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"The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon"

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To add to that: the Toonami UK site has pictures of that Housou footage, so that tells me that 4Kids does indeed have that footage available to use.

Of course, the Toonami UK websitemasters aren't always known for reporting things correctly (Tracey's a girl?), so they could have just gotten it from some Japanese website.
Toonami UK? Are you thinking of YTV?

I was thinking along the same lines, though.
It would be neat to see Misty hosting it, she looks nice in that red Hoso dress. But this sounds more like wishful thinking however.
What happened to "Misty better not show up in this special"? :p

It probably is wishful thinking but it would make a lot of sense for them to make use of this footage since it apparently has no Japanese equivalent.
As long as she's hosting it via the Hoso footage, it's fine.

I meant that 4kids better not have Misty show up with the group on their journey to whatever this special is about just for the hell of it. Hopefully it'll just focus on the AG cast, as it should, with maybe Hoso Misty and Brock narrating it or something.
Why shouldn't an anniversary ep feature one third of the original cast that launched the series?

Hell if anything Tracey should be lumped in there too.
Pokémon Fan magazine has said that this will air on April 29th. We now now the main cast...

Ash, Misty and Professor Oak!
It also contains a Professor who is resurrecting Pokémon even though Gary has already done that. :rolleyes:
It's impossible to fit this special into canon, so I'd just chalk it off as a 10th anniverssary special that has no connections to the main series.

The fact that Misty and Prof. Oak are traveling with Ash, and that May/Max/Brock are mysteriously absent pretty much confirms this has nothing to do with the continuity of the actual series.

I just wonder if any kids in the U.S. will start thinking this is official and try to fit it into the shows storyline, and when the BF saga starts they'll be all confused. :D
The Pokémon Fan synopsis does ask where May and Max are so they might be involved somehow later in the special. (Apparenty not Brock, though. <<) However, this will happen around the time of the Oak's lab episode, so it could still fit into dub canon. =D
Doesn't Brock show up at the very end of the Oaks lab ep though? If Brock isn't in this special, that wouldn't make sense either.

EDIT: I wonder if Team Rocket will even be in this.
It's just around the time Ash is in Pallet Town and that is all that matters. Plus, if they can make this, they can edit certain parts of the surrounding episodes. Besides, we don't know how April works and there is a certain May contest that still hasn't aired.
Erm, 4kids better not butcher/edit those 3 Pallet Town episodes for the sake of a crappy dub-only special. There will be hell to pay if they do ~
All they have to do is cut Max's arrival or Brock's arrival or just make it sound like May isn't just arriving at that moment. It wouldn't be too bad. (And at least this team would explain it unlike a certain team that never told us why Brock never uses Geodude and Crobat in Hoenn... :rolleyes:)
Wasn't there a point during those episodes when Ash, Misty, Tracey, Delia and Professor Oak were all there, but May and Max hadn't arrived yet? The special probably occurs then. Correct me if I've got that wrong.
Its not uncommon for Ash & Co to meet up with people including Oak and Misty right at the start of an episode so its not Ash travelling with them

And since the summary mentioned May & Max, chances are they are in it

Besides, since when have preliminary summaries mentioned every character involved?

Remember when people here thought Ash & Co. werent in an episode because a 30 second preview just showed Team Rocket ¬¬

Seriously people, think
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