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The In-Game Team Advice Thread

The name's Edgar.
Aug 6, 2019
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Well, if this was me, I'd try to have secondary items for each of the Z Move users so that they aren't completely naked when a Z Move is used. But thats a nitpick

Now with ribombee, you maybe should use Bug Buzz over Pollen Puff. Even though they both do the same damage and same accuracy, Bugg Buzz has the added chance to lower Special Defense which gives it an edge. And plus unless you wanna use it in doubles, Pollen Puff is practically weaker than Bug Buzz.

If you have Swords Dance, replace Rock Climb with that. Rock Climb can miss which gives it a downside. And since you have a Jolly Nature and Lycanrocs speed is already good, Accelerock is basically an extra move. But if you want to keep it for the Z Move, thats fine
thanks for the feedback, I think I'll use Pollen Puff though just because of narrative significance XD
But Stone Edge is actually what the Z-Move counts on, so I'll just get rid of Rock Climb for Swords Dance.
Okay, thanks again.