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The Favorite Pokémon Thread [Index]

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Nov 29, 2012
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Welcome to the index of the brand new "The Favorite Pokémon"!

In this place, you can find the links to the various threads about favorite Pokémon and other similar topics, like favorite types and favorite Pokémon based on animals.

What's Your Favorite Pokémon:

Just like with its previous version, you can vote and discuss your favorite Pokémon here. However, differently from the original version, the thread is now split into multiple "mini-threads" divided into generations, and you can now vote for multiple Pokémon (much to the joy of people who can't pick just one Pokémon).

The specific threads are the following:
Conversely, if you want to talk about your least favorite Pokémon, you can do so in this thread.

Favorite ‘ ’-type Pokémon:

Favorite Pokémon Based on Animals and Groups:

With this said, we all wish you happy voting and discussing! :)
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