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The Conversational Japanese Thread・日本語会話スレ

In-Thread Clarification: Use of Google Translate
  • pokemoll

    woman on the screen
    May 16, 2010
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    Hello all,

    I just wanted to clarify that this thread is intended for those who are actively interested in learning and practicing their Japanese. In order to help you practice your conversational skills, grammar structure, etc, it would be beneficial for posts here to make as limited use of Google Translate as possible.

    Whilst it's fine to use the translator for widening your vocabulary or double-checking a message, messages which have been fully filtered through Google Translate are not appropriate for this thread. This is to help you improve your fluency and understanding of the language by actively thinking for yourself, and to ensure that actual conversations are taking place here.

    Please note that it is more than fine to ask for help in this thread, and use of English in spoiler tags to do so is acceptable. We all have to start somewhere when learning a language - however, frequently relying on a translation service will hinder your progress in the long-run.

    I have also updated the OP to reflect these guidelines!

    I hope that all makes sense. Thank you all.
  • takoyaki

    ↑avatar by Blanc♡
    Sep 10, 2019
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    Just wanna throw this out and just give everyone a reminder to follow the normal Bulbaforum rules! Be nice to each other and stuff~. Nobody's done anything wrong, but reminders are OK, right!?

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