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The Desicion Game


Dec 12, 2022
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  1. He/Him
Hello! Imagine you are walking down a path when it suddenly splits. You can only choose one way and cannot double back. Each way has a fabulous reward that you can see, or a devious punishment. Which way do you choose?

Put simply that is the premise of this game. Some more rules are as follows:

1. Keep rewards with rewards and punishment with punishment.
2. It is recommended that you do two options, but you can go up to five if desired.
3. Try to keep the punishments light. No one is going to want to be killed in a multitude of gruesome ways
4. Other standard forum rules apply

Here is an example

Person #1: Any starter pokemon or any pseudo legendary?

Person #2: Any pseudo legendary!

Option 1: You cannot play any other games besides pokemon for the rest of your life
Option 2: You can only play every other pokemon generation

Person #3

Gotta go option two

Never be able to have repeat balls work, or never be able to have quick balls work?

Anyway I'll start...

Be able to spend a day with any rival...
OR be able to spend the day with any gym leader?
Be able to spend a day with any gym leader!

Pokémon Bank menu music or PokéTransporter menu music?
Pokémon bank music

Have Larry’s jobs or have a Deino and Goomy irl?
Dieno and Goomy

Og regi trio or galarian bird trio?
regi trio for the win!!

spend 6 years training alone with a single metapod, or get awful losses for the 6 years you're a gym leader?
ooh a tough one...

I'll take a chance with being a gym leader, I'd lose my mind with metapod :/

Where would you rather live in: Mount Silver or Mount Chimney?
Mount silver, I like my face not to be burned off thank you

Take control of Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, or Team Galactic?
Aqua, love me some water.

Umbreon or Espeon?
Espeon for a number of reasons (meanwhile my friend has Umbreon in Sun), one being I have one in Shield

Would you rather have Black Kyurem or White Kyurem?
white kyurem. reshiram sweep

be a high-ranking (like, e4-level) type specialist, or be ranked low (first three gyms, i mean) but be able to use whatever type of pokemon you want?
Be a high-ranking type specialist (I wanna be an Elite Four level Fire type specialist!)

Gym Badge collecting primarily or Contests primarily?
same but with fighting or fairy type ^^
definitely gym badge. i would love to be a trainer, and i don't think i would be good at contests irl at all.

be forced to use a team of low-stat/generally poor-performace mon with perfect evs and ivs, or a team of really great/high-stat mon with terrible evs and ivs?
Great stats terrible ivs/evs. I don't think about those much, especially in a playthrough. My Garchomp will more than compensate

Get a pokemon region based on India or Australia?
Ooh tough decision but an Indian region appeals to me more.

If you could only do one of these, which would you choose? Starfall Street, Victory Road or Path of Legends?
Victory Road. That’s the one I’m focused on right now.

Would you rather catch a Dudunsparce or Falinks?
Falinks, I just like them more and I love Gen 8

Would you rather live a casual life with your Pokémon (basically your normal life but Pokémon exist) or become a trainer and try to beat all the gyms
Casual life with pokemon, if having them as pets was still a thing

Have every future game be easy but with a great story or challenging with a terrible story?
first for sure, i don't play games for challenges personally. i prefer more story driven things

be best friends irl with one rival of your choosing or one protag of your choosing?
One protag of your choosing for several reasons

If you were a Trainer, would you wear a baseball cap with your outfit or a different headgear/hair accessory (a visor, bandana, Poké Ball barrette, etc)?
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