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The Little Things about Love and Romance♥

Paint it black
Dec 24, 2010
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I'm not sure where this goes, but I've decided I don't have any real romantic feelings for anyone I know. All the people I've liked before were completely unattainable based on popularity, interests (or lack of interests), or lack of niceness. Even the guy I asked to the dance, I don't think I really like him either. Or if I ever did. He's just such a shallow person, and I can't deal with that. Forever alone until college, at least. Whatever.
Too much water
Oct 8, 2010
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Last year I dated a girl for about six weeks. The relationship was going well (in fact I lost my virginity to her), but one day she told me she didn't feel "ready" to the next step, because she ended recently a 4-years relationship.

About a month ago, I met a girl through the internet (I made sure she was a real girl and not some trap/troll. We live in the same city and have acquaintances in common). She was recently dumped by her boyfriend after a 2-years relationship, and we started to flirt. One day I invited her to go out, and she accepted.

That day I had urgent troubles that delayed me. Early, I tried to call her and explain I'd arrive late, asking her to wait me, but she didn't answer the phone. So I texted her. She never replied.

I arrived to the meeting point about a half hour late, and didn't see her. With the hope she was late too, I waited for a half hour, but she never appeared. So, I thought she arrived at time and she got tired to wait.

Later, I apologized her through Facebook, and told her if we could go out another day. She told me she couldn't, because she was at her boyfriend's house. He called her to resume the relationship, and she spent the whole weekend with him. Good luck I wasn't attached enough. We kept contact, but not as love interest anymore.

I'm member of some anime club inside the university where I study. We are organizing an event, more focused on cultural Japanese elements than anime itself. As part of the staff, I invited her. "Bring friends and your boyfriend". "I have no boyfriend" and then she explained me she got disappointed of him. She realized he saw her as his property, and called her back only to sleep with her. So she broke with him for good. However, it's clear she's still attached, so I decided to let it go, at least for a while. Moreover, she's thinking on dying her hair; from my experience, unequivocal signal of emotional unstability.

What's the lecture of this story? If you're interested in someone who recently ended a long relationship, just DON'T. Or at least, take serious care.
Cool Cool
Aug 29, 2011
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Aw, I love reading through peoples love stories. There's always something really beautiful about it, it's too bad this thread doesn't get as much attention as it should.

Well, heres my little love story, but I warn you - it's going to be quite long:

About 2 years ago, I started college. When I first started I only knew a few people from my highschool, but I was in the same film and media classes as this one girl, so she introduced me to her friend, who introduced me to her boyfriend who was called Rich. When I was sat alone in the cafe between classes, Rich came up to me and asked me if I wanted to hang out with him - So he introduced me to his friends Oliver, Sam and Tim. Soon enough, my friends were done with classes and we all hung out together, and thats how my friendship group was for a while.
Within a few months Sam had developed an interest into me, and he looked like the guy I crushed on pretty hard in high school - so I just kinda went with it for a while, but that's a whole other story - so skip to about February 2012, I started to play more Pokémon. I got Pearl from an ex back in high school and decided I'd delete his old game and start a new game. I played Pokémon obsessively, and one day I was sat on my own in the cafe again - this time on a sofa because I was literally part of 'that group who always sits on the sofas' and I was lying on the sofa, and Tim came along. So obviously I moved my legs and sat up, but he said "no, It's alright, you can put your feet on my knee" and I thought nothing of it, so I did. He was really red in the face, but I figured that was just because he was really shy. We ended up playing Pokémon together and talked for a bit, and then went back to not talking that often (We were both part of the same friendship group, but our group was pretty big. I tended to talk to the First years, and he was a second year so he tended to hang with them, But we'd all sit together in 1 half of the cafe where the couches were).

Around June, the second years were preparing to go off to university, and around that time I realized I had a crush on Tim. I tried to ignore it, because I had a boyfriend and he was moving elsewhere soon enough, but we began talking more. He said he was going to a university in Wales - one of which I was interested in. He really wanted to get in, either that or one in Aberdeen. I pointed out that I had also applied for his first choice university (as had Oliver) and we agreed that if I didn't want to go into dorms, we (him, me and Oliver and maybe a few others) would all live together in uni. Eventually I got his number, added him on facebook and played games with him on steam. At college I would always try and get his attention, by stealing his drinks and giving them back to him when he was questioning where they were, or just sitting next to him while he was on his laptop.

One day I admitted to a sort-of friend (I'd sit next to him in class and once or twice we'd hang out, but he had a habit of being a huge backstabber or randomly insulting me for no reason. Still have no idea why I thought telling him a secret was a good idea) that I liked Tim but I didnt want to - of course, this backfired as while Tim was walking from asda to college (they're right next door to each other) with his friends, my friend shouted "THATS THE GUY WHO CASSIE FANCIES!" and the next day at college, Tim didn't talk to me. Eventually the second years left college, but Tim suddenly started talking to me again. He came round most weekends my boyfriend didn't want to, and played all my favourite video games with me and I just kinda put it to the back of my mind that I liked Tim, and concentrated on being friends with him before he went off to Wales. - BUT THEN he finally told me that he liked me, and that he'd liked me from the moment we first met. He was too shy at first because he knew his friend liked me and decided he'd let his friend go for it - so then he presumed we were going out (I have no idea why, after a few weeks Sam lost interest and barely talked to me from then on) and then when Tim found out we weren't, he wanted to ask me out but then he found out I had a different boyfriend, so he just never told me, and when my friend told him that I liked him, he stopped talking to me because he didn't want to seem like a 'girlfriend-stealer' and because he knew he was leaving soon, he didn't want to break my heart. - We talked for a while and continued being friends because we thought it'd hurt a lot less that way, but knowing he liked me a LOT kind of made it a lot harder, because I just couldn't believe I didn't notice all those times I probably seemed like I was leading him on, like when me and my friend had stickynotes that said "MINE!" on, and I stuck one to his face and he started blushing a LOT, and all those times I selfishly tried to get his attention, when really I always had it.

Around late September when I was back at college, but Tim wasn't yet off to Wales. We were talking and I was complaining that I didn't see my boyfriend over the holidays much, maybe once or twice, and he pointed out "Why are you even bothering? You say that he probably doesn't care about you because he doesn't hang out with you, but I hang out with you all the time, so doesn't that mean I like you a lot?" and I thought about that a lot. Me and my boyfriend then went our separate ways a few weeks later because I just wasn't interested anymore, and I'm pretty sure he probably wasn't even interested to begin with, so it didn't bother me too much. By this point Tim had already moved to Wales, and that upset me a lot, but we still skyped often (we would a lot throughout the holidays, He would put his laptop on the bed and I'd talk to him or sing to him until he fell asleep) and one time he was showing me around his dorm via skype, and then he asked me to put my cam on so he could "see my face", so I did, and he then said (at 3am on the 7th October 2012) "Will you be my girlfriend?" and I said yes.

He then came to visit me about a week later for a Halloween party and we kissed for the first time, and spent the whole party together. After that he would visit every few months, then the longer we went out, the more and more I craved to see him and I would cry my eyes out the day he would leave and then start counting down until the next time I would see him. Eventually he would visit every month, apart from February - when we met up in Birmingham to go to Telford Comic-con, which was the weekend after valentines day - and he had bought 2 rings, one for him and one for me, so that we'd always feel connected, no matter how far away we are from each other (we both still wear that ring to this day).

Since Tim became my boyfriend (in the beginning of my second year at college) I focused really hard on getting into his university, I worked really hard to take my mind off how far away he was. A few weeks after Telford Comic-con, a letter came in the post saying that I had gotten a Scholarship into the university. Which was honestly the best news I have ever gotten - because I was so worried my grades weren't going to be good enough to get into uni. I was predicted 3 C's (possibly 1 B and 2 Cs if I was lucky) and to get into university I needed 2 B's and a C. Because of my scholarship I could move to Wales as soon as we got a flat together, so we moved in half way through the holidays before I started uni (and I got my results - 3 B's! Hard work totally paid off) and now me and Tim live together in a nice little flat in Wales, and we're very very happy together. He's currently at the shop buying curry sauce so he can make me my favourite food
Mörë kvlt thän thöv
Apr 17, 2013
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I'm just going to summarize this very briefly as, even though I only started dating two years ago when I was 23, I've been through a whole lot and it all happened pretty quickly.

First relationship was a girl who I'm still good friends with who was part of a Dungeons and Dragons RP group I was in with a bunch of other friends, and she one day asked me if she could get to know me better. I said yes, and then we dated for the next one and a half years, amidst a couple of short periods of time where we separated for various reasons. Eventually I realized that she wasn't exactly emotionally ready and we weren't entirely compatible, so I decided that it would be in the best interest for the both of us if we just became friends. It worked out rather nicely, and was well received and everything so it's all good.

The next one, happened rather quickly afterwards considering it was number two. It was a short fling though (one date) and admittedly I wasn't ready for it, as it ended due to a mistake on my part and I had to cut my losses, learn from my mistakes and move on.

After that was a girl who was a bit more serious than the first, but still not to the level of commitment I desire. I was with her for a little over a month, and I ended up losing my virginity to her, but upon looking back at it I wasn't ready at all.

I had another few short flings after that, and then I found this girl on Omegle of all places who I thought I hit the jackpot with, as she seemed perfect and everything, but then one day she confessed to cheating on me and I could not continue on, as that is an automatic "I will not continue on further with this" for me.

Now I'm in another relationship that seems like it's more steady and could end up being long term, but given my recent history I'm not holding my breath. I'm still hopeful, though.