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Mafia The Division Mafia - Endgame: Ceasefire in Manhatten (Tie with Town, Mafia and ITP Usuper!)

Day 0: Join The Division! (Sign ups)
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Oct 5, 2013
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A smallpox epidemic, known as “Green Poison” sweeps through New York City. The Green Poison has placed heavy strain and resources to medical and humanitarian chaos to the point and Manhattan is placed under quarantine.

In the center of Manhattan is the “Dark Zone,” where there was by the government and the first Division agents attempt to control the Green Poison virus. However, the riots and supply shortages within the Dark Zone became too great to contain. Furthermore, the first Division agents were left to fend for themselves in the Dark Zone. While some of the agents were killed, some of the agents escaped the Dark Zone and went “Rogue,” disavowing The Division with perhaps some of the best gear and hacked Division Tech.

The second wave of Division agents has been activated. One of their missions? Eliminate all the Rogue Division Agents in order to save what is left of Manhattan and New York City.

Hey everyone!

This is my first game where I am the only host (aside from the typical MoD). This is where I actually take full responsibility as the only host. From writing the role PMs to flavor text and so on, I do it all. Hopefully, I don’t make too many mistakes and that I can hopefully write some decent flavor text. ^^;

The theme of this Mafia game is based on the third-person shooter (and a lot of covering) game, The theme will only feature Tom Clancy's The Division. No knowledge of the game is required to play this game. :)

The Division Agents (Town) wins by eliminating all the Rogue Division Agents (Mafia) and vice versa (or rather, the rogues outnumber the agents). There may be some ITP players with different win cons in this game.

Like my other mafia games, there’s are likely elements in this game that may be considered “bastard.” This game may potentially be one of my most bastards games I have hosted. However, I make a very good attempt to at least keep this game balanced.

Note: I will be using your username as part of the flavor text. After all, you all sign up to be Division Agents :p

1. All Bulbagarden and War Room rules apply.

2. Outside communication is allowed. Add the host and MoD to all OCs.

3. There is no name-claiming or quoting/screenshots from role PMs in-thread or OC. You may claim however you want on what happened in OCs.

4. If you change your username during the game, you must state the change in-thread and mention the hosts.

5. Please remain active. If this doesn’t occur, the hosts have a right to ask for a sub or modkill you.

6. Day phases will last 48 hours and night phases for 24 hours unless otherwise specified. There is no hammer in this game.

7. Dead players can post after death, but it cannot contain any game-related information. (Don’t go overboard either)

8. If a draw in votes happens, a No Lynch will occur.

9. The hosts will announce when special conditions such as MYLO or LYLO will be active.

10. No loophole abuse.

11. The hosts may change the rules. If this occurs, it will be clearly displayed by the hosts.

12. Vote with this structure VOTE: [PLAYER]. You can unvote with the same structure by using UNVOTE: [PLAYER].

13. To show that you’ve read the rules, include a multiplication, division or fraction problem in your post :p

14. Have fun!

  1. @AussieEevee Nightkilled on Night 2: Paul Rhodes (Miller Engineer)
  2. @Contrainer - Nightkilled on Night 1: Roy Benitez (Alignment Cop)
  3. @DarthWolf - Lynched on Day 1: Hunter (Strongman Serial Killer)
  4. @Jinjo
  5. @MegaPod - NightKilled on Night 3: Faye Lau (Commanding Mason)
  6. @Pika_pika42 - Lynched on Day 5: President Waller (President)
  7. @Max1996 @DarthWolf - Lynched on Day 3: Rick Valassi (Reporter)
  8. @Cyber Wolf @ZinnLav
  9. @Officer Snake - Lynched on Day 2: Sgt. Ramos (Bleeder)
  10. @CrazyCreeperKid @ExLight Nightkilled on Night 5: Hornet (Godfather 2x Strongman)
  11. @WaterBlueMan @Oricorio @Contrainer
  12. @Tood Nightkilled on Night 4: Aurelio Diaz (Vigilante)
  13. @Midorikawa
  14. @Doctor Floptopus Lynched on Day 4: Gambit (Mafia 1x Duelest and RoleCop)
Backup Agents

@Oricorio - Subbing in for WaterBlueMan
@ZinnLav - Subbing in for Cyber Wolf
@DarthWolf - Subbing in for Max1996
@ExLight - Subbing in for CrazyCreeperKid


@Crystal Onix
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has found the exotic boba drink cache.
Oct 5, 2013
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Welcome to The Division you three! :D
New Member
Jan 1, 2019
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Getting excited.. I’ve first played mafia games back on the sims forums.
Far too mouthy for my own good.
Nov 29, 2016
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Now, we just need a few more victims players.