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The Former Student Thread (Experiences? Opinions? Advice?)


battered, but not broken, bakuphoon
Apr 2, 2016
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Bouncing off of @ConfectionerMari’s Current Student Thread, it seems like there could use a thread for former students as well. Whether you last left school ten years ago or ten days ago, this thread is for expressing your feelings and opinions about your experiences at school at any level, from playing at kindergarten recess to finishing that doctorate thesis! You can also give advice to those who have yet to complete what you’ve completed in school, so that perhaps they’ll be less likely to make some of the same mistakes that you did when you were their age, or so perhaps someone with similar circumstances or life experiences as you can look up to you or otherwise learn something valuable that can help them out of a tight spot, emotionally or mentally or otherwise.

Now, if you happen to be in school presently and have things to say specifically about that, you may want to try the aforementioned Current Student Thread. That said, if you’re a current student and want to join the current conversation, you’re of course welcome! And you’re also of course welcome to still talk about a prior school experience if you happen to still be in school right now, haha.

Now, it’s typically custom for the thread starter to jump in first with something, but what I could write on this matter could probably fill several books for any one stretch of school alone. So I think I’ll refrain from posting anything right now, and instead I’ll watch from a distance as you all share your “war stories” here, haha. I hope that it’ll be interesting for everyone to share what I’d imagine will be very different experiences in this very international community of ours especially, while also sharing the common denominator elements of school life — good and bad — that are inevitable no matter where you are. With that said, discuss!


May 21, 2010
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I went to public school through 12th grade in a pretty rural community, then went to a small liberal arts college where I majored in Biology and minored in Educational Studies. My education experience was overall positive, there's not much I would do different now.

I do have what I assume is a pretty unusual experience for users of this website, I went back to school for the foreseeable future as a high school science teacher. It's been very strange seeing education from a completely different perspective. Like all those things teachers do (or make you do) that you don't understand or find annoying, they all WORK.

If anybody ever has any questions about navigating high school or applying to colleges or anything like that, feel free to reach out and I will give you the best answers I can.

My general advice for everyone going through high school: The choices you make now really do matter. This is your chance to learn content, but also the skills necessary to connect with other people and navigate the world. So challenge yourself, get involved in extracurriculars, take risks. Not everything will feel beneficial, but those experiences will pay off.

And no, your future boss will not see that single bad grade on your report card. ;)