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The End of TCG for Russia & Increasing EU Price

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Nov 2, 2016
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I have never played the TCG game in my life but this was still some massively unexpected and quite frankly shocking news to hear.

According to Nintendo Russia's Facebook page, the TCG game will be no more for Russian fans.
View: https://twitter.com/myxa465/status/1036667797416419330?s=21

After the release of the next set, that's it. It's over. Nothing else will be seen from the game including newer sets and tournaments.

In fact it's not just Russia that's been hit by this, Europe has as well but under different circumstances.
View: https://twitter.com/joshawott/status/1036569884711370752?s=21

Due to import tariffs resulting from a trade dispute with the Trump administration, the prices for the TCG will be increasing by 10% which means they are gonna get more and more pricier for European fans.
View: https://twitter.com/joshawott/status/1036569887660015617?s=21

Just think about it for a second? Paying £4 just for a single booster pack of cards?

That my friend is just f**king insane.
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Aug 4, 2011
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It's an absolutely cruddy situation. :/