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The claim an item thread

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Mar 24, 2010
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This is the claim an item thread. I didn't find one with search so I this is the place to claim an item.


1) You must have at least 20 posts to claim.
2) You must claim an item that is not yet claimed.
3) You must use this format: Username - Item - Month, Date, Year
4)An item must be renewed after a year if it is wished to be kept.
5) If a user is inactive for a month, their claim is open for someone else to claim.
6) I'm open to new suggested rules.

Notes: Berries and Medicine will not be covered in this claim thread. Also due to the large amount of items two items may be claimed by one user.

The List

Super Repel-
Max Repel- Vanille 2/20/11
Cleanse Tag-

Evolutionary Stones:
Fire Stone- ♥Hikari_Fan♥ 2/17/11
Water Stone- Gatr Golf 2/19/11
Thunder Stone- ♥Hikari_Fan 2/17/11
Leaf Stone- Pokemoll 2/17/11
Moon Stone- FallenStar 2/17/11
Sun Stone- Pokestar 2/16/11
Shiny Stone- Ambipom666 2/21/11
Dusk Stone- FireMeowth 2/17/11
Dawn Stone- FireMeowth 2/17/11
Everstone- WingullStirke 2/18/11

Helix Fossil- Legendary Dragoon 2/23/11
Dome Fossil- Gabite 2/20/11
Old Amber- DracoMan 2/17/11
Root Fossil- isac 2/23/11
Claw Fossil- isac 2/23/11
Armor Fossil-
Skull Fossil- DracoMan 2/17/11
Lid Fossil-
Wing Fossil- GliscorMan 2/24/11

Black Flute-
Blue Flute-
Red Flute-
White Flute- Mintaka* 2/18/11
Yellow Flute-

Type-Enhancing Items:
Adamant Orb- Negaishipping 2/17/11
Black Belt-
Dragon Fang- Flygon 101 2/17/11
Griseous Orb- Link 2/16/11
Hard Stone-
Lustrous Orb- Negaishipping 2/17/11
Magnet- Joltik 2/20/11
Metal Coat- Snicker1 2/20/11
Miracle Seed- Pokestar 2/16/11
Mystic Water- HideInTheDark 2/19/11
NeverMeltIce- Midnight Eclipse 2/17/11
Poison Barb- Opossumguy 2/17/11
Sharp Beak-
Silk Scarf-
Soft Sand- Zephyr. 2/21/11
Spell Tag-
Twisted Spoon-
Draco Plate- Serperior 2/17/11
Dread Plate- Twilight Princess 2/17/11
Earth Plate-
Fist Plate-
Flame Plate- Dragon Master 2/21/11
Icicle Plate- ShadowRain 2/23/11
Insect Plate-
Iron Plate-
Meadow Plate- IslandWalker 2/18/11
Mind Plate-
Sky Plate- War 2/16/11
Splash Plate- Starlight Angel 2/22/11
Spooky Plate- AxelHino 2/18/11
Stone Plate-
Toxic Plate-
Zap Plate- ShinyRiolu 2/17/11
Fire Jewel-
Water Jewel- Tolanator 2/18/11
Electric Jewel-
Grass Jewel- Serperior 2/17/11
Ice Jewel-
Fighting Jewel-
Poison Jewel-
Ground Jewel- Silverwynde 2/17/11
Flying Jewel-
Psychic Jewel-
Bug Jewel-
Rock Jewel-
Ghost Jewel- Silverwynde 2/17/11
Dragon Jewel- Flygon 101 2/17/11
Dark Jewel- Dark Dragonic Knight
Steel Jewel-
Normal Jewel-

Full Incense-
Lax Incense-
Luck Incense- Vanille 2/20/11
Odd Incense-
Pure Incense-
Rock Incense-
Rose Incense-
Sea Incense-
Wave Incense-

Stat Enhancing Items:
Light Ball- Soulweaver 2/23/11
Lucky Punch-
Metal Powder-
Quick Powder-
Soul Dew- Despotar 2/17/11
Thick Club- Taio 2/17/11

In-Battle Effect Item:
Choice Band- Ranger Jack Walker 2/17/11
Choice Scarf- Snoozle 2/17/11
Choice Specs-
Damp Rock-
Heat Rock-
Icy Rock-
Smooth Rock-
Grip Claw-
Light Clay-
Pressure Band-
Mental Herb-
Power Herb-
White Herb-
Big Root-
Black Sludge- EpicYoshi 2/17/11
Leftovers- Snoozle 2/17/11
Shell Bell- Ranger Jack Walker 2/17/11
Berserk- Morgil 2/21/11
Bulb- HideInTheDark 2/19/11
Expert Belt- Despotar 2/17/11
Life Orb- pman 2/17/11
Metronome- Blair 2/17/11
Muscle Band-
Rechargeable Battery- Blair 2/17/11
Red Card-
Scope Lens- InfinityLuxray 2/23/11
Wide Lens-
Wise Glasses-
Zoom Lens-
Lagging Tails-
Quick Claw- A-a-axew! 2/17/11
Focus Band-
Focus Sash- A-a-axew! 2/17/11
Flame Orb-
Toxic Orb-
Sticky Bard-
Iron Ball-
Bull's Eye-
Aqua Cassette-
Blaze Cassette-
Freeze Cassette-
Lightning Cassette-
Amulet Coin- Blaah 2/17/11
Balloon- Sandile 2/17/11
Bright Powder-
Destiny Knot-
Escape Button-
A Miracle of Evolution- MidnightEclipse 2/17/11
Pumice Stone-
Rugged Helmet- EpicYoshi 2/17/11
Shed Shell-
Smoke Ball-

Blue Scarf-
Green Scarf- Pokemoll 2/21/11
Pink Scarf- Fairy Red 2/17/11
Red Scarf- Fairy Red 2/17/11
Yellow Scarf-

EV-enhancing item:
Macho Brace-
Power Weight-
Power Bracer-
Power Belt-
Power Lens-
Power Band-
Power Anklet- Dodger Jazz 2/17/11

Experience-affecting item:
Exp. Share- Blaah 2/17/11
Lucky Egg- winstein 2/17/11

Evolution-inducing held item:
Beauty Scale- Kamex 2/20/11
Dragon Scale- Dratini Powa! 2/17/11
Dubious Disc- Dumblemodio 2/17/11
Electirizer- SamPilgrim 2/17/11
King's Rock- pman 2/17/11
Magmarizer- Dark Tranquillity 2/19/11
Protector- Torterra Trainer 2/17/11
Reaper Cloth- AxelHino 2/18/11
Up-Grade- Porygon Kid 2/17/11
Oval Stone-
Razor Claw- Twilight Princess 2/17/11
Razor Fang- GliscorMan 2/24/11

Exchangeable item:
Heart Scale- winstein 2/17/11
Big Mushroom-
Shoal Shell-
Shoal Salt-
Star Piece- Lupin Fiasco 2/22/11

Valuable item:
Beautiful Wing-
Pearl- Lavender 2/23/11
Big Pearl- Alex800 2/17/11
Rare Bone-
Slowpoke Tail- Niall 2/17/11
Stardust- Alex800 2/17/11
Fragrant Mushroom-
Comet Shard-
Giant Nugget-
Round Pearl-
Ancient Bracelet-
Ancient Bronze Coin-
Ancient Silver Coin-
Ancient Gold Coin- Rebornrocks 2/17/11
Ancient Crown-
Ancient Statue-
Ancient Vase-

Poke Ball- Torterra Trainer 2/17/11
Great Ball- Dark Tranquillity 2/19/11
Ultra Ball- Opossumguy 2/17/11
Master Ball- Alienlifeufo 2/17/11
Safari Ball-
Level Ball-
Lure Ball-
Moon Ball- FallenStar 2/17/11
Friend Ball- Lupin Fiasco 2/22/11
Love Ball- Rainbowsaurus 2/19/11
Heavy Ball-
Fast Ball-
Sport Ball-
Premier Ball-
Repeat Ball-
Timer Ball- LichenLeaf 2/18/11
Nest Ball-
Net Ball-
Dive Ball-
Luxury Ball- Bay 2/17/11
Heal Ball-
Quick Ball-
Dusk Ball- Sandile 2/17/11
Cherish Ball- Thunder Lord Z 2/17/11
Park Ball-
Dream Ball- Rebornrocks 2/17/11

Battle Items:
X Attack-
X Defend-
X Special-
X Sp.Def-
X Speed-
X Accuracy-
Dire Hit-
Guard Spec.-

Soothe Bell- Singing Eevee 2/17/11

Key Items:
Bicycle- Link 2/18/11
Coin Case-
Good Rod-
Item Finder-
Old Rod-
Poke Flute- GoldenrodGirl 2/20/11
Silph Scope-
Super Rod-
Town Map- NintenNerd 2/21/11
Clear Bell-
GS Ball- Shiny Celebi 2/17/11
Rainbow Wing- Rainbowsaurus 2/19/11
Red Scale- NeedleStorm 2/18/11
Silver Wing- Singing Eevee 2/17/11
Acro Bike- Darkarceus11 2/17/11
Blue Orb- Soulweave 2/23/11
Mach Bike- Darkarceus11 2/17/11
Magma Emblem-
Red Orb- Ambipom666 2/21/11
Soot Sack-
Wailmer Pail- Coolcat100 2/21/11
Berry Pouch- Bay 2/17/11
Fame Checker-
Rainbow Pass-
Sapphire- ShadowRain 2/23/11
Secret Key-
Vs. Seeker- Mintaka* 2/18/11
Aurora Ticket-
Eon Ticket-
Old Sea Map- Joltik 2/20/11
Fashion Case-
Gracidea- GoldenrodGirl 2/20/11
Pal Pad-
Seal Case-
Vs. Recorder-
Azure Flute- Thunder Lord Z 2/17/11
Explorer Kit-
Lunar Wing- MizuTaipu 2/20/11
Poffin Case-
Secret Key-
Apricorn Box- Gabite 2/20/11
Berry Pots-
GB Sounds- Porygon Kid 2/17/11
Jade Orb- Fimbulwinter2012 2/23/11
Dowsing MCHN-
Enigma Stone-
Lock Capsule-
Tidal Bell- Kamex 2/20/11

I will start by claiming:

Pokestar - Sun Stone - 2/16/11
Pokestar - Miracle Seed - 2/16/11
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New Member
Oct 3, 2009
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Blaah - Amulet Coin - February 17th, 2011

Blaah - Exp. Share - February 17th, 2011
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Not a Power Ranger
Oct 24, 2008
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Ranger Jack Walker - 17th Feb 2011 - Choice Band

Ranger Jack Walker - 17th Feb 2011 - Shell Bell
CurseLax of Bulbagarden
Sep 21, 2010
Reaction score
Snoozle - Leftovers - 17 February 2011

Snoozle - Choice Scarf - 17 February 2011
total eclipse of the heart
May 13, 2009
Reaction score
Fairy Red - Pink Scarf - Thursday, February 17th, 2011, 2:45AM (Alaskan Time)
Fairy Red - Red Scarf - Thursday, February 17th, 2011, 2:46AM (Alaskan Time)

Scarves ftw dude. D8
Mari-yo Puyo
Jul 16, 2010
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winstein - Heart Scale - 17th February 2011
winstein - Lucky Egg - 17th February 2011

Thanks for reading.
Noivern noi!
Jun 18, 2010
Reaction score
A-a-axew! - Quick Claw - Febraury 17, 2011 (same time post... I was going for the Lucky Egg!)

A-a-axew! - Focus Sash - Febraury 17, 2011
NCIS Special Agent
Oct 19, 2008
Reaction score
DracoMan - Old Amber - Feb. 17, 2011

DracoMan - Skull Fossil - Feb. 17, 2011
Keep moving forward
Jan 16, 2011
Reaction score
Taio - Thick Club - February 17th, 2011
filthy shipping trash
Dec 27, 2005
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FireMeowth - Dusk Stone - February 17th, 2011
FireMeowth - Dawn Stone - February 17th, 2011

Yay. :3
Insane Particle Collider
May 7, 2010
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assuming this isn't part of an RPG I'm not aware of..

pman - life orb - 17/2/2011 (I refuse to format month date year, sorry)
pman - kings rock - 17/2/2011
Some say I'm part opossum
May 15, 2010
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Opossumguy-Poison Barb-February 17th, 2011.
Opossumguy-Ultra Ball-February 17th, 2011.

So many claim threads. Did you copy and paste my rules? Awesome!:D
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