Ghetsis's 6★ EX outfit
Once raised to 6★ EX, Ghetsis's cloak is changed to be predominately a dark blue, with the highlights being made a light blue on light grey.

Unlike regular Story Events, this Villain Event does not include any lineup bonuses to increase battle rewards. There are however special bonuses for Unova Sync Pairs, who will have increased Attack, Defense, Special Attack and Special Defence when used in missions for this event, giving them an easier time in completing stages.

Players should also note the following when playing this event:
  • To participate, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player.
  • The sync pairs that appear as opponents in battle have different capabilities than those players can actually obtain.
  • The number of plays available for Daily Extreme Battle 1 are reset every day at 11:00pm (PDT) until November 1st, and then 10:00pm (PST) from then until the end of the event
  • All mission completion rewards must be claimed within three days of the mission period ending.
  • When the exchange period for the vouchers obtained in this event ends, leftover Event Voucher O items will be converted into coins (10 coins per voucher) and sent to each player's Present Box.
Sygna Suit N & Black Kyurem, Sygna Suit Hilda & Victini, and Sygna Suit Hilbert & Genesect
Triple Feature Poké Fair Scout

Sygna Suit N & Black Kyurem, Sygna Suit Hilda & Victini, and Sygna Suit Hilbert & Genesect feature in this special Triple Feature Poké Fair Scout. These three sync pairs originally debuted in their own individual Poké Fair Scouts alongside the original runs of The Captured King and Team Plasma's Icy Malice.

As with a typical Poké Fair Scout, 5★ Sync Pairs will have a 10% chance of appearing, with the three featured trainers having a higher chance of being scouted. The scout also includes a daily discount, where players can perform a single scout for x100 paid gems. Each daily discount can be used 1 time per day during the entire length of the scout.

This scout will be available until November 11th at 9:59pm (PST).


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