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The Land of Armeira (Massive Fantasy/Sandbox RP) (Sign-Ups ALWAYS Open)

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Jul 12, 2010
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Alright Master Mew, I like fantasy :p

Name: Wyrm Drakon

Race: Alimor

Class: Sorcerer

Home: Tuseid

Guilds: Mage's Guild

History: When Wyrm was about 7 his parents learned about his magical capabilities. He was instructed for many years under a master. One day, his master went off on an assignment. After 3 weeks of waiting, Wyrm sought out his master. He found his master dead at the hands of vicious barbarians. He killed every single one he could find. Ever since then his magical studies have been about destruction magic. Because of this incident Wyrm has so much hatred in his heart for barbarians, and will likely feud with any in the storyline. He has extensive knowledge of magic, and is waiting to be selected to be a master, but he doubts the time will ever come.

RP Sample:
As Master Mew know I was in Destiny Bonds and am going to be the co-host in the reboot, The Ties that Bond. I was also in several other RP's but my memory escapes me, although this is the first rp I have done in a fantasy setting.

Specialized Role: N/A
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