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The Jeweled Champions (and Friends) (signups/discussion)

Brock's Pikachu
Nov 8, 2005
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(rated E10+)

In the Pokeworld, what we know as D&D is known as "Chambers and Charizards" (or "Chambers" or "C&C" to fans.) It blends elements of the real game, and some influences from video games and anime.

One of the more popular places to stream a Chambers session in the Pokeworld is a service named Digitop--the Trio and Serena's show is called "The Jeweled Champions" (with "and Friends" added on if guests are playing.)

Among the millions of gaming sessions on Digitop, the group's own sessions are some of the most popular. While Ash, Misty, and Serena are the three regular players (and Brock the dungeon master), whenever the show appends "and Friends" to the stream title, fans know the group has some guest players playing with them, be this one of the group's other friends, or their family.

Chance and Elena (the Let's Go hero and heroine) have joined Ash, Lilly, Violet and Daisy have joined Misty, and Forest and Terra have joined Brock before.

Since it is always a surprise as to who is joining the group (or if anyone joins them at all), the group mainly sticks to doing episodic adventures, but they have played a few full campaigns, and a few mini-campaigns that feature a specific Chambers and Charizards setting.

Their most memorable campaign is the Rise of the Hydreigon Queen adventure path, so they have ran the campaign with various setups (fans will also request seeing someone specific in the campaign. The group doesn't mind rerunning that campaign again and again--as every setup brings a new surprise to a well worn and well loved campaign.

Fans also love how Brock immerses the group and the audience into the settings with sound effects, music (sometimes recorded, and sometimes live), and his expert mimicry and storytelling skills. On rare occasions, someone else will be in the dungeon master's chair, and Brock will play a character.

As the dungeon master, Brock is creative and yet fair to his players. He will challenge the group, but never send them up against an encounter they can't beat. He will offer the players choices as often as possible, so players don't have to fight if they don't want to. He likes having names that are easy to say and appropriate for the setting, so any groan-worthy names or hard to pronounce names in the adventure books will be replaced with appropriate names--even for the monsters.

As the three regulars, Ash, Misty, and Serena re-use the same characters to provide a kind of consistency, but semi-regular guests (and Brock, when he gets to play) tend to do this as well.

Another tradition is for the group to dress up in costume as their characters to add to the immersion. Even the guests join in the fun. Brock will usually stay in his normal clothes, but on the rare times he plays, he too will dress up.

The lineup, by the numbers:

The regulars:

Ash (wizard, Aldaron the Red; has taken a turn as the DM)
Misty (magic knight, Meri of the Blue Dragons; has taken a turn as the DM)
Serena (runeblade, Christine Belmont)
Brock (DM regularly; minstrel, Larkin Admore on the occasions he has played)

The semi-regular guests:

May (prefers to play magic based classes, but is open to trying a runeblade)
Lucas (has taken a turn as the DM)
Dawn (usually plays a cleric or a minstrel, but has played a wizard before)
Ethan (typically plays a fighter, but has played a warrior before)
Lyra (usually plays a minstrel, cleric, or animist)
Chance (usually plays a rogue, but is open to trying a warrior or ranger)
Elena (usually plays a minstrel, but is open to trying the other magic based classes or a ranger)
Forest (usually plays a warrior, but is open to playing a paladin)
Terra (usually plays a ranger, but has tried a valkyrie)
Victor (usually plays a paladin)
Gloria (usually plays a ranger)

If you want to play, sign up here with the following info:

Your real life character name (the name of the person playing, not to be confused with your Chambers and Charizards character name)
Your character's age (anywhere from 12-16 is fine for RP purposes)
Your real life character's appearance:
Your real life character's personality:
Has your character played "Chambers and Charizards" before? (this will affect how much guidance Brock will give)
What kinds of classes does your real life character want to make (explained below)?
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Brock's Pikachu
Nov 8, 2005
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Differences between the Real Game and Our Version (part 1)

--Combat is a LOT easier--you only have to determine damage and any status conditions.
--Magic is limited by an MP bar (one of the pioneers of doing so, and would make its way into video games)--you are not limited in how many times you can cast per in game day, nor do you have to prepare it
--There are different classes and races in our version

The current core classes in Chambers and Charizards 5e:

Magic Knight

There are many 3rd party class and race options, but accepting them is up to the Dungeon Master.

The current core races in Chambers and Charizards 5e:

Sirena (female exclusive; they are basically Swanna-ladies)
Lightsworn (basically angel-like humanoids with divine powers)

Brock is okay with any non-monstrous fantastic race in sessions. He will also enforce the "no evil characters" rule used in Chambers and Charizards organized play.