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TEEN: The Journey to Mend Broken Things

Looking for a way to be whole again.
Apr 30, 2018
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Chapter 8: Duality of Thoughts

Once entering Black City, the stench of the smog already entered the noses of Arti and Mary. While this could phase Arti, he is more concerned at what is happening in front of him and Mary: a crowd of people gathered a few yards in front of the transition gate he exited from, yelling at another, more distant crowd. Worst of all, both crowds seem to reach their breaking point and are ready to go at each other.

Nothing but dark skyscrapers make the wall around while concrete and asphalt are the only materials that make up the ground, even the sun doesn't seem to make this place much brighter, no sign of plant life as far as the eye can see. Arti and Mary make their way through the crowd to a spot where there are fewer people standing.

"Yikes, I didn't think it would be that bad!" Arti says, surprised at how much the situation escalated before he got here. "Now where should we start with this?" he asks.

"We should probably book a hotel room, maybe four nights should be enough for now." Mary offers.

"That sounds good, I'll stay here and figure out a way to get these people's attention." Arti responds.

Mary walked to a hotel close to the store at the center of the city, before she arrived, she noticed two Ralts trying to hide away behind the wall of the hotel. Mary leaves them alone for now since she figures they might be afraid of people at this time. She enters the hotel, the lobby is mostly empty save for a brochure stand by the entrance, a few tall plants by the windows and of course, the counter with a lady behind it. Mary makes her way to her to book a room.

"How may I help you?" the lady behind the counter asks Mary.

"I would like to stay for four nights please." Mary answers.

"Okay, here's the key card." the lady gives a card to Mary labeled '103'

"Thank you!" Mary responds as she pays the lady and takes the card.

Meanwhile, Arti walks to the center where the crowds see each other. Hoping to quell some of the anger, he tries to speak with them.

"Everybody, calm down!" he tries to make his voice heard, but unfortunately, it gets drowned out by the yelling even when his lungs work to make him as loud as he can.

With no use in raising his voice, he decides to go to one of the crowds. He asks a skinny man at the front.

"Can you try to find a quiet moment? I have something to say!" Arti tries to make sure he can be heard.

"We can't quiet down yet when they are still having the upper ground, maybe if you ask them and we see that they find a quiet moment, we might consider doing it as well." the man answers.

"Alright then, I will ask the other crowd to do the same, because I want to know what can be done in this situation." Arti agrees to see the other crowd.

After running across, Arti manages to reach the opposite crowd, where he asks a chubby lady in front of the crowd.

"I have something to say, so I would like some quiet moment." Arti requests.

"Fine, but don't take too long to start, we still need to be louder than the rival group." the lady accepts.

"I won't take too long, don't worry." Arti says as he runs toward the middle, now glad that both crowds became silent. "There's no need to fight like this, I know one side wants to keep Black City the way it is while the other wants a major change. However, we can perhaps try to find a middle ground. In fact, I'm willing to listen to individuals." he begins.

"Get to the point, kid!" a member of one of the crowds shouts impatiently.

"We can dedicate a few days where I listen to each person of your groups, then help you come up with a compromise. Today, I'm going to try to talk to the people who want to keep Black City as it is while tomorrow, I will try to talk to those who want to change it." Arti finishes his explanation.

"Okay, we can do that." The two crowds seem to be in an agreement toward Arti's idea.

Arti is relieved to have prevented another mess. However, he has to be careful and not strike a nerve, because the voice of one can quickly become the voice of thousands.

"So, the people who want to keep Black City as it is, can you meet me in two hours so we can break down the request into individual parts?" he asks.

The people he asked seemed to agree, a few saying:

"We have time," "I'm curious to hear what he wants to say." and even "If it's going to help us, then yes, we can listen."

With some agreements done, Arti takes some time to meet up with Mary back at the hotel, being only a walking distance away. However, he sees the Ralts running to hide from people. He doesn't take long to get to the hotel and enter it to meet up with Mary. Once inside, Arti and Mary look for room 103. It doesn't take long to find it since it's on the first floor, Mary uses the key card to open the door. The room has a small bathroom, two queen-sized beds a table close to a TV, and other necessities that hotels usually have. They take this time to set their supplies down.

"Have you seen some Ralts on your way here?" Arti asks.

"Yes, I did see them. Maybe we should let them join us in our journey." Mary replies.

"We don't know if they are willing to join us, after all, they look like that they are scared of people." Arti explains.

"We'll see if they want to." Mary responds.

The two decide to see if they can give the Ralts a chance to venture beyond the enclosed darkness, so they leave their room and go outside the hotel to look for them, but not before Arti picks up the pen and notepad just in case he is outside for the full two-hour duration. Exploring the rest of the city, it doesn't take long for them to spot the Pokemon. The Ralts seem to be very shy, they take careful steps toward Arti and Mary. They somehow feel different about the duo, sensing an emotion that's not anger or any other negative feeling.

"They are coming closer to us, this might work after all." Arti whispers.

"Once they trust us, I can care for them while you're busy." Mary whispers back.

After 5 minutes, the Ralts got close enough to Arti and Mary. They seem to become less shy as they inch their way closer to the duo. This is when Mary decided to pat one of them on the head. Arti seemed to draw the attention of the other, it senses his determination. The unexpected happens, when Arti and Mary start taking steps toward a different direction, the Ralts seem to follow.

"I think they took a liking to us." Arti says.

"That's great! Maybe they can join our current Pokemon." Mary responds excitedly.

As Arti and Mary talked, the two Ralts talked to each other.

"Raalts alts ral."

"Ra ral alts!"

Arti and Mary did not understand what the Ralts are saying, Arti wished he could send out Kyurem in order for it to translate. But at the current moment, he can't send it out because Black City is still filled with people. Arti hasn't realized how much time has passed between talking to the people and now.

"Oh shoot, I gotta get ready to have a meeting with the Black City crowd!" Arti realizes.

"Don't worry about the Ralts, I'll keep them safe in the hotel room." Mary responds.

With that, Arti parted ways with the group and headed to the same place where he encountered both crowds, except that this time, only one the Black City crowd showed up.

"So how do you want to do this, start from the back and work your way to the front?" Arti asks the crowd.

It took a minute for the decision to go through, but the crowd agrees to do it this way.

"Yes, we can do that." a woman in the back said.

Getting out the pen and notepad, Arti waits for the people in the crowd to speak individually.

"Okay, now you can start telling your specific reasons. But remember, one at a time so I will be able to help you without the confusion." Arti allows.

The first reasons he heard were:

"The city took the longest to develop all of these buildings." to "We can't tear down buildings, they are sacred to us!" to even "I have a good life here."

As the general reason was being broken down more and more, Arti noted down everything. Since it was a big crowd of about a thousand people, it could have taken 30 minutes or more as the sky wasn't as blue as it had been in the morning. Arti wasn't keeping track of time when he's focused on noting down everything he can use to help. By the time he was done noting down everything the crowd had to say, he notices the sky taking on an orange tint. There was some pain on his feet, probably for standing in one place for too long.

"Anything else?" he asks before calling it a day.

"Nothing else that needs to be said." a man in the middle answers.

"If true, then we made good progress." Arti says as he notices the notepad having about half of its pages filled out.

The crowd separates as they talk amongst themselves. Feeling tired, Arti goes back to the hotel to room 103 and knocks on the door. Mary opens the door and her eyes widen.

"How long were you out there?" Mary asks with concern.

"For a really long time, apparently." Arti answers.

Arti enters the room, being greeted by the Ralts that he befriended puts a smile on his face.

"Ralts ral!" the Ralts excitedly yells.

"So, how did it go for you?" Mary is curious.

"It went smoothly a lot of progress has been made as I took so many notes." Arti responds. "How have you been doing with the Ralts?"

"I'm doing great, they are happy to be out of danger." Mary tells her side. "I discovered something interesting about Ralts. Female Ralts have slightly longer hair than male Ralts do. It looks like you befriended the male Ralts."

"That's cool, I remember finding out that the male Ralts's final evolution does not have to be Gardevoir and can instead be Gallade. I have seen some wild Pokemon using False Swipe to stop the rival from fainting otherwise so the rival would have the common sense to leave the territory. Gallade is one of those Pokemon who can learn the move without the need of a TM if I'm not mistaken." Arti tells Mary what he had heard about Ralts.

Arti sets his backpack down on the floor and the pen and the notepad on the table, then he sits on the left bed to his legs after a long day of standing up. Mary decides to sit beside him because of how much time she didn't see him during the daytime. They decide to watch some TV and relax for the day, watching a program about what parts make up a Poke Ball.

Later at night, the two go to sleep, letting the Ralts sleep on the recliners close to the window. Arti has a strange, confusing dream: he is in a void with cyan-colored lightning bolts hitting the ground around him as it screams, he hears a deep male voice speak:

"Your ideals will be tested." the voice says before quieting down for the rest of the dream.

In the next morning, Arti and Mary went to go get breakfast for them and the Ralts. Arti has been thinking about the dream he had last night, what it all meant.

"Did you ever have a dream where a voice tells something to you, but you don't understand it?" Arti asks.

"Not really, I did have dreams about somebody talking to me, but I always understood completely on what they say." Mary responds, "Why do you ask?"

"Well, I had this dream where I was in a void, and lightning was struck all around me, then I heard this deep voice talking about how my ideals will be tested, afterward the voice went quiet before saying anything else. It was weird to me since I have never had a dream like that." Arti explains, "What does it all mean?"

"Raalts al." one of the Ralts say.

"Who had that voice? Was it raspy like Kyurem's?" Mary wonders.

"I don't know who had it, as it wasn't raspy like Kyurem's voice. Currently, there isn't a way to find out and I doubt I'm going to have that dream again." Arti responds.

After breakfast, Arti got the necessary things like the notepad and pen before going outside, he was surprised that shadows dominated Black City even in the morning. He feels as if he took a long afternoon nap rather than waking up in the morning. Either way, he has to meet the White Forest crowd so he can iron out the details before coming to a decision that will satisfy both. He goes to the usual meeting spot again, waiting for the members to show up.

Meanwhile, Mary is taking both Ralts to Route 14 so they can see the world beyond Black City. The Ralts are amazed at the difference that they become speechless at what they see, a much lusher environment than the cement and concrete darkness that they are used to.

After ten minutes pass, the White Forest crowd appears before Arti like a colony of Durant. He gets out the pen and notepad to be ready to know all of the specifics.

"Hello everybody, I'm glad we met up here as we planned. So can you tell me your specific reasons why you want Black City to be changed?" Arti asks the crowd "We can start from the back and work our way to the front."

Just like the other crowd, this crowd agreed that this would be a good idea.

"If this will get us somewhere quicker, we'll do it." a man in the middle answers.

"Okay, start telling me your specific reasons." Arti gives the cue to start.

The first reasons he hears are:

"The smog is toxic!" to "Too much concrete and cement is unhealthy for a city." to even "It's dangerous to have all this concrete in places they aren't needed."

It took the rest of the morning and a good chunk of the afternoon for Arti to note down everything the crowd said. Much like the previous crowd, this crowd was made up of about a thousand people or more, which contributed to the amount of time taken to hear them and noting everything down.

"Tell me anything else you have in mind." Arti offers.

The crowd seems to have said everything they had in mind.

"Nothing more, we're good!" a young man in the middle says.

"Alright then, meet me and the other crowd here tomorrow night so we can figure out a middle-ground." Arti explains

With that, the crowd dissipated and Arti took the rest of the day off to spend more time with Mary and the Ralts. As he was heading back to Route 14 to meet up with them, a slight headache made its way to him. For a split second, his mind gave off a vision of a forest where he has never seen or have ever been to before.

"That was weird." talking to himself, "First that confusing dream and now that image of a forest I never even have seen anywhere. I have to get to the bottom of this before I become insane." he adds.

Arti passed through the transition gate to Route 14, he saw Mary trying to keep the Ralts from going too far into it.

"Hi!" Mary excitedly greeted Arti.

"Hi!" Arti is just as excited as Mary.

Both Ralts were also excited to see Arti:

"Ralts rals!"

"Ralls rals!"

"So, how did the meeting go?" Mary asks.

"It went as expected." Arti answers then asks, "Have you ever had a slight headache followed by a quick-thought of a place you never have seen anywhere before?"

"Not really." Mary responds, "Why do you ask?"

"Well, it happened to me, after helping the crowd, I felt a slight headache, then for a split second, a vision of a forest I have never seen anywhere before come into my mind." Arti explains, "Maybe I should ask Kyurem what is going on because I have been having strange experiences."

"Good idea, we should introduce our Pokemon to the Ralts!" Mary adds.

It was then that both Arti and Mary sent out their Pokemon, a bright light shone and disappeared followed by Golurk and Kyurem standing before them. The Ralts seem to be scared of these two Pokemon, though.

"Ralts..." one of Ralts says as it hides behind Arti while the other hides behind Mary.

"No need to be afraid, these Pokemon are our friends." Arti says to both Ralts.

"Goll lurk!" Golurk finally speaks.

"Greetings!" Kyurem says, "Did you resolve Black City's issue yet?"

"Almost there, I just need to analyze everything I noted after meeting with those involved to come up with a solution." Arti responds. "Now I have something I need to ask you, did the previous heroes ever had these strange dreams where they are in a void surrounded by lightning strikes while a voice tells them something, but doesn't explain it? And what is that headache followed by some kind of vision of a place I never have seen before?"

"The previous heroes told me they had a dream like that." Kyurem explains, "The dream is a foretold prophecy of what you will encounter later in the journey. The vision shows the general place where the God Stone is located. Only when the visions get clearer will you have the ability to locate such a powerful artifact."

"So, why aren't they clear to me? Is there anything I'm doing wrong?" Arti begins to doubt himself.

"They are not clear to you because you aren't ready to encounter them yet, from what I remember with past heroes, they consistently told me that the voice said about putting ideals to the test. You still have much to learn, however, seeing how you are getting the prophecy related to ideals, you will encounter something major related to that sooner than anything major related to truths. But you must not worry about the distant future, that will come in time. For now, you must worry about your current task, only then will the future task become the current task." Kyurem explains.

"That reminds me, I need to come up with a solution to Black City's problem before tomorrow." Arti remembers.

"Golurk!" Golurk tells Kyurem something, possibly relating to befriending the Ralts.

"You are right, let's make them our allies, they can become powerful once they battle enough." Kyurem says to Golurk.

"Arti and I were thinking about training them so they could be able to defend themselves better. But they might be willing to help us." Mary responds.

Both Ralts seem to be less shy and more accepting of the other two Pokemon.

"Ralts rals?" the one behind Arti shyly asks.

"You will get your Dawn Stone in time." Kyurem answers.

"Rals?" the one behind Mary asks.

"No, Golurk and I are not going to eat you." Kyurem responds.

After the long talk within the group, they notice the sun sinking down on the horizon like a Pokemon using Dive and decide to head back to the hotel. Arti and Mary both retrieve the bigger Pokemon. Thinking about if the Ralts would be safer in Poke Balls, Mary takes an empty one out.

"What are you doing?" Arti asks Mary with a confused tone.

"I have been thinking, should the Ralts be safer in the Poke Balls? Seeing how we might encounter Pokenappers on the way, we should ensure their safety." Mary answers.

"Are you sure this is the best way to keep them safe? I know they trust us now, but are they ready to be placed in a Poke Ball?" Arti is still confused about Mary's decision. "We should at least let them choose whether they want to go in or not." he suggests.

"Okay, I was getting a bit ahead of myself there. You have a better idea: letting the Pokemon who trust us have a choice." Mary agrees, holding her empty Poke Ball close to the female Ralts.

The Ralts stood there for a little bit before making a decision, she touched the Poke Ball, making the capsule device open and slurp the Feeling Pokemon right in before closing.

"You are in good hands, I promise." Mary says to the Poke Ball that now contains Ralts.

"I do hope you keep that promise, a Pokemon's trust has to be taken seriously." Arti responds with a serious look. "Anyways, I'm going to head back to the hotel so I can figure Black City's situation out."

As Arti heads back to the hotel, the remaining Ralts follows him. In the hotel room, he pulls out all of the notes he had jotted down and examines the specific reasons. Knowing he will be very tired on the following day, Arti decides to dedicate the rest of this day and pull an all-nighter anyway. While he hears Mary coming into the door and smiles at her occasionally, he goes right back to the decision-making. By the time he was done, it was midnight and he looked like he heard a Pokemon using Sing, so he headed to bed for the remaining time.

In the morning, Arti slept in without realizing it. He noticed that Mary left the room. While he did feel rested when he woke up, he panicked a little bit before he remembered he was going to tell both crowds at night. After the relief, Arti got his things ready for the day while the Ralts followed him.

"Well, since I got some free time, maybe I can start training Ralts." Arti thought.

After stepping outside into the brighter light that what he was used to, he decided to look for Mary. Looking throughout the city, Arti eventually finds himself inside a shop where he notices Mary a bit surprised at the prices.

"What do you mean the Twisted Spoon is triple the price here?!" Mary asks the shopkeeper.

"What you think is reasonable is what we think of it being too little, either take it or leave it." The shopkeeper replies in a toxic manner.

"Wow, rude." Mary responds just quiet enough for the shopkeeper to not hear her and leaves the shop.

Arti follows her outside in an attempt to make her feel better. They stop in their tracks once they are out of the earshot from everyone in the shop.

"Are you okay?" Arti asks.

"I'm just a little bit upset about being in this city." Mary answers, "This toxicity is starting to get to me, how much longer do we have to stay here?"

"We will leave tomorrow, I promise you that." Arti responds. Arti knows Mary needs the support she can get considering how long he was forced to endure the harsh times he had back in Lacunosa Town, he does not want anyone else to go through the same kind of painful experience he went through.

Noticing the Ralts followed him outside, he decided to shield him from the psychological toxicity emitted by Black City. However, Arti gave Ralts a choice whether he wanted to go into a Poke Ball or not. Arti took an empty Poke Ball from his bag and held it close to Ralts.

"It's your choice if you want to go into a Poke Ball or not." He tells Ralts. "I'm okay with either choice. I can see why you're afraid of this city."

After a few minutes, the Feeling Pokemon touched the Poke Ball, which made the spherical device draw him in and close tightly. Arti then picked up the Poke Ball and looked at it.

"Don't worry, we will be out of here soon." Arti reassures.

They both decide to go to Route 14 again where the two decide to be with just each other. Standing just outside of the transition gate, they talk about what they are going to do after they leave Black City.

"What should we do once we leave?" Mary asks.

"We can train the Ralts considering they need to have some way to defend themselves." Arti answers.

As the two talked, Mary seemed to calm down and is now able to have comfort in Arti's words.

Time flew by them as they talked, laughed, and even playfully poked the tip of each other's noses. By the time they were done, the sun started to sink down into the horizon like a Drillbur using Dig.

"Well, it looks like I have to get ready to meet up with the crowds. Do you want to come with me?" Arti asks.

"I think I will stay here just a little bit longer if that's okay with you." Mary answers.

"That's totally okay with me, take as much time as you need to." Arti agrees with a smile before returning to Black City.

Arriving early, Arti went through a few options that might satisfy everyone, but he actually stuck to one that could be more likely to work. The only way for him to find out is when he will talk to them. His thoughts are interrupted by the chattering of both crowds who arrived from both sides. Readying to put an end to the toxic argument once and for all, he talks to the crowds.

"Hello everybody!" Arti greets.

"Hello!" the crowds greet back.

"After looking over every specific detail, I finally decided what the middle ground can be. That middle ground is planting some trees, I examined that sunlight does come through the top and that can overall help the trees grow and absorb the smog in this city without the need to tear down anything. As long as you can take really good care of the trees, they will bring a lot of positive changes." Arti explains. "So, what do you think of this solution?"

The crowds discuss amongst themselves to see if this is a good solution to their problems. Arti is bracing himself for the possible disagreement of one or the other, even possibly both. This is why he had some backup solutions just in case. The crowds reached their decisions, what they said surprised him.

"This is perfect!" said a man from the Black City crowd.

"Some plant life into this city is a great idea!" a woman from the White Forest crowd states.

Arti was genuinely surprised that they actually agreed on something.

"Then it's settled, I'm glad a positive change happened here. Now remember, trust is supposed to be taken seriously." Arti tells the crowds. "I bid you farewell."

Once the crowds dissipated, Arti headed back to the hotel, happy that he resolved an issue that has gone on for too long. Once at the hotel and standing in front of room 103, he knocks on the door, Mary opens with her smile being the first thing that Arti sees.

"You did it!" Mary excitedly says.

"Yes I did, I'm just glad this is all over. Like I promised, we will leave tomorrow." Arti replies.

As Arti and Mary spent their final night inside Black City, they begin to feel excited to go to Nimbasa City with their Pokemon.
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Aug 20, 2007
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- Really like the scene setting you do for Black City. It's simplistic yet conveys a lot.
- Wait is there free lodging at the hotel? She didn't need to pay or anything, it wasn't even brought up.
- Love how naive Arti is. It's realistic. Somehow it works though???
- The members of the crowds are pretty laughable in how they don't seem to know what they're arguing about and just want to be louder than the other. It's also somehow realistic in some ways.
- What I don't get is why two rival crowds of pissed of people just decide to listen to this random kid. He could've sent out Kyurem to make a statement or prove his worth, for example.
- "We have time.", <- Commas are kept inside the quotations, and are used in place of periods if at the end.
- Well they're quick to want to try to get the Ralts.
- Like how they state reasons good and bad for wanting to keep the city up.
- the sky wasn't as blue as the. <- The...what?
- Nice putting in nonstandard gender differences.
- Also like the worldbuilding with False Swipe's practical use in the wild. What's with using 'the rival' to describe intruders on their territory, though?
- Ideals shoutout! Could've been a longer scene, though.
- Meanwhile, White Forest's seem to come across more as ecological extremists rather than giving any concrete reasons.
- a forest where he has never seen <- 'where' is uneeded there.
- I like to interpret Arti as trying to ask Mary about all these things because he has no proper social experience and is thus asking them to the only person available.
- Mention of the God Stone again...
- Well the one Ralts is already very sure of what it wants to be and how.
- Arti sure seems to have a sudden serious interest in Pokemon trust.
- The toxicity of the people in the city suddenly gets brought up out of nowhere. Good way to bring it up out of nowhere though.
- Almost didn't hit me that the other Ralts didn't join Arti right away because it choosing not to do so went unmentioned.
- Well that was a quick and easy solution to the problem that everyone seemed to agree on fast.
- How did Mary, shut away in the hotel room, know what happened during it anyway? I assume people got there ahead and she overheard their talking.

Wasn't expecting this to take all of one chapter to resolve. Oh well. Progress.
Looking for a way to be whole again.
Apr 30, 2018
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Yikes, I left obvious typos. But I fixed them right away.
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Jul 27, 2017
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First chapter thoughts.

"Uh maybe I should be going."
Should be, "Uh, maybe I should be going."

Some of the dialogue seems off. Like,
"Ow, this is the worst possible time to get hurt!"
"No, I cannot be hurt right now." Or something similar.

Both characters' dialogue is in the same paragraph in later parts.
Looking for a way to be whole again.
Apr 30, 2018
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Chapter 9: Of Tremors and Training

Light filters through the windows, reaching the eyes of everyone in the room. Arti is the first one to wake up, followed by Mary and finally the Ralts.

"Good morning everyone." Arti says.

"Good morning." Mary repeats.

"Ralts" both Ralts say almost in unison.

"What should we do today?" Mary asks.

"We are going to go through Route 15 since according to my map, Marvelous Bridge connects it to Route 16." Arti answers. "From what I have seen of Route 16, we should be able to arrive at Nimbasa City in one day, I'm not sure how long it's going to take for us to get to Marvelous Bridge since we're also going to train Ralts today."

After getting ready, they headed to the hotel lobby counter, where Mary paid Pokedollars for the number of nights spent and gave the keycard back. Once they headed outside, they noticed a difference: mainly some drilling equipment lying against the walls of several buildings and some saplings ready to be planted. Once they made their way over to the transition gate that takes them to Route 15, someone calls over to them.

"Hey, you!" the voice says.

Upon turning around, Arti sees a man sprinting towards the group. The Ralts are drawn back inside their Poke Ball for safety.

"Hi, is there anything you need me to do?" Arti asks the man.

"I just want to express my gratitude in the name of White Forest for setting the place to have a cleaner environment." the man answers while taking a Dawn Stone out of his pocket, "Take this Dawn Stone, naturally formed back in White Forest."

"I shouldn't take it, maybe you need this more than me." Arti tries to refuse the offer.

"I insist you take it, I have too many of these back home." the man insists.

"Okay, if you insist on giving it to me, then I accept this gift." Arti responds.

Without further notice, the man immediately places the Dawn Stone in Arti's hand and then leaves.

"Have a good day!" the man says as he leaves.

Arti opens his backpack and puts away the Dawn Stone before the duo enters the transition gate right before them. Upon making their way to the other entrance, they are met with a different landscape with two ways to reach Marvelous Bridge, the higher path on top of the sharp cliffs or the lower path through the tall grass.

In front of them lies the higher path: there is a staircase that leads to the sharp cliffs above, where there are two bridges, the first is a long bridge connecting the first cliff to the second cliff. On the second cliff, there is a laboratory responsible for bringing in Pokemon directly from the Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh regions. After the laboratory, the second bridge connects the second cliff to the third, this bridge is shorter than the first bridge. The third cliff possesses a staircase that leads down to the way to Marvelous Bridge.

On the left of them lies the lower path: there is a staircase that leads down the hill to where the first and biggest patch of tall grass has grown, with a few boulders scattered around it. Some ledges and a boulder block the direct way to the staircase at the end, with the second and smallest patch of tall grass just close enough to the ledge that leads to another staircase to Marvelous Bridge. South of the ledge lies the final patch of tall grass, leading to the aforementioned staircase.

"According to the map, both ways will lead us to Marvelous Bridge." Arti states as he takes a look at his map.

"So, which way should we choose? The higher path doesn't seem to have any wild Pokemon, but it sure looks like a long climb. The lower one has wild Pokemon, but after looking at some images, the climb back up won't be a long one." Mary is unsure which way to go.

"If the Ralts were to be able to defend themselves, they will need to get stronger. It's better to train them sooner rather than later if you ask me." Arti explains, "I think the lower path is the one we should take considering there are wild Pokemon."

The duo heads down the stairs to the lower path, being immediately greeted by the biggest patch of tall grass of the route, taking their first steps into it. As they carefully walk to not step on some uneven terrain, Arti notices a shadow circling over him and Mary, it slowly grows bigger. The duo walks through the grass as to go at least a little further before encountering the source of the shadow, starting to sprint through the foliage. Eventually, the source of the shadow revealed itself to be Gligar.

“Gliiigaaaar!” the Fly Scorpion Pokemon yelled as it started launching itself claw first toward Arti.

“Watch out!” Mary yells.

“Whoa!” Arti exclaimed as he jumped out of the way, throwing out the Poke Ball containing Ralts.

Shortly after, a bright light shined in the area around, dissipating and eventually reforming into Ralts.

“Ralts alts!” the Feeling Pokemon yells as he sees the Gligar attacking the group.

“Use Psychic!” Arti says to Ralts.

The Feeling Pokemon blasted an unseen force directed at Gligar, causing a headache on the Fly Scorpion Pokemon.

“Gaaar!” Gligar put both of its claws on its head. Then it responded by using Acrobatics.

The Fly Scorpion Pokemon flies toward Ralts at blinding speed, hitting the Feeling Pokemon multiple times.

“Raaalts!” Ralts yells in pain combined with a little bit of annoyance.

“I know you can win this Ralts, I believe in you!” Arti gives some pep talk to the Feeling Pokemon. “Use Psywave!”

Ralts launched a mind wave, causing an even greater headache to Gligar.

“Gligaaaar!!” the Fly Scorpion Pokemon cries out before fleeing, knowing it’s being at a disadvantage.

“Great job Ralts!” Arti congratulates Ralts on winning its first battle.

“Ralts alt alts!” the Feeling Pokemon yells in excitement, wanting to battle more.

“That was a close one!” Arti says as he retrieves Ralts back into the Poke Ball.

“That was scary, I hope we don’t encounter anymore flying Pokemon.” Mary looks at the sky.

Upon getting out of the biggest patch of the lush, green, and thin-bladed plants, Arti and Mary stop at a boulder in front of them.

“How much longer do we have until we reach Marvelous Bridge?” Mary asks, scared about another attack from a wild Pokemon.

“According to the map, we should be there relatively quickly once we jump down from a ledge.” Arti answers as he looks at his map.

After a quick break, they resume their trek to their destination. First by going to their right and then turning left to another patch of tall grass. They noticed that this one is significantly smaller than the first patch.

Mary would’ve hoped that she and Arti wouldn’t encounter another wild Pokemon, unfortunately, she saw a big lump in the soil that moved toward her at high speeds. A few seconds later, a Sandslash jumped out at her.

“Ahh!!” Mary yells in fear.

Falling to the ground, Mary frantically got one of her Poke Balls, not knowing whether she was going to send out Ralts or Golurk. After the bright light faded, the Pokemon being sent out ended up being Ralts.

“Raaaalts!!!” the Feeling Pokemon exclaims as she sees the group being attacked, ready to defend them.

“Okay Ralts, use Psychic!” Mary called out the command.

Hearing her partner, Ralts attacked Sandslash with a blasting, unseen force, giving Sandslash a headache.

“Sanndslaaash!!” the Mouse Pokemon roared out. As a response, Sandslash used Scratch, swiping its claws multiple times at Ralts, leaving scratches on the Feeling Pokemon.

“Ralalts!” Ralts yells in pain, but not ready to give up yet.

“We can do this!” Mary gives some pep talk to the Feeling Pokemon, “Use Draining Kiss!”

Ralts stood up and kissed Sandslash, leeching some life out of the Mouse Pokemon and weakening it further. The scratches on Ralts healed as soon as this move was used.

“Slaaash…” Sandslash whined as it retreated back underground.

“Good job Ralts!” Mary excitedly says to the Feeling Pokemon.

“Ral alts alts” Ralts giggles.

Mary draws Ralts back into her Poke Ball as she looks around for any other surprise attack from another wild Pokemon.

“How high is this ledge?” Mary asks Arti about the ledge leading to the final patch of tall grass.

“I’d say probably enough to jump down and be completely fine, otherwise, trainers wouldn’t be using it commonly.” Arti answers with an unknown estimate.

The duo continues their way forward, jumping down the aforementioned ledge in front of them. Arti lands first due to the weight of his backpack, barely on his feet. As he was about to stretch his arms, Mary falls right into them. They look at one another and start to blush.

“Um… uhh.” Arti nervously lets out.

“Y-you can set me down now if that’s okay with you.” Mary tells Arti, equally nervous.

Arti quickly obeys and allows space for Mary’s feet to reach the ground.

“Oh man, I hope this wasn’t too awkward for her. To be honest, I do hope that she would become my girlfriend one day.” Arti thinks to himself.

“I hope he didn’t think I was too demanding of him, I mean, I like him, but I just don’t know how to tell him properly.” Mary thought to herself.

“So, uh let’s check where we are.” Arti suggested in an attempt to stop the awkwardness.

“Is this finally the flight of stairs that will allow us to speed up to Nimbasa City?” Mary asks in an attempt to forget about the awkwardness.

“I hope it is since we still have a long trek to Nacrene City after that.” Arti looks at his map again.

“I just hope that no other wild Pokemon come out to attack us!” Mary starts looking around worriedly.

“Even if a wild Pokemon finds us, I’m sure we’re going to be fine.” Arti assures as he and Mary start walking through the final patch of tall grass in the route.

After turning to their right, they hear a rustle somewhere. As if on queue, their legs picked up speed as if to get away from something. Before they were able to get out of the grass, a wild Sawk jumped feet-first at them.

“Ahh!” Mary exclaimed as she saw the Karate Pokemon heading in her direction.

“Don’t worry, I got this.” Arti reassures Mary while throwing the Poke Ball that contained Ralts.

“Ral aalts!” The Feeling Pokemon yells as he sees Sawk attacking the group.

“Use Psychic!” Arti shouts to Ralts.

The Feeling Pokemon produced a mind wave that hit Sawk hard, disrupting the Karate Pokemon’s kick.

“Saawwk!” Sawk yells as it hits the ground and receiving a headache shortly after. The Karate Pokemon responded with a Brick Break after quickly getting behind Ralts.

“Raalts!” The Feeling Pokemon yells in pain as he gets struck on his back.

“You can win this!” Arti gives some encouragement. “Now use Psywave!”

Ralts turned around and launched another mind wave at the Karate Pokemon

“Saw aawk!” Sawk yelled as its headache got even worse, with no other choice, it retreated back into the tall grass.

“Great job Ralts! I knew you could do it.” Arti congratulates Ralts before drawing the Feeling Pokemon back into his Poke Ball.

Arti and Mary resume their way, finally reaching the staircase leading to a part with no wild Pokemon, allowing them to take a quick break. This is when the Poke Ball containing Kyurem started shaking.

“That’s weird, I didn’t have a Poke Ball shake while it’s in my pocket.” Arti says confusingly before throwing it in the air, releasing Kyurem.

“What’s up?” Arti asks the Boundary Pokemon, “Is there something that I need to be worried about?”

“Proceed with caution.” Kyurem says to Arti.

“Isn’t that common sense when crossing any bridge?” Arti asks, “No need to state the obvious.”

“The danger won’t be only falling off the bridge, it’s what would hit it with great force.” the Boundary Pokemon replies.

“What’s going to hit the bridge?” Mary asks in a worried tone.

“It’s related to the recent tremors felt in farther Routes, while those were harmless, I fear that this tremor will cause the bridge to move in unexpected ways. I, unfortunately, cannot say anything further on this matter as it’s unpredictable.” Kyurem explains. “Due to the tremors being common, you must make haste, but careful haste.”

“Okay, anything else? Is there some ghost girl on the bridge that I have to worry about or something?” Arti asks the Boundary Pokemon.

“Nothing else, just be careful out there.” Kyurem replies.

“Okay, I will send you out when the situation calls it.” Arti tells the Boundary Pokemon before drawing it back into its Poke Ball.

“I hope what we will encounter won’t be too bad.” Mary starts panicking a little.

“Well, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. Kyurem seemed to be serious about the warning.” Arti replies. “We should keep going and see what happens. Danger or no danger, our goal is to reach Nimbasa City today.”

“Right!” Mary regains a bit of confidence.

The duo continues on towards a little bit of concrete that leads to an indoor elevator that goes up to the bridge. Upon heading inside the elevator, Mary presses the button to go up. It’s not too crowded, only having a few people including a girl who never seems to stop texting on her phone while her Emolga looks over, a boy who is holding his very excited Herdier and an old woman being accompanied by a Gothita.

When Arti and Mary reach the top, neither hesitate going outside to check the view.

The bridge itself has various arcs decorating above all the way to the outer edges while there is a thin line of light decorating the inside.

“Wow! This is beautiful!” Mary looks at the view on their left.

“This was totally worth the risk.” Arti replies as he looks in the same direction as Mary.

“So, did you notice anything different about Kyurem? It seemed more worried about you.” Mary creates small talk with Arti.

“Hmm, now that I think about it, Kyurem seemed to be concerned about me. I’m fine with that just as long as it won’t try to silence me like my dad always did.” Arti responds.

As other people and Pokemon cross the bridge behind them, a tremor picks up in their area.

“Uh, what is happening?” Mary asks worryingly.

“Yeah, what the heck was that?” Arti asks a similar question while he frantically looks around.

The tremor starts to have a greater force, rocking Marvelous Bridge back and forth. Many people and Pokemon on the bridge are screaming, trying to make sure they don’t fall off.

“This isn’t good!” Arti exclaims, “Forget keeping Kyurem a secret from others! These people and Pokemon need help!”

“I’ll be flying on Golurk to make sure you haven’t forgotten anybody.” Mary says as she sends out her Golurk and hops onto the Automaton Pokemon’s back.

“Gooluuuurk!” Golurk roars as it retracts its legs and propels itself upwards like a rocket before hovering in place.

“Okay, here comes the chance to prove whether or not I’m the hero that Kyurem chose.” Arti talks to himself as he sends out the Boundary Pokemon.

Despite seeing Kyurem, the people and Pokemon on the bridge are more concerned about not falling off.

“I told you to be careful, but I knew that sooner or later, the fate of many lives will be in your hands.” Kyurem tells Arti. “Now decide what to do very carefully. Your decisions will affect what happens to those who you are trying to save.”

Arti looks at the water below and then gets an idea on how to keep the bridge in place.

“Okay, you should freeze the water below until it forms an ice spire tall enough to hold the bridge in place. I will lead the people and Pokemon to a much more stable portion. Got it?” Arti tells his plan to Kyurem.

Kyurem uses Glaciate on the water below while trying to maintain balance, thick sheets of ice crawling up to the bridge while Arti looks at the pattern of how it rocks back and forth. He runs in a zigzag line toward the people and Pokemon.

“Everybody, I need you to run in zigzags, always toward the rising sides! Now get to whichever end of the bridge that’s closest to you!” Arti yells to the people and Pokemon closer to both sides after running from one end to the other.

It was hard at first, but once the ice spire reached, the sides of the bridge started to become frozen, forcing a more steady hold. This made it easier for everyone to move to the closest end. Arti was felt relieved to know everyone made it safely.

“You made the right decision.” Kyurem tells Arti, “Now we must heed that decision soon.”

“You’re right, I don’t think this ice will keep a steady hold for long.” Arti agrees, “Hey, do you mind if I climb onto your back?”

“Not at all.” Kyurem responds before lowering its torso just enough to allow Arti to climb on.

Arti rides on Kyurem to the end of Marvelous Bridge that leads to Route 16. The duo hurries before the ice breaks due to the pressure of the tremor going against the bridge. They barely make it as the ice holding the bridge in place finally gives up and breaks. Mary and Golurk were initially worried about Arti and Kyurem falling but were relieved when they made it. Golurk decides to land near them and sets Mary down.

“That would’ve been extremely bad if we didn’t hurry.” Arti breathes sighs of relief as he thinks about what other people will think of Kyurem. He didn’t have any choice as the hero chosen by Kyurem, and frankly, he doesn’t care about his reputation because he knows there are more important things than worrying about who thinks what about him or his Pokemon.

“Are you two hurt?” Mary asks in a worried tone.

“We are fine, I’m glad you were able to get off the bridge before it started wobbling.” Arti answers as he hops down to the bridge.

The other people who have seen Kyurem had mixed reactions, ranging from curiosity to a little bit of fear of seeing a Pokemon that doesn’t have any pupils. Nevertheless, Arti was very surprised that the people weren’t as scared as the people from Lacunosa Town. Arti and Mary retracted Kyurem and Golurk back into their Poke Balls before rescue Braviary arrived to help everyone get down safely, some on Route 15 and others in Route 16.

Route 16 itself is very simple, with a large concrete path connecting Marvelous Bridge on the east to Nimbasa City on the west with a mostly fenced-off forest to the north of the path. The concrete path itself turns southward before going to the west or east again, then northward to finally going either east or west, depending on the location someone intends to reach.

Once in Route 16, Arti and Mary decide to take a break to think about what they will do in Nimbasa City in order to take their mind off the incident.

“There’s so much we can do in Nimbasa City, I don’t know where to start!” Mary gets excited.

“I heard they added a boxing stadium, maybe a physical fighting style can be a fun thing for Ralts to try out.” Arti continues on with the conversation.

Mary couldn’t contain her excitement anymore, got up and took Arti’s hand, forcing him to get up.

“Whoa there!” Arti exclaims.

“Come on! The fun isn’t going to come to us.” Mary says to Arti quickly.

The legs of the duo motorize themselves along the path, turning to their left and going west until turning right to briefly run north and turning to their left again. Arti and Mary don’t hesitate to go into the transition gate to Nimbasa City, excited about all the fun activities.
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- That feel when they have to recall the Ralts for safety reasons because of...some guy???
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- Do like the concept of wild Pokemon fleeing when they get too weak rather than fainting. Makes a lot more sense that you can't catch them that way.
- The ship intensifies. Pretty creative way for that to happen too. Guess Arti is stronger than I thought if he was able to catch Mary, always got the impression he was this scrawny little kid.
- Heh, potshots taken at people who can't get off their phones.
- Not much to say on the rescue scene. Did wish there were some reactions from people shown though, like possible consequences/reactions from sending Kyurem out. It was kinda just glossed over.
- This dude. I can see Arti being slow enough to think they'd allow a Psychic type in a boxing gym.
- I'm a bit surprised they didn't go "wait we're holding hands" at the end there.
- Motorize themselves along the path? That is very strange wording to go with...

The chapters continue to roll and roll right along. This was obviously a transitional one with an event happening right in the middle of it to make the trip there not be as boring. Not really rushing along too fast, but are going fast, so good balance there.