COMPLETE: The Ice to Your Fire (Teen)

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May 12, 2009
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The following is a fic I have spent the last two or three months working on as a birthday gift for my beloved girlfriend, Feliciano. Considering the thousand mile distance between us, I didn't have the ability to buy her something. So, instead I chose to write her a story. I have put my heart and soul into it and I hope it is good enough to serve as present for her 21st birthday. Thank you all for reading and Happy Birthday Feli!

This fic is inspired by the creative genius that is this picture by forums member Rikkistar. Thank you Rikki. You are awesome.

And now, here it is. My birthday present to my girlfriend, the love of my life, Feliciano.


My name is Austin.

I have always wanted to start a story like that. I suppose it’s somewhat ironic that the story I get to use it in is the most appropriate story for it. Life is funny at times. But I’m getting ahead of myself. As I was saying, my name is Austin and this is our story. Yes, our. This is not really an action sort of story, or science fiction, or even a murder mystery. Funny, because those are the kinds I really like. This is, in fact, a romance story. Not one of those modern cheesy romance novels with sparkles and bestiality. This is an honest to goodness romance. Granted, it starts out a bit weird, but try to ignore that.

I live in Washington State. It’s cold, it’s rainy, and in the winter the snow likes to fall sporadically. For some crazy reason I enjoy it here. Call me crazy, but I’m not interested right now to leave the state I was born in.

Her name is Kelsey. She lives in California in a desert. It is hot and sunny and for some reason she enjoys that. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun. I’ve just gotten used to not seeing it often.

The two of us met online about two years ago and became good friends almost immediately. We shared so many similarities it was impossible to avoid each other. Over the next several months, we’d stay up late into the night talking about things. Life, books, Pokemon, movies. We’d watch Youtube videos together and laugh at the same jokes. She was a great friend, quite possibly the greatest I ever had. I could tell her things I’ve never told anyone and she would accept them and smile at me.

We started out just chatting through instant messaging, and then slowly worked our way up to actually talking to each other. She has a nice voice. Not long after that we brought out the webcams and got to see each other. She has an even nicer face…

Sorry, getting off topic. I could spend the whole time writing about how amazing she is. Anyways, it was around Christmas time and we were talking to each other. Just over messaging, nothing fancy.

Christmas is often said to be the most wonderful and most magical time of the year. The time to be with those you care about and share joy and cheer with. I was spending my Christmas season with Kelsey. We didn’t really think to get gifts for each other because, well, she was a thousand miles away. Yet she still gave me the greatest gift anyone can ever give a person for Christmas. The most magical, most wonderful gift ever.

She said she loved me.

I said I loved her too.

That’s how it happened.

Since then we’ve been inseparable, spending more and more time online together than we’ve ever done before. We shared our innermost secrets and helped each other through troubled times. I’ll admit, I lost a lot of sleep from this relationship but I didn’t mind. I was happy being with her.

The biggest problem was that our relationship was purely over the internet. Her being 1000 miles away made it near impossible for us to meet up. We got by with webcams and phone calls, but we both longed to hold each other in our arms.

As the month’s rolled past we only got closer and closer together, but not in the physical way. That distance never wavered by more than a few miles each day. I’ll admit I had a few moments where I got a bit depressed about not being with her, but my amazing girl helped me through them.

One of the interesting things couples do is have cute nicknames for each other and we were no different. To me she was a warm, cuddly Flareon. To her I was a cool, calm Glaceon. Fire and Ice, the perfect duality. Two necessary halves of a whole. Every night I would whisper to her, “I love you Kelsey, my wonderful Flareon,” and she’d respond back with, “I love you Austin, my wonderful Glaceon.” It made me happy to hear those words.

One night, I’d say just a bit over a year after she confessed to me, we were talking. I was in my dorm in college and she was in hers. We had had a wonderful night together. Outside, the snow gently fell from the sky in a magical shower of sparkles and shimmers. It was picturesque.

It was about 3 in the morning and we both really needed to get to bed, so I smiled at her and said, “I love you Kelsey. I’ll see you again tomorrow, my beautiful Flareon.”

I saw her eye’s shine behind her glasses, “I love you too, my loving Glaceon.” Her mouth widen into that warm smile I loved so much.

As my cursor slid up to the X button on the video chat I felt a strong sense of longing for her. I wanted to climb into my bed and feel her warm body next to mine. I wanted to wake up to see her peaceful face. I’d felt this before but never as strongly. I closed the chat, but sat there for a few more minutes. Slowly, I got out of my chair, shut off the light, and climbed into my bed. I stared out at the glistening snow as it fell past my window. Classes would be cancelled again tomorrow. I wished I’d be able to spend that free time with my girlfriend, but I knew she had classes tomorrow that weren’t in danger of being snowed out. I’d be all alone till the afternoon.


I hated that word.

As I closed my eyes I felt my eyes start to water a little and I whispered, “I love you Kelsey. My Flareon. Mine forever.”

I knew that somewhere far away she was feeling the same way.

Sleep for me is usually uneventful. Mostly a blackness that covers what feels like a few seconds and devoid of dreams. I have issues dreaming usually, but not tonight. Tonight my mind was filled with images of her. She laughed, she smiled, she said, “I love you.” There was a warmth all around her, comfortable and pleasing. Then suddenly, everything got ice cold. The images of her snapped away and I fell back into the usual blackness, only this time it was tinged with a cool blue light. Not unpleasant, but certainly alien.

I slept like a rock. It must have been ten hours before I awoke, the most I had slept in weeks. When I awoke, my eyes remained shut. I didn’t want to move. My body felt wet, like I had sweated the whole night long. I was exhausted, like I had spent the whole time running on a treadmill. I wondered briefly if it was possible to sleep-exercise but before long my mind was filled with images of the breakfast and lunch I had most likely missed. My stomach rumbled. Sighing, I slowly climbed out of bed and stretched, grabbing my right forearm and bending them both behind my head.

I’m not a morning person, and my definition of morning covers the first hour or two that I am awake. So you can forgive me for having dulled senses and not realizing it immediately. But as I yawned I became aware of there being slightly more hair than normal on my arms. And my arm did not feel overly warm.

I slowly lowered my arm to take a look at it and I was instantly jolted awake as my eyelids shut up. My arm was not my arm. It was blue, and covered in soft, light hair. No, not hair. It had more of the consistency of fur.

I don’t have a mirror in my room and I didn’t want to run down to the bathroom two rooms away, so I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of myself. I flipped my phone around and looked at the photo. My face wasn’t my face either.

My skin was covered in that fine blue hair, almost white. My hair was longer and a slightly darker shade of blue. Two long strands went down to the base of my neck and were tipped in a still darker blue color. And rising up from my blue hair were two long diamond shaped ears. It took me a few minutes, but I recognize what I had become. Somehow, with no explanation in sight, I had transformed into a humanoid Glaceon.

I just stood there and stared at the photo and only after ten minutes did I become aware of an odd weight hanging off my butt. I groaned, “No… no, you’re kidding me.” Slowly, I looked over my shoulder. Yep, I had indeed grown a blue-white tail. It had grown out over the top of the shorts I wore to sleep in. Fear quickly took hold of me and I threw off all of my clothes and examined myself. Yep, my whole body had transformed and become covered in the blue-white hair. Well, almost all of it. And even then, my skin had taken on that light blue tone as well. My feet had become pawlike and covered in a darker blue fur. My hands were that same color, but I still managed to retain an opposable thumb. Thank God for that.

It was incredible. At some point in the night through some unexplainable occurrence I had transformed into Pokemon… sort of. My overall body shape was still human, but everything else was clearly that of a Glaceon. I couldn’t remember what Kelsey called those but… Kelsey!

I raced to my computer and logged on. Nope, she wasn’t online. Duh, of course not. She’d be in class. I grabbed my phone and dialed her. It rang four times before a very groggy, “Mmmhello?” answered.

I was slightly stunned. It was almost 1:30 PM and she was still in bed. “Kelsey!” I said, probably louder than I should have. “It’s me. The most bizarre thing happened to me la-”

I didn’t get to say anymore. Across the line erupted a high pitched, blood curdling scream. I winced and cried out, “Kelsey? What? What’s wrong?”

“My… my arms!”

I had a very uncomfortable feeling I knew just what that meant. “Kelsey, turn on your webcam. I think we both have things we need to show each other.”

The call ended then. I only hoped she had listened to me.

I logged into AIM and saw she was online. Good, she had listened. I sent her a video chat request and ten seconds later, I was looking at the girl I loved, except orange and furrier.

Her hair, normally a reddish-brown, was now a pale blonde. Her skin was covered in light fur like mine, but a deep orange. Around her neck was a collar of the same blond hair. It was like a naturally grown boa. And like me, atop her head were diamond shaped ears, but orange. I was going to guess her feet had gotten paw-like and there was a fluffy tail sprouted from her rear. It was unmistakable. Kelsey had transformed just as I had. However, while I had taken on the form of a Glaceon, she was now a Flareon.

Kelsey’s eyes, still the same green-grey I remembered them, were full of fear. Her body was shaking and perhaps it was the poor video quality, but I thought I saw smoke rising from her shirt.

“Austin… is that you?”

I nodded. “Yeah, it’s me love.” I was actually somewhat surprised she could see me without her glasses on.

She started to shake a little harder. “Austin,” her voice echoed quietly. “What happened to us?”

I sat there silent. Truth was, I didn’t have a clue. We sat in silence for a time, trying not to look at each other. My mind darted around like it usually does, intermingling quotes from the previous night with unrelated pop culture references, most for some reason seeming to include Back to the Future. Finally, after about a half hour of cold silence I realized I had had that strange dream last night. I looked at Kelsey for the first time in about a half hour and for a moment was actually quite taken with her. The new look did suit her, regardless of the situation.

“Kelsey…” I said slowly. “I had a dream last night.”

Her eyes shot towards her screen. “What? About what?”

I told her everything, every detail I remembered. She sat there in a cold silence, nodding slightly every few seconds. When I had finished she slumped backwards into her chair and just sat there. Over my speakers I could hear very soft sobs. She was crying.

My immediate reaction was to reach out and hold her close, but a computer screen and a thousand miles kept me from doing that. I could only watch, helpless.

It was then that the idea came to me. The horrible, yet wonderful idea. It sickened me, but at the same time I felt joyful and happy.


Her head snapped up. “What?” she asked faintly.

“I… I have an idea. You’re not going to like it but… well…”

“Austin” she said, more firm this time. “If you can think of anything, ANYTHING, that can help fix this, please tell me.”

A long sigh slipped past my lips. “Kelsey… I don’t think we can fix this.”

Kelsey’s eyes went wide with shock and fear. She didn’t say anything, but I knew she was running over what I had just said in her mind. I had admitted that I was afraid we were stuck this way.

“But… there is another option…”

“What?” the sadness was forming in her words even more now.

“I…” I found it difficult to speak. Here it was. Of all the stupid things I had said since we started dating, this could be the most dangerous. “I… think that…. I think that you should come up here. Just… run and run until you’re here with me.” She tried to speak a few times but I just shushed her and continued. “If this is how we’re stuck… then we need each other. We need each other more than we ever have.”

“Austin,” Kelsey began. “I… are you sure? How am I going to get up there?”

I sighed and said softly, “Kelsey… life has constantly blocked us from being with each other. What if this is how fate chose to force us together? I want nothing more than to comfort you right now.”

The tears were running down her cheeks even more now. “Austin… alright. Let’s do that.”

Inside, I smiled. My world burst into a flare of solar brilliance as she said those words. Kelsey and I were finally going to be together. Not as we had planned but... now was the time. We were finally going to be in each other’s arms and on each other’s lips.

Kelsey and I barricaded ourselves in our dorms for the rest of the day and planned. My phone rang a couple of times, but I ignored them all. Someone banged on my door, but I think it was just Daniel coming to check on me like he always did. I ignored him too.

We talked about what we were going to do and where we were going to meet. Kelsey would leave that night and under the cover of darkness, she would run north to meet me. I was at first skeptical because it sounded so ludicrous, but she assured me that her body felt energized and able to run such a distance.

We planned to meet at Lake Wenatchee in Eastern Washington. It was an icy cold lake at the base of the mountains, but still in the middle of the Washington desert. It was like a peaceful oasis. I had camped there once with my family and enjoyed it thoroughly.

At a little after nine, Kelsey and I looked into each other’s eyes and said our good byes. I hoped I would see her soon. I hoped everything would go well and no one would see her. A Flareon-human hybrid was sure to attract unwanted attention for people neither of us wanted to meet.

I sat on my bed a while and thought. I took my new tail in hand and just started stroking it. It felt oddly pleasing.

My mind was filled with images of her. Seeing the love of my life not as the human she had been last night, but as something more. Something unique. Our pet names had become a reality… somehow, I didn’t mind it. Regardless of what she looked like, I still loved her.

I sighed and looked around my dorm. I couldn’t really take much with me, save my laptop. With a heavy heart, I opened the window and stepped outside. Being on the second floor by the walkway had its advantages.

I hadn’t really planned how I was going to get to the lake. I couldn’t take a bus, and hitchhiking was out of the question. I started to just walk across campus when I felt a strange energy in my body. It was almost electric. It was as if I had all the energy in the word. I started to jog, and then as my body told me it could take more I began to run. Soon, I was sprinting non-stop across the campus and leaving the college behind.

My journey was uneventful. I knew the way pretty well and my body didn’t seem to tire. It just flowed with an unending energy. I ran and ran and did not stop running. Days and nights would pass over me, but my limitless energy kept my legs moving.

I reached the mountains on the evening of the second day. I decided to go up through Snoqualmie Pass. I ran up the hills and using my new strength I climbed the sides of sheer cliffs. The temperature must have been dropping down to almost zero at night and snow was beginning to fall.

As the soft flakes touched my body I found my energy almost doubled. The world became a blur as I raced through the driving snow. I scaled the slopes of the mountains and crossed them in less than 24 hours. By the evening of my third day, I was in the Washington Desert.

Had it been summer when this change occurred, perhaps my crossing would have been more difficult. As it was, it was winter, and snow was falling on this side of the mountains too. It was cold and desolate. It was perfect for me to run in.

All in all, it took me about six days to run all the way to Lake Wenatchee, meaning I had spent Christmas running across the state. As the sun set on that day, I found myself on a hilltop looking down over the crystal clear lake. Across the way was the campground I remembered oh so well.

I began to construct a site for Kelsey and me to shelter in. It soon proved to be a daunting task. I had no resources to build a permanent structure, nor could I do it without being seen. In the end, all I could do was clear out the ground. I figured we wouldn’t need it. I had been running for six days straight and had not slept once.

It took another week for Kelsey to arrive. It being winter, the campground was empty and I sat on a small island near the south shore. I had come there everyday to wait for her arrival.

In the distance I heard shouting and the cracks of branches as what sounded like many people trampled through the forest. I stood up and looked in the direction of the noise. In a flash, a young woman with orange fur and large ears, wearing clothes that were so ripped it was a wonder they were still hanging onto her body, burst through the tree line and stopped at the water’s edge. Kelsey looked so afraid.

It took me a second, but I realize she was being chased. She was caught at the water’s edge. I had wondered why she didn’t just swim away when the truth struck me. She was a fire affinity. That much water would hurt her.

Kelsey didn’t have more than a few minutes. I had to get over there and save her. It occurred to me that if she was a being of fire, then I was a being of ice. With only the slightest hesitation, I stepped onto the water was pleased when it froze beneath my paws. I sprinted across the lake to her, solidifying the water with every step.

Kelsey turned and saw me and her face lit up with happiness and relief. She ran towards me, arms outstretched. My smile grew bigger. At least we had found each other.

And then a searing pain ripped through my body and I fell back, crying out. Kelsey released her hold on me and cried out as well. Around us, a thin veil of steam had formed.

I gaped at her as she fell to the rocky shore. What had caused that agony to both of us. Had we been shot? No… we both looked fine, if confused. Our hug… that’s what it was. She was a being of fire while I was a being of ice.

We couldn’t touch without causing each other pain.

I stood slowly, almost crying. From the look on Kelsey’s face, she realized it too. She really was crying. We stood there and stared at each other. We had come so far, given up so much… and now we couldn’t even touch each other.

I went berserk. I cried out and tossed my hat into the water. Kelsey just sat down on the ground and stayed silent. I was furious, raging. I loved her. I loved her with all my heart. I had hoped that we could use this to be together. How could the universe be so cruel to taunt us like this?

I wasn’t aware of the shouting men until they were practically on top of us. I looked behind me and saw about six or seven guys with rifles running towards us. They must be the ones who chased Kelsey here in the first place.

I absent-mindedly grabbed her arm and was rewarded with a more focused pain and more steam. Cursing, I said, “Come on! We gotta run!”

She jumped up and looked around. “Where?”

My arm pointed across the lake, “That way!” I began to run across the lake, refreezing the water beneath me.

Kelsey nervously began to follow me. I could hear the ice start to break apart underneath her and I yelled, “Run!”

We began running across the lake. The men at the shore had stopped and seemed to be afraid to chase after us. It made me laugh to think there were still superstitious people in the world that would treat such a phenomenon as frightening.

A sharp crack split the air and I slid to a stop. Behind me, Kelsey had stepped on a thinner patch of ice and stopped dead in her tracks. The ice underneath her paws was spiderwebbing.

My eyes grew wide with fear and I began to walk towards her. I was careful as I wasn’t sure if my ability to freeze water would counter the fact it was cracking under a person’s weight and body heat.

Inch by inch, the gap between us closed. I bent down and reached my hand towards the ice under her feat. One touch. That’s all it would take.

I didn’t make it.

With a final crack, the ice shattered and Kelsey fell into the cold waters of the lake. She instinctively reached out and grabbed my arm, inflicting more pain on us both. We feel into the lake.

I felt the water start to freeze around me instantly. I had no idea my body was that cold. I was trapped in a prison of ice while I watched Kelsey flail in the water. If she could speak, she’d be screaming in agony.

I struggled to break the ice, but I couldn’t. My icy body had made such a thick shell around me. I didn’t have the strength to shatter it.

Kelsey let another stream of bubbles leave her mouth as she cried out. She saw me in my icy cocoon and, painfully, struggled over to me. She placed her hands on the icy and the shell started to simmer. Her body heat was melting it enough. Her hands moved towards where mine would be. As soon as the ice was weak enough, I thrust my hand out and grabbed hers.

The pain was beyond intense, but I held on. The water started to boil around us and I managed to shatter my icy shell. I pulled her to the surface of the lake and swam her to edge of the lake. Struggling to resist the pain, I pulled her onto the dry land.

Exhaustion hit me as I released her hand. My vision began to fade and I fell to the ground, unable to move, my energy completely drained.

I have no idea how long I was unconscious. When I awoke it was dark out. I turned my head slightly and saw a faint glow emitting from Kelsey’s body. Her fur was very much like a coat of flame. Her eyes were closed, but she was still alive. I smiled in relief.

I got to my feet and looked over her body. It pained me to know I could never touch her, never be with her because of this damned transformation. At least we had managed to save each other’s lives before we were forced to part.

I almost left right then, to spare her the pain of having to say good bye. Yet something held me there. A desire that I had to fulfill.

I bent over Kelsey’s face and, bracing myself for the pain I knew was coming, I kissed her lips.

There was no pain, only a gentle warmth. I broke the kiss and looked at her face. Her lips, which had been a darker orange color, were back to being red. Her lips were human.

My mind started racing through the scenarios, analyzing what I saw before me. I had a wonderful thought, but I wanted to try once more.

I kissed her forehead, right in the center. The warmth was there but still not pain. I pulled away and there it was, a perfect lip mark on her forehead. The fur was gone and her normal skin tone returned.

My mouth widened into an energetic smile and I touched my fingers to her now human lips. Warmth. Now my fingertips were human again.

I sat there for three hours, smiling, occasionally kissing her body. When Kelsey finally awoke, there were lips marks all over her face, creating an odd patchwork of pink skin and orange fur.

Kelsey looked into my eyes and then down to my lips. “Austin… what happened?”

My smile grew even more and I leaned in and brushed my cheek to her lips. The result shocked her and for a short while she sat, frozen.

Finally, she smiled too as she understood what had happened and how we could solve our problem. She leaned close and kissed me again.

And again.

And again.


We awoke at noon the next day. Our bodies were completely restored to normal. No longer were we bizarre mixtures of human and Pokemon.

We managed to hike back into town and get on a bus to Spokane. From there, Kelsey would take a plane home and relieve her family of the panic we both knew they’d be feeling.

We stood in the airport right before security. We held each other close and refused to let go. I kissed her and whispered in her ear, “I promise. We’ll be together again. I love you.”

She smiled and whispered to me, “I love you too.” We shared one final kiss. It was a long one.

It was the strangest thing to have ever happened to both of us, but it been worth it all. As I finally let her go, I knew in my heart we would always be together. Nothing was going to extinguish our love. This whole experience had solidified our relationship even more.

Now I was literally the ice to her fire. A perfect duality. One half of a whole.

And I was happy.
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Feb 6, 2009
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Awesome! Heart warming :) Feli is a lucky girl!
Sep 3, 2004
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Ryuu, that was quite a ravishing performance. ^^ I loved the seamlessness of your transition between your bio and anecdote and really got you into your world with just the right amount of description necessary to carry out the effect. I also loved the grittiness of the situation; you really capture the chaos of the new experience, not everything working out immediately for you guys, even with the enhanced abilities there's a ton of cons with your new form. The resolution was simple, yet effective. I enjoyed a lot of the elements of your story Ryuu, it's clear how much you love Feli and I think you guys make a wonderful couple. I wish you two the best ;3

I also wanted to hold back this comment until the forums were back up because I wanted to suggest a song for this pairing (You can totally ignore me if you want now, but I think this really works :3) Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson.

If the Warriors fandom has got me hooked on anything, it's in finding situational theme songs for literature please don't kill me if you think they're corny.
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May 12, 2009
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Comments from the test forum

Musashi said:
Aww Ryuu, I almost don't know what what to say. Being in a long distance relationship myself, I can understand the pain you two are going through all too well. I'll just say that it was an absolutely lovely story and I'm sure Feli will love it to. Hope you two can share many more happy birthday's together.
minimag said:

How sweet!

I'm sure Feli will love it!
Insanish Danish said:

Don't laugh, Ryuu, but I actually bawled at this. In a good way. You captured the feelings of true love so perfectly throughout the entire thing. It reminded me so much of what I have with Danny that it really tugged at my heart, since I haven't seen him IRL either, but at the same time it gave me an insight on just how much you and Feli love each other, if that makes sense. It made me cry because my ache to be with my boyfriend is the exact same as yours to be with Feli, but also just because it was so beautifully written and it just rings so true as to what love is really like. This is honestly the perfect story for anyone who is in a long distance or online relationship because it shows that no matter how far away you live from each other, if your love is strong that's really all you need to make things work.

I know we don't really talk all that often, but since I'm in the exact same boat as you, I just wanted you to know how much this story got to me. I'm sure Feli will love it; she's lucky to have someone who loves her as much as you do. :]
Kyu in a Fedora
Dec 5, 2010
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That was beautiful, Ryuu! Very heartwarming. Feli will definitely love it~
Jiggly Lover
May 11, 2009
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Omg so cute! I loved how I could really feel theblove you wrote this with in your heart.

The Greatest Pokémon Ranger
May 12, 2009
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XD For the record, Feli did love it. Her birthday was last Sunday.