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The Free Compliment Game

A very friendly and kind user who usually writes very sweet comments, I met her recently and relatively we haven't talked much outside of gaming, but she won my sympathy right away :giggle:.
A very friendly and kind user who always writes very sweet comments, I met her when I first joined and she's been my friend ever since.
You're a very understanding person, always willing to listen to other people's problems with patience and empathy, and always willing to help as much as you can. Our little takoyaki has a heart of gold like Len's hair :bulbaLove:.
I don't know you well, but you definitely strike me as someone with a fun sense of humour and someone who would probably be interesting to talk to.
Showing off your Charizard love proudly? I rather admire that. Some people get a little too obsessed with the Gen 1 hate, so I'm glad to see some proudly appreciating their favorites without disparaging the newer Pokemon.
Your avatar brings me great amusement, with his expression looking like he's stealing cookies out of a cookie jar and his mommy just caught him.
You're only a little younger than my youngest sister (I have 3 younger sisters, the youngest is 16, but she'll be 17 in a month,) and like her, despite being young, you seem to be very intelligent. I have a feeling you'll go far in life with your ambitions too. :)
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