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EVERYONE: The Champion's Aftermath


Ashley and Pikachuette
Mar 7, 2021
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Summary: When Ash won the title of champion from Lance, he didn't expect to be put to work right after. Especially in the most unexpected manner possible, done by Looker, a member of the international police. High jinks ensue in the aftermath of Ash's new status as champion as he's sent on a mission to bring down a new criminal organization. This should be a fun journey... AU(Alternate Universe)
Chapter 1: Chase
-Chapter 1-
"Hm..." Ash squinted at the map, before looking over the rocky terrain ahead of them. "I think...we might be lost."

"Pika-chu," came the sarcastic reply. "Pika-chu chu pi-ka."

Ash huffed. "'We should've gone the other way'...says who?"


"Yeah, I know you were the one who said it. It was a figure of speech-" Ash waved off his pokemon in annoyance. "Whatever. I'm not doing this again. So, how are we supposed to get to Avalos Town, now?"

"Chu pika."

"Team Rock-" Ash did a double take, then turned around to glare at the smirking pokemon who had leaped off his shoulder to the ground. "We are not asking Team Rocket for help! Where'd you get that idea from?"

"Ka-chu pi."

"Last week," Ash echoed dryly, unimpressed with his starter.

"Chu." Pikachu nodded, smirk not leaving his face for a moment. "Pika-pika chu, chu pi-ka pi."

Ash squinted his eyes, giving the mouse a scrutinizing look before relenting. He rubbed his forehead, feeling a slight headache come on. He couldn't believe that he was stuck doing this, and Pikachu wasn't making this job any easier. 'Dammit, Looker,' Ash sighed internally. 'You set this up on purpose, didn't you?'

"Well, in any case," Ash addressed his pokemon, "we're not going to Team Rocket. The last time we asked them for help," here, he glared at Pikachu, "they blew up a building. And I had to pay for the damages. Also, I'm not exactly keen on the idea of you getting kidnapped again."

"Chu pi." Pikachu shrugged before striding off.

"I care," Ash huffed. "Anyway-where are you going?"

Pikachu stopped, before pointing straight ahead with his paw, gesturing to a dirt path a little while away from where Ash was standing. Ash looked over the map, flipped it around a couple times before comparing it to the path Pikachu had spotted. "Well, Pikachu," Ash started slowly. "I guess we aren't lost after all."

He rolled up the map in his hands, a satisfied smile on his face, as he followed his partner pokemon towards the path. Adjusting the backpack on his shoulder, a thought struck him. "Wait, if you knew where the path was, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Chu pi-ka chu," Pikachu gave an innocent smile towards his trainer before sprinting ahead. "Pi chu~!"

Ash rolled his eyes before bounding after his starter. "Oh, very funny. You're not the first to say they like to see me suffer, you know."

"Chu pi," came the blunt reply.

"No, I will not shut up, thank you very much."

The two fell into a series of giggles as they bounded towards the path.


"Well, Avalos Town isn't as lively as Looker told me it would be...especially since it's broad daylight..." Ash muttered, chewing the potato-flavored chip in his mouth for a moment before swallowing it. He reached into the bag of chips held in his right arm and handed one to Pikachu, who ate it with feigned excitement.

Ash rolled his eyes at his partner, who had originally been happy about the chips until Ash revealed that he didn't bring ketchup; leading to a false sense of enthusiasm given to him by Pikachu.

It didn't help that he argued with Pikachu over it earlier, leading to quite a few odd looks being sent his way when he entered town.

"Pika-pi," Pikachu tensed on Ash's shoulder, staring off into the distance. Puzzled, Ash stopped as he followed Pikachu's gaze; only to tense himself.

A tall man, with a squared face and tall build, who looked to be in his early thirties was casually walking through town, wearing a long, dark, trench-coat, seemingly hiding his outfit underneath. However, the coat had opened just the slightest in the wind, allowing Pikachu and Ash to gain a full view of the man's outfit underneath; or more specifically, the insignia the man wore.

A teacup, filled with coffee, surrounded by a purple cloud. By itself, it seemed harmless, however, the insignia meant something far greater than a simple logo to Ash.

Ash gritted his teeth as he continued walking, vaguely recalling what Looker had told him to do in situations like this. 'Keep walking, don't make contact, and try to keep your distance; make sure to never let the target know you're on to them.' Ash took a deep breath and followed those instructions to the letter, urging Pikachu to do the same as well.

"Pika-pi-" Pikachu started to protest, though he stopped when Ash put a hand up in warning.

"Keep a close eye on him, Pikachu," Ash started, briefly sparing a glance back at the man, "just make sure he doesn't figure out you're staring. I can't look either, but when we get to a certain distance, maybe..." Ash trailed off. Should he let Pikachu follow the man? He had no clue what the man was capable of or if he would be able to help Pikachu in the case that things went down south.

"Pika-pi," Pikachu softly muttered into Ash's ear, "ka chu-pi."

"I'll be fine."

Ash licked his lips for a moment, not saying anything, before he sighed and casually popped another chip into his mouth. "Fine. I trust you. Just...make sure to be careful, okay, buddy?"

Pikachu nodded. "Pika."

Ash made sure they were a good distance away from the man, in a small alleyway, before he let Pikachu jump off his arm. He scanned his surroundings, noting that the alleyway he had squeezed into happened to be in a place where the crowd of people was a little more prominent, though he was still able to easily keep track of the man's movements.

"Alright, Pikachu," Ash said. "The crowd'll get thicker the further that guy goes into town, so I might lose sight of you." Pikachu nodded, already having expected this. "So, make sure you be careful in case he starts to get any ideas."

"Chu pi?"

"Like what? Um, well, if he decides to go in an alley or some place that looks like there isn't anyone around, then either come back here or just be really careful." Ash explained, before sending a stern look towards Pikachu. "Just, please, Pikachu, don't do anything reckless or stupid."

Pikachu huffed, waving off Ash's concern before sprinting down the alley at a fast pace, so he could go the long way around to follow the man. Ash shook his head and sighed. "Seriously, Pikachu," he muttered, "I'll kill you if you come back with anything more than a scratch..."

Exactly as Ash had suspected, the crowd had gotten thicker the deeper and further the man went into Avalos. Thankfully, nobody had yet noticed Pikachu, who had nimbly navigated his way through the crowd without bumping into a single person.

Pikachu scrutinized every movement the man made and made sure to put the man's scent to memory, which would make it easier to track him even if he did somehow manage to lose him.

"Hey, kid! Aren't you that champion from Kanto...?" Pikachu winced slightly at the sudden energy of the crowd, surrounding his trainer on all sides.

"Um, uh..." Ash blabbered frantically, trying to look over the crowd, no doubt to keep track of Pikachu. Pikachu rolled his eyes at that; Ash knew that he could handle himself fine. "I think you have me mistaken for the wrong person..."

"No way, I can't be wrong!" A boy spoke up, "I saw you on the news fighting Lance!"

"Um...I just look like that guy who fought Lance...?" Ash said weakly.

'Well, there goes our plan.' Pikachu thought as he snapped back into focus, noting that the man he was tailing had stopped as well, staring at the commotion going on around Ash. 'Hopefully he doesn't piece together that Ash is here to-'

The man suddenly tensed, slowly backing away before turning swiftly around and breaking into a sprint.

'Oh, come on!' Pikachu cursed as he bounded after the man, who was already far ahead of him. It wasn't much of a problem to catch up with him, especially with the mouse's speed, but it was rather annoying he had to run in the first place. Pikachu blamed the man that recognized Ash for the sudden exercise.

Pikachu continued in hot pursuit, the man leading the mouse further away from the crowded area, bumping into a few people on the way, leading to cries of annoyance and a people to notice Pikachu as well.

With a huff of irritation, Pikachu stopped paying attention to who he was bumping into. 'Well, so much for undercover...I told Ash he should've worn a disguise. This is why I wanted Team Rocket's help, seriously...'

The man continued running straight until he took a sharp right into a narrow alley, causing Pikachu to narrow his eyes and run faster. "Don't think you can outrun me that easily," he muttered aloud, "I'm the champion's starter pokemon, after all..."

A few more twists and turns later, and Pikachu was beginning to feel uneasy. The subtle sounds of the crowd was all but completely gone now, and the only sounds he could hear was the running footsteps and panting from the man ahead. 'He's leading me away on purpose,' Pikachu realized. 'Ash told me to turn back if he did that and I couldn't handle-' Pikachu shook his head, a smirk plastered on his face. 'Nah, Ash worries too much, I'll be fine.'

With that thought, Pikachu took another sharp turn after the man, only to find him standing there, waiting. "What-" Pikachu gave a sharp cry as something slammed into his side, sending him flying into a few crates near the wall.

He groaned and cracked his eyes open. Through his blurry vision he saw the man approach him, with a purple pokemon at his side. Pikachu blinked a few times, clearing the blurriness away and scowling at the weavile and the man. 'A weavile. It's always a freaking weavile...'

The man knelt down, a confident smirk on his face. "Hello, there, little one," Pikachu scowl deepened at that, not liking the tone the man had taken on. "You seem to have been following me for quite a while now...care to explain why?"

Pikachu sent a weary glance at the man, though he made no move to get up. He could tell the weavile would attack him if he moved even the slightest; though that wouldn't be much of a problem. After all, he was here to gather information, as unexpected as the man's presence in Avalos had been. "Pika chu pi-ka chu?" "And exactly how would I explain it to you?"

The man smirked and tapped his ear, "I have my ways, little one."

Pikachu blinked and feigned complete shock at this. While it was true he was surprised the man could understand him, it was more unexpected than world-breaking-he had met humans who could understand pokemon before, after all.

"So," the man spoke impatiently. "Why were you following me?"

"You were suspicious," Pikachu replied, letting the lie fall off his tongue, putting on an act by glaring harshly at the man. The man in question and his weavile exchanged raised eyebrows as Pikachu continued. "See, I've lived in Avalos for my whole life, and it's my goal to protect the town from threats." He spoke boldly, without any doubt in his words. He had to fight a smirk on his face at the expression on the man and weavile's faces: they were buying it.

Pikachu pointed a paw accusingly at the man, causing the weavile to tense slightly before loosening up after seeing Pikachu meant no harm, and continued. "Nobody wears a trench-coat in the middle of the summer, and I've never seen you around here, either. Of course I followed you to see if you were trying to bring harm to Avalos." He narrowed his eyes, "though, considering how you attacked me, my suspicious are raised-"

He was cut off by the man's laughter, "well, little one, maybe you should be careful not to scare anyone in your quest to protect the town, because your following me made me suspicious of you."

Pikachu feigned a sudden guilty look, "Ah, so you truly meant no harm?"

The weavile let out a satisfied smile, seemingly convinced by Pikachu's story as the man chuckled. "No, little one. Weavile and I are just passing through, we've never been to Avalos before. Though, I suppose the coat does look rather suspicious." He shook his head, "my wife actually complains about it on occasion. 'You wear that ugly thing far too much,' she says. 'Wear a different outfit,' she complains, 'you'll get arrested one day for looking like you work for the mafia," He huffed in irritation as Weavile smirked.

Pikachu showed no reaction at the mafia comment. "Well, I guess I was in the wrong here." He smiled apologetically, "sorry about that...if there's anything I can do for you...a tour around town, maybe?"

The man hesitated before shaking his head, "I think I should be fine. Though," he paused as he looked around, "I think a little help back to town would be appreciated."

Pikachu joined in the man's laughter, though his suspicions were heightened more than ever. 'This guy's definitely with them. Only...'

"Hey, how are you able to understand me, anyway?"
Pikachu asked innocently as Weavile helped him get up.

"Huh?" The man blinked before smiling politely, "ah, see, that's something I've been born with. Ever since I was young, I've been able to understand pokemon. Could never understand why, but my grandparents had told me it was a gift, one to be treasured." He chuckled, "it certainly was something that's gotten me out of many tough spots, that's for sure."

Pikachu nodded, "I see." He gestured for the man and weavile to follow with his tail, having memorized the path he had taken on their little chase. "I realize I didn't ask before, but what's your name?"

The man chuckled, "John, little one. John Stevens."

'How plain.' Pikachu thought blandly. 'But that's good to know...'

Pikachu led the man-John-and weavile back to the bustling center of Avalos Town-a stark contrast from how the entrance of town had looked when he and Ash had arrived, looking almost empty. He glanced around, trying to see if Ash was still surrounded by a crowd, but saw no evidence of the raven-haired trainer anywhere. He wasn't sure if that was good or bad.

He turned around to face John and held out a paw, "well, sorry about the whole mix-up. Hope you enjoy your stay here, however long you plan to stay."

John smiled and shook Pikachu's paw, his tight grip making Pikachu wince slightly, feeling as if he had touched something sharp. "No, I'm sorry. I wish you luck in protecting your town, little one."

"Thank you," Pikachu replied, suddenly feeling uneasy. "Um, goodbye!"

John and Weavile waved in reply before walking in the opposite direction, leaving Pikachu to recollect his thoughts. 'Well, that was interesting...' He hummed to himself, 'now, I should probably go find Ash and tell him what I found out. Hopefully he found an inn for us to stay already.'

"You WHAT?!" Ash glared at his starter pokemon.

"Pika-chu pi. Ka-pi chu." Pikachu replied, grinning. "Chu." He added.

"Oh, don't you take that tone with me." Ash warned before letting out a resigned sigh. He flopped backwards on the bed dramatically, spreading his arms out wide. After he had managed to get away from the very pushy crowd, he tried to do two things at once: figure out where Pikachu was, and if there was an inn they could stay at for the night.

Trusting Pikachu wouldn't do anything stupid, Ash had found an inn and paid for a one-night stay at a room and sent his Swellow, who was currently with him at the moment, out to look for Pikachu.

She had managed to find Pikachu unnoticed-despite her large size and height-and brought him back to the inn where Ash was waiting.

Of course, this was all on the assumption that Pikachu hadn't done anything stupid, and when Swellow brought him back covered in scratches and dust, Ash had immediately gone suspect.

Pikachu crossed his arms and sent an accusing look at Ash. "Ka-pi pi ka chu."

Ash could practically hear the words being said: "You would've done the same thing."

It was when Pikachu made points like this that made Ash wonder if this is how his mom felt anytime she would tell him that he has to eat something before dessert and he would cheekily take a bite of bread before replying that he did just eat something.

Ash sighed before moving the conversation along. "So, John Stevens, huh...and his weavile?"

"Chu." Pikachu confirmed with a flick of his tail. Swellow listened with interest, perched on a chair quietly as she had nothing to add to the conversation.

Ash hummed in consideration. "Maybe I can ask Looker later tonight if he can run that name through the system and see if that's an actual name or one that's just made up." He nodded, making the decision before getting off of the bed and stretching. "With that out of the way, how'd you guys like to do some training?"

Ash grinned cheekily at his two pokemon's cheers.


"The champion? Ash Ketchum? Are you sure?" A voice hissed through the other end of the phone.

John briefly glanced around the inn to make sure nobody was watching him before he casually replied, "Positive. A crowd swarmed him earlier, and judging by the kid's confusion, it didn't seem like he knew I was even in town. If he did, then he probably would've worn a disguise or something..."

"Hm." The voice hummed disapprovingly. "You say you were followed by a pikachu? Was it Ketchum's?"

John grinned in reply. "Yeah, the pikachu belongs to Ketchum. Gotta say, though, that mouse of his is damn good at lying for a pokemon."

"Talking with pokemon again?"

"Hey, it works. You wouldn't believe the kind of information I get from these conversations." John replied cheekily.

"I believe it," the voice replied honestly. "You're a decently good field worker, if not lacking in certain areas."

John took that as praise and continued speaking, "I believe you mentioned that Ketchum is a potential threat, so I'm going to follow him."

"Oh? You're just going to follow him around? Despite knowing the risks that runs?"

John grinned, "Relax. I've already got a plan. A plan that's already been put into motion, actually. I'm now able to know where Ketchum is at all times." He declared proudly, though he still spoke at a low volume. "Even if I'm all the way in Unova, we'll still be able to track his movements, no matter what region or place he goes to."

He hesitated before adding, "though, this plan is also kind of going off of a hypothesis, so it might run some problems...and it's not entirely exact..."

"So, you were exaggerating." The voice stated. "As long as we get results, Stevens, that's all we care about. Just make sure you don't draw too much attention to yourself. You can follow Ketchum, but, keep your distance."

John grinned. "You got it, Sir. F.T.S."

"F.T.S." The voice said in reply, before hanging up.

John smirked as he set the phone down.
'Well, this should be interesting...'
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I like the set up and premise so far, and the dynamic between Ash and Pikachu was really well written. There were some moments in the story where I was a little confused, only for the story to clear up those confusions just a few seconds later. I'll call that a good move. I can't wait to see where this story goes!
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