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Non-Mafia: The Fantastic Forretress Face-off (Gun Show V1) - Phase 3 - 11/13/19

Bombing Bagworm
Nov 20, 2016
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Though one could hardly call any day spent in the Fun and Games section “ordinary,” many of the section’s regulars had to admit it was quite unusual to find its entire landscape transformed to resemble a wetland habitat one sunny morning. Various buildings still lined the dirt trails that were just yesterday paved roads, and the buildings were now surrounded by cluster upon cluster of towering trees. Tacked to the exteriors of many of the buildings were attention-grabbing flyers that had appeared as mysteriously as the new scenery. Centered on the front of each of these flyers was a graphic depicting a Forretress in an old gold color, and large text above this graphic read “BUG CATCHING COMPETITION! WIN BIG!” Naturally, many users in Fun and Games each took down a leaflet to find out more. “Come to the War Room Wetlands for a thrilling competition in a setting filled with nature! Catch a shiny Forretress for the event’s host, MegaPod,” the pamphlet explained in small text, “and be the sole trainer to bring it back to him to win! A special suitcase is reserved for the winner of the competition, and this suitcase happens to be filled with a huge amount of CASH! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity—and don’t let anyone take it from you, either!” Clearly, this offer would prove to be a tempting one, and the competition was bound to get intense...

The Fantastic Forretress Face-off (Gun Show V1)

Hello, Bulbagardeners! I’d like to introduce you to a forum game that I played once on another site, where it was known as “The Gun Show.” I, @MegaPod, will be your host and flavor text writer for this game. The rules are quite simple, but the decision-making will be not so much!


This is a game played in phases, and the objective is to be the last player alive. Each player has access to the exact same actions, and every phase they must choose one course of action to take. Those choices are:
  1. Shoot another player. This should, of course, kill that player and eliminate them from the game. Sounds simple enough, right? However, be careful, because this action will backfire on you if your target chooses action 2...
  2. Shoot oneself. This sounds like a counterintuitive action in a game where you want to survive to the end, doesn’t it? If you shoot yourself and nobody else targets you, yes, you will die, and you’re out of the game. HOWEVER, if anybody else shoots you during a phase in which you shoot yourself, you will live and your attacker(s) will die instead! This is the only way to block shots fired at you, but at the risk of killing yourself if you aren’t another player’s target.
  3. Do nothing. Lastly, you can choose to remain idle during a phase. That way you don’t risk shooting a player who shoots themselves or dying by shooting yourself, but this of course leaves you open to any shots taken at you.
When a phase ends, all deaths and their respective causes will be announced (meaning every player’s actions from that phase can be inferred), and the next phase will begin. The game ends when no more than one player remains alive.
Now that you know the gameplay basics, let’s look at the ruleset, shall we?

  1. All Bulbagarden Forums and War Room rules apply, of course.
  2. Outside communication is allowed; remember, you must include the host, M.O.D., and any spectators in EVERY game-related private message you send!
  3. There is no roleclaiming in this game. Because there are no roles to claim. Lol.
  4. All actions are to be sent in your private conversation with the host, M.O.D., any spectators, and NO other players. An action submission posted anywhere else will NOT be counted.
  5. You are allowed to retract action submissions in your conversation with the host if you want more time to decide; if you retract an action submission and fail to send a new one in before the phase ends, it will be counted as doing nothing.
  6. Posting in the thread each phase is allowed and encouraged, but not required. You must, however, actively participate by sending an action each phase (even if it’s doing nothing) in your private conversation with the host at the very least. Failure to participate may result in modkilling.
  7. Again, if you choose to do nothing, please say so in your private conversation with the host once you decide so, just like with any other action!
  8. Unless otherwise specified, phases will last 48 hours, or until all actions have been received. Once I notice that I have an unretracted action submission from every player, I will lock actions and prepare the phase update post, so send actions wisely!
  9. Please alert the host in-thread if you change your username during the game. This will help to mitigate confusion.
  10. To let me know that you’ve read the rules...follow the damn rules. :y
  11. Respect your fellow players, and have fun!

There’s no limit to how many people can join, and the more, the merrier, so let’s see that player list grow!

  1. @Max1996
  2. @chibighost - Died Phase 1
  3. @Parissong - Died Phase 2
  4. @DarthWolf - Died Phase 2
  5. @ExLight - Died Phase 1
  6. @Contrainer
  7. @Space - Died Phase 2
  8. @Pikochu - Died Phase 1
  9. @Calvin ッ - Died Phase 1
  10. @Felly - Died Phase 1
  11. @jdthebud
  1. @Pika_pika42
  2. @prog rocker
  3. @Tood
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the bells of joy are ringing
Jun 26, 2019
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Okay, a double-edged version of prisoner's dilemma? Haha, I like this. I'll be in.

Although I will say right now, other players shouldn't expect to stay long now that I'm entering the fray. I recommend other entrants to find another game too, just in case their time here gets cut... short.
Sith Puppy
Dec 6, 2016
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What happens if everyone dies or it stays in an infinate stalemate?
Bombing Bagworm
Nov 20, 2016
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What happens if everyone dies or it stays in an infinate stalemate?
Good question. If it is down to two players and they each die I’ll allow the game to end in a draw, but if any more players than that all die at once, I’ll most likely revive that group and put them through to a new phase to keep competing. As for an infinite stalemate...I won’t be counting on it, though if I reach a threshold where absolutely nobody is doing anything for several phases, I could always enforce an emergency ban on course of action #3. :3c